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Blocked tube

I just found out that my tubes are blocked.what can i do is there anything apart from surgery? Herbal ?
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Both my tubes were blocked and i had a laproscopy which is a simple and painless operation. I dont think there is anything herbal to unblock your tubes...GOOD LUCK
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Both of my tubes are also blocked, two laps did not help so we went with IVF and on the second try we are now 22 weeks pregnant.
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Same here, either one or both mine were blocked then after two or three laproscopy surgeries my last dye test they were both open.  The dye flowed through like water and there was no pain as before when they were blocked.  I an was able to get pregnant once after all that but it ended in a miscarriage after five weeks.  I just completed my second IUI and I am hopful of good news this week.  Good luck.  Also, when they went in during the surgery they found polups and lesions and removed all of it.  It may not be a bad idea to ask your Dr. about this procedure.  

Also, there are other procedures used to unblock tubes.  Do some research on blocked tubes.  All is not lost.  If this Dr. that you are seeing has reached his level of being able to assist you, do some researh on other dr.s in your area.  My Dr. was prepared to bypass my tubes with IVF had they not opened during the surgery.
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Also, I read somewhere that steeped ginger roots and/or acupunture is good for blocked tubes.
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I had the exact same problem......blocked tubes and I had the dye test from one doctor that said the dye did not go through and that was painful very painful (the after effects) but then I went to a specialest and she said one of the main reasons for me not getting pregnant was from fibroids in my uterus.  So Sept 19th I went to have my first surgery ever (lap surgery) and it was not painful just kinda sore and I healed up very fast like one week or 3 days after the surger.  I would recommend this to you because if will help you come closer to having those beautiful babies!!!!!!!   The doc did a D&C after my myomectomy and I havent had AF yet its been a month and a half and no AF!!! I am instructed to take a pregnancy test every week until my next surgery which will be nov 21 to remove one more fibroid and another D&C to clear out my only tube left my Ltube!!!!!!!!! good luck and hope all goes well!!!!!  If you need any other advice on this go to the search box and type in blocked tubes and there will be millions of women in your same situation and you will find many solutions and people testimonies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi, I juz wanna knw if blocked tube above u guys mentioned is similar to cyst.
Do u able to get PG if only one of ur ovary is effected n one more thg if it necessary to get it removed. Juz curious
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I dont believe its related to cyst..  mostly a block tube comes from miscarriages or infections such as chlamydia, PID, or other STDS.  
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Blocked tubes can also come from secretions that have not been reabsorbed.  My GYN called it "tubular congestion."  Many blockages can be removed through the Hysterosalpingeogram (HSG) which is a dye test to reveal blockages.  My GYN called the HSG a uteran and tubal "roto-ruter."  It increases fertility for several months following the procedure.  It worked for my friend who had secondary infertility.  She had problems getting pregnant for the second time.  During the cycle following her HSG she was pregnant.  She has not had problems conceiving since!  I am happy to report that she is on her 5th pregnancy!

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hi, i have had the hsg scan and my left tube is blocked and right is a bit blocked i asked my dr about the scrapping to unblock my tube but he said we nt do it in england and havnt done it for many years he has recomended IVF to me, has any1 else been in the same situation as me is so plse let me know what happend many thanx, ive been trying for a baby for 5 yrs now.
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Hi Mehreen. My tubes were tied and I had them reversed some time ago. I learned after having the hsg lap that one tube was obstructed/blocked completely and the other was open but very short. So my doctor too recommended IVF. Needless to say this is very expensive so we tried naturally and charted for a year. Me and DH. No luck. Well after about 2 years we had saved some money so we went for the IUI's first. Did 3 of these. ALL FAILED. We were terribly hurt and disappointed but decided okay we better do IVF. We did two IVF's -- both resulted in big fat NEGATIVE results. We were out of money from the tubal reversal, the IUI's and the IVF's. It was mentally and physically and financially draining. I was tired. We decided after about 4 years of trying to get off the roller coaster.

A couple of years later in 2005, learned my DH was having an affair. We got divorced of course. I met this fabulous guy in 2007. Been dating him about a year and a half. He's airforce and headed for Afghanistan next month. But in the interim he's training in another state. BEfore he left, we had good bye sex on the day I ovulated. I didn't think heads or tail of it because remember after all these years and all the aggressive treatment I never conceived. Well here I am today 15DPO and NO PERIOD. I test in the morning but I am very pregnant. I'm sure of it. The symptoms are very prevelant.

So to answer your question, my situation was very similar to yours in regards to tubal damage and sure my doctor said for us to do IVF and I did becuase I wanted to be pregnant so bad and many women in our situation who have done IVF have had very POSITIVE RESULTS so I say go for it with all the baby dust blowing your way. Hop-e for nothing but the best. If you have a successful IVF GREAT. If not, still keep the hope and -pray cause it can still happen. May take a w hile longer as it has with me but it can happen.

Good luck.
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Hi I recently had hsg done to me on April 20 2010 And when it happened only my right side felt swollen and swore and my Left side I didn't feel anything but I was told that both of my tubes was blocked.. I was wondering did this happen to anybody when the had their exam done? Please I would like to know just in case only one tube is blocked..  
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I have been TTC for 2yrs now and I went to the Dr. To see what was going on and had a HSG test performed and found out that I have both tubes blocked. Well tomorrow morning I will be having surgery to see if they could open them. I am so scared right now. I hope that it is a success. 5r
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so was it an sucess reall like to know
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hey im new srry im late your post was from 2008. i have one tube and its blocked. i have a fiboid as well the size of a clementine on the same sie as my tube. i had one tube removed caue of tubal pregnancy 5 yrs ago ad last month had anther tubal pregnancy and got the shot to dislve it. getting another hsg tes in janary but i think my fibroid migt be blocking my tube caue the doctor said the pregnancy was closer to my uterus and also sais fibroids dont block tubes. was your fibrid blocking your tube or why did it prevent you from conceiving?
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hi, i just want to know how much it usually costs to do the ivf, my husband and i are planning to have this but we're afraid we cant afford.Thanks for for the info.
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