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Breast pain after ovulating?

Ok today is day 20 of my cycle. I think I actually ovulated this month. Im not on any medicines or horomones for infertility yet so nothing is induced. I think I ovulated on day 14, on day 16 I noticed my breasts and nipples were sore. This was the first time I have ever noticed breast soreness that early into my cycle. I usually have tenderness a couple days before my menses. Well my breasts are still sore, significantly my left breast which is typically. I have no idea why my breasts are sore so early, does anyone know what might have caused this? If it was ovulation wouldn't they have stopped being sore by now? Thanks everyone!
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I had that a couple of months ago. TMI but my nipples felt like they were on fire. I  think it was after I ovulated and I have heard that's a sign of AF coming. But then again everyone's body is different.
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its could be related to hormones. between o and af you can experience the same things. like pms so to speak. last month i had the most painful and heavy boobs ever! this month so far, nada. it is also a sign of pregnancy, but not 2 days after ovulation. also if you have fibroid cysts (i do not usually a big deal) they can become painful and sore. our cycles can change every month. really sucks if you are ttc, makes for a long long tww! lol
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Same here.I had very sore breasts from cd 17 till a few days b4 af around 2 months back.And the funny thing is that they were no longer sore about 4 days b4 af came.You never know how ur body reacts to hormonal changes each month.Best of luck....
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Thanks ladies, you know... I think we become so sensitive to everything in our bodies when we are TTC. I feel everything that happens!! Then I try to find a definate reason for it. Not to mention im basically a hypocondriac, I got sick last month with im guessing pneumonia, I laid on the couch for like 2 days watching TV. After two days on non-stop TV I swore I had HIV!  Im so bad about things like that, I have to find some way of stopping myself becauses it's affecting my whole life. Thanks again for everyones support, any more info is greatly appreciated!
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i swear your my sister haha. do this, ignore every symptom of what could be pms or pg. i know i made myself experience these things, or just more intense than normal when i was ttc so hard last month. this month im trying to pretend im not ttc, and hopefully will think of any little thing as just af coming.
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I have tried that so many times, its like in the movie "What About Bob", as long as you say you have it, you don't and vice versa. Every month, all month long when my best friend, mom, and sister would ask me when AF was due, I'd tell them when and say  "She'll be here because im not pregnant" and giggle, in hopes that whole opposite factor would work for me. I was fine with not conceiving for a while because I assumed it would happen when it was supposed to. Then a couple months ago I lost my job and have been spending my days with nothing to do but think all the time. My DH is gone from 4:30pm until 1:30am at work, he usually hits the sack around 5:00 am and sleeps until 3:00pm. That gives us a total of 5 hours a day together, the rest of it I spend alone infront of the TV or computer. With not much going on in my life right now and everyone I know having kids and such I have developed serious anxiety issues. My DH got very mad at me tonight because I was pretty much in attack mode ranting...bleh THANKS SO MUCH for corresponding with me, sometimes I feel as though I have no one to talk to.
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Hey i can relate to u.The major problem is that we just keep thinking abt getting pregnant when we r ttc.You said u r out of job now....I am working but still keep thinking abt it whenever i can.The only difference could be probably that those of us who r at work have other things to think abt as well.But my doc says that its just not gonna work out until and unless i get my mind off it.I try not to think abt getting pregnant but it is just not possible.Every month i try to feel different by misinterpreting my pms symptoms and end up being disappointed.I have been ttc for 12 months now.Initially i would just laugh it off and think that achieving pregnancy was no big deal but now i know how difficult it can be.Anyways u shud try to keep urself busy with something.maybe u can take up a part time job or join some activity.I think that may help in giving u a diversion.Best of luck and lots of sticky baby dust....
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It's terrible, I know the men want the babies too but its no way they have it as bad as us. I was talking to DH earlier about how I was upset and he fell asleep!! Ive been TTC for close to a total of 3 yrs. When I was @ work and was TTC the hardest, 3 ladies got pregnant then AF was 2 weeks late. When she showed up, it was horrible. Work didn't take my mind off of it but certainly not working has made it harder. I was just offered a job in the next 2 weeks so maybe that will help. Thanks so much and sticky baby dust to you too!!!
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