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Hello- I tested postitive yesterday with a beta of 60  12dpt3dt and had some cramping and light bleeding (not enough for a panty liner).  Naturally I'm a nervous wreck-any thoughts??
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hello it could be implantation or breakthrough bleeding(sometimes your hormone levels arent high enough to completely stop your period that would be due) so you bleed a little. I went through this in April but for me it wasnt good. I had what they call early miscarriage but my blood was very red and the same as a light period.I wish you all the best and hope embie sticks. keep us updated we're trying naturaly now but will do ivf july time if nothing happens.xx melissa
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The really telling sign if everything is going well is going to be the next beta tests - if the number is doubling every 48 hrs., then it is a good sign, so don't panic just yet ;) I'm assuming you're going back for more blood tests to confirm that? Check out http://www.betabase.info/ where women report their numbers; that should give you a rough estimate.

I had my first beta 13dp5dt, so a little later than yours and it was 399, then 846 and then 1885. Again, as long as it's doubling, you're ok! Let us know how it goes. Best of luck :)
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i go back Tuesday for another beta
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hi guys-got my beta checked again this morning (15dpt3dt) and it went from 60 to 201 today (3 days after first beta)  bleeding is heavy now as is the cramping.   going back on Tuesday.  Thoughts??
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I bled on my 9 day test - started bleeding at 2pm got the call at 5pm
figured it did not matter - since I as bleeding
2 days later it doubled
It was twins !
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my thoughts are with you as the same happened to, my beta went up for the first 5 days even though i was bleeding, then 3 days later i took a hpt and there was a very, very faint line, i was worried, went up to early pregnancy unit and had US, all gone, it had been an early miscarriage, i pray this isnt the same with you as lots of women do bleed, keep us posted best wishes melissax
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