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CBEFM I Never got a peak fertility?

This is my 5th month using the Clear Blue easy fertility monitor. The last for months the monitor has always detected 2-4 days of high fertility and 2 days of peak fertility. My cycles have been 30-33 days in length. This month I had didn't get high fertility until my 20th day and then continued for 7 days, then got low fertility today, never got peak fertility.
Anyone know what this could mean? Did I not ovulate this month? When should I expect my period?
Thank you
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I quit using my monitor for similar reasons. The monitor will on give a peak reading if it picks up on the E2 surge that happens just as the LH surge begins. The E2 surge doesn't last very long and can be missed. The monitor will give a high reading when Lh is high. There were many cycles where I never got a peak, only high. For the price of the sticks, opks were cheaper and could be done any time of day. The monitor needs to be within the time window. If you have later surges and they are short, it can miss them too.
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Tina!!!!! How are you????? I'm on my 10pdivf and will know Wednesday!!! Im so nervous!!!
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I get peak fertility reading every month (have been using it for a year) and only one BFP that turned out to be a chemical pg... My cycles are very regular though, I don't even know why I am testing - just makes me feel better when monitor tells me I am ovulating...
Good luck girls!!
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I am still trying to figure this out myself.  I haven't used the monitor, though I have been thinking about it.  I have used OPKs though and when I have used them, I have gotten positive tests but no BFP.  I do know that it is possible to have an LH surge (which is what the monitor and OPKs detect) but not go on to actually release the egg.  I dont' know what happens after that because and I am confused because I still get a period every month and it's not really light or really heavy. I have read that even if you don't ovulate you can still have a scant period or also a really heavy one.  Nice for this to all be so easy to figure out, huh??  Good luck to you.....maybe worth calling your dr.  I think I'm going to try mine.  I guess the only sure way to figure out if you are ovulating is to have an ultrasound done around ovulation time so they can see if an egg has dropped.  
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Thank you all for responding.

I got my period on Dec 3 so I don't know why the monitor was so weird last month but hopefully this month everything goes back to normal.

Thanks ladies
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