many on herr say that when they o their cm is creamy egg whites. Mine has never been that way at all. Does that mean theres something wrong?
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Just wanted to add that watery CM is also fertile. Some women won't get the eggwhite stretchy CM, and if that's the case, the watery CM becomes their most fertile.

Also, like Sue pointed out, the CM is up by the cervix, so even though you might not notice much when wiping, you could still have fertile CM up where it counts :-) After I started checking internally, I realized I have a lot more days of fertile CM than I thought.

Good luck to you!
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i actually thought i had the same issue so i read online about drinking green tea and a friend of mine suggest fertile CM (supplements)...did both and i noticed this EWCM on CD9 (early i know) ...to date havent had any til today there is now some white CM but its not stretchy or EW so who knows

im pretty sure i O'd early since i believe i tend to always O early in my cycle but time will tell now

trying googling ways to increase CM....there's a lot of info out there

best of luck
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Hi. CM is not creamy egg whites, it's clear egg whites. Think of it as raw egg whites, not cooked ones. :0) It's okay if you don't see any obvious EWCM, because it does belong inside after all. Some women don't see it when they wipe, so they will insert a finger and try to pull some out. You shouldn't have to go in too far to find some. If you are really concerned about lack of CM, then definitely mention it to your doctor.

Good Luck!

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