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Calling All Woman of Strength!!! New Thread 3-18-11

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape…
But a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape.
A strong woman isn't afraid of anything…
But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear.
A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her…
But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.
A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future…
A woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them.
A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face…
But a woman of strength wears grace.
A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey…
But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.
Leighanne:Jaedyn Michael Born on 2/10/09  Now is 18months 21lbs and 31 inches long  
Vortex: On 4/20/2009, Sahana was born! (Check out her pics!!!)  
Joyce: 5/28/09 Daniel Joseph was born, 8lbs, 8oz and 19 3/4 inches long.  
Jessie: 6/11/09 Zachary Kaden arrived at 5:43am. 7 lbs, 12 oz and 20.5 inches long  
Armyprincess: 7/24/09, Jeremy Michael was born 9lbs, 3 ozs & 20 inches  
Stacey: 8/12/09, Jake Harrison was born a healthy 6lbs! Check out his handsome pics!  
Arlotheslug:  Home loving her little girl!!!  See her beautiful pics! :)  
Kaylee_Frye: Hayden Elizabeth was born 9/12/09; 6lb 12 oz and 19.5 inches!  
Luvkayln: Adalynn Noel was born healthy & beautiful on 12/7/09! 6 pounds, 15 ounces!!!  Check out her beautiful pics!  
Dnikkki: Welcome Peyton Therese!!! Born 2/2/10 at 9:47 p.m. 6 pounds, 6 ounces & 19 inches long!  
Mommyin10: Richard Clay, III & Ava Kathleen were born 2/18/10! He was 4 lbs, 5oz, born at 12:15 a.m. She weighed 3lbs, 14oz, born at 12:16 a.m.    
Sbumblebeeo: Shelby Rachel arrived on April 1st, 7 pounds, 1 ounce, 20 inches long! :)  
Help4baby:  Twin boys were born on April 30 6 lb 5oz & 7 lb 4oz  
kmcarino:  Ryan Joseph was born Sunday, 6/20/10 at 2:33 pm.  He's a healthy 7 lbs, 02 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long =)  
ad_06:  Welcome, Conner Jamison! Born 7/17 at 5:13 pm, 8 lbs, 2 oz, 19 1/2 inches long :)  
Rachjas: Baby girl was born 7/16!  Congrats, Mommy!  Update with details :-)
trh: Annabelle Grace was born at 8:05 a.m. on February 14th. 5lbs 12oz and is 19inches Congrats Mommy!!!
Guesito: Yamiliany was born 3/12  at 9:06 a.m - 5lbs 15oz!! Check out her beautiful pic!!

krichar: BFP!!!! 22wks!!!!  
Luvkayln: BFP!!! 18wks!!! Having a BOY!
mlward3: BFP!!! 13wks!!
rachjas: BFP!!! 15wks!!!
ad_06: BFP!!! EDD Oct. 2nd!!!

cminamyer: 5DPO
jmh: Awaiting thyroid results...? Hopefully back in the game soon!!!
Sammy J:
Candie: Great to hear from you!! Needs advice and stories from anyone who's had medicated cycles. Please share :-)

Waiting for an update:  

Taking a Break  

cminamyer: Welcome!!! How are you feeling?

Ad: How are you doing??

Rachjas: How are things going on your end? How are you feeling?

Guesito: Thank you for updating the thread and a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is beautiful!!! Enjoy every minute of it!

Luvkayln: How are you feeling? How's Addy doing?

trh: I know you're busy, but how are things your way?

Krichar: How are you? Have you found out if you're having a boy/girl? I may have missed it somewhere :/ I think I was guessing a girl for you ;-)

Wow, redoing the thread again....I remember when I joined you gals there were about 4 on the new mommy list :-) Boy has it grown!!! Congrats to all you mommies and all you ladies with BFP's!!!  I'm just recouping at home - I got home this past Monday finally :-) I missed the kids like crazy but I slept half the time I was away. I'm feeling pretty good actually. Just sore and I have to remember to take it easy and no bending or lifting (which is hard having a 13month old...). I have a post op check on the 25th with my doctor here...I hope all of you are doing well and I'm sorry I've been away, I'm busy or busy sleeping lol!! I do check in frequently, just haven't posted - I hope all of you are doing well!!!

Hugs, Love and SSBD to all :-)
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Thanks for updating...I am glad your surgery went well and you are home resting! I was going to do it just to see my name at the top of the BFP list but never had a chance to get on the computer...always on my phone :( I am 23 weeks today and i am having a BOY!!! Just completed my 2 hour gloucose tolerence test (failed the gestational diabetes test) and we will see how that goes, and my BP has been normal everyday so not sure what was going on with my DR. I am going to have to talk to her about stressing me out for no reason!!
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I am still having to take Z.ofran for m/s. It has gotten much better though. I will be 16 weeks Sunday. My next appt is 3.30 with a midwife. We will schedule our anatomy scan at that point. My DH and I both have sinus infections and are on antibiotics. Baby C turned 8 months last Wednesday. She has a double ear and sinus infections. Geesh, what a week! We are STILL waiting to hear a court date for her finalization!
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Thanks for the welcome all.

dnikki, hope the recovery from your surgery heals fast! It's hard not to pick up your little ones when they want you so bad, but speaking from experiance try and resist, it can really cause you to heal badly on the inside and it can make your outside scars really big and nasty if you are streatching, bending and lifting heavy things.

krichar, does your dr have you taking your BP because it was high when you went in? If so it might have just been a one time thing, but being abel to check it at home everyday should help easy yours and your dr's minds. Congrats on the little Boy! Have you picked out a name yet? Dh and I have the hardest time with boy names, maybe that's why we had girls lol.

rachjas, does the zofran help when you take it? I get horrible ms when I'm preggers and have never taken anything for it :( Hope the you and your family get over being sick very fast! It's the hardest thing when your baby is sick. Does it usally take so long to get the finalization?

AFM, just now 7dpo and not really feeling much. I had a horrible headache last night that wouldn't go away. Usally when I fall asleep my headache's go away by the time I wake up, but not last night. Very weird, but it has never been one of my pregnancy symptoms before. The only symptom I can say I have is extream fatigue right AF is due but with two children I have that symptom all the time lol. Just a little stressed out right now because there's a chace we might not get paid next month, so saving up now.

Hopeing all is going well with everyone with ttc, pregnancy and raising your babies!

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Thank you everybody!!! we are so blessed last night we where all crying staring at baby!!! I cant thank u guys enough!!!  this has been an incredible journey and will do it all over again but we are done..

Afm- burns and blisters on my right hand due to airbag but im just grateful baby was born ok.  Car totalled but the nice part is i finally got a Honda Odyssey I have been wanting. New baby new car cant ask for more..... will post new pics soon ttyl xoxoxo
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Just an update. I am doing really well. With this pregnancy it's so much different from my son.....I really don't have an appetite, but that's not really a bad thing. I had my 1st u/s the 10th....the baby looks great we got to see/hear the heartbeat, it was 172!!!! :) :) :) I'm suppose to have my next appt the 31st, but am going to have to change it due to needing to take my mom for an appt. But all in all we are doing GREAT! Conner just turned 8 months :( the time goes by sooooooo fast!! I will be 13 weeks this Saturday!!
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Well I didn't tell anyone I was TWW'ing but I was and it was BFN this morning.  Two weeks ago I was having really bad pains so I took an OPK and it looked as positive as it could be so we BD'ed and then I waited.  I forgot how aweful the TWW was and this morning I tested and BFN.  I really did expect it.  I haven't had any symptoms at all.  I was just hopeful that I would o on my own.  Doesn't look like it.  :(  When I go back for my yearly Pap in May I think I am going to ask about getting Clomid again.  I want my Shelby to have a sister...or brother.  

Guesito- I posted on your page but congrats again!  Beautiful baby.

Luvkalyn- I hope you are well and I am sure you are soooo excited about a boy!  I know I would be!

Krichar- I am so happy for you too.  Things seem to be going ok and I hope that the glucose test turns out to be just fine!  Y9ou so deserve an easy pregnancy!
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sbumblebeeo- I am sorry this wasn't your time...maybe next cycle :) Didn't clomid help you with Shelby? Maybe that is the magic ingredient you need!!

AFM- Completed my 2 hour glucose test and I haven't heard back yet. I am pretty sure if i was diabetic they would phone ASAP as i took the test a week ago. So I guess i am in the clear for that..woo hoo!! So far blood pressure is good too, pretty much perfect although one day it was high and one day it was low! Time keeps ticking away, 24 weeks tomorrow!!! Nursery is pretty much done...just a few touch ups to do! I will post pics as soon as more mom's to be in my group start their nurseries...lol!!! i don't want anyone stealing my ideas..he he he!!!
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I haven't been on in a while. Yay for all of the BFPs!  Annabelle and I are doing well and adjusting to this craziness that we call life. She'll be 6 weeks on Monday... so hard to believe that much time has passed already. Annabelle is growing quickly and making up for her initial small size. She's holding her head up really well, very alert, rolling on her side but not quite to tummy yet, and she loves loves LOVES her daddy  :-)
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Yay for not having the ges diabetes.  24 Weeks already!  That is so exciting.  You are do at the exact same time as my best friend.  Her cervix is shrinking though already.... :(  Looks like bedrest is in her future.  I'm looking for pics of the nursery too  :)  As for clomid.  I had to use it all three times I got pregnant.  I guess I just had hoped after I had a baby it might help my body figure out what it is supposed to do but since I've only had one period since my daughter was born almost one year ago I guess not.  We'll be talking to the doctor about it in May!

Take care and rest up!
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sbumblebeeo- I hope that you don't even have to wait until May! Hope you get your sticky BFP soon!

krichar- 24 weeks! That's awesome.

We will be 17 weeks Sunday!
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Hi al! :) I've been checking in, just not posting much.

Sbumblebeeo- I'm so excited you're trying again!!! :) I'm sorry it was negative today! That's great you got a positive opk though! That's definately a good thing! You know, my cycles were irregular after having Addy too. My very first AF after stopping nursing her, I got pregnant but as you know m/c'd but what's crazy is I didn't ovulate until CD 42! I had a regular AF after my m/c, and then we decided to start trying again. I started taking fertility blend for women, which regulates your cycles and I took it for one month, and I ovulated on CD 24, which was a huge improvement! And ta-dah... we got pregnant with our baby boy! :) We know clomid definately does the trick for you, but the fertility blend is all natural. Maybe you could look into it! :)

Krichar- Hoping that no news is good news on your test! :) Wow girl, you're good! You have his nursery done already??!! I've just now started buying stuff for little Sean! I can't wait to see pics!! :)

trh- Aww! Annabelle sounds like she's just doing perfect!!! :)

Rachjas- Yay, almost 17 weeks!! Congrats!! :)

Not much new going on here. We have our next u/s next Friday at 9am, and it'll be an hour long so I can't wait! :) I feel little Sean move all the time and I love it! He's doing wonderful! :) Addy was sick last week, but thankfully she's doing much better!!! It's no fun seeing your baby sick! :( She's getting so big and doing so much, she's such a blast! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! :)
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Yamiliany just turned 2 wks yesterday shes doing great, had 2 episodes of projectile vomiting nose and everything but doing great!!
465737 tn?1315754922
After an ordeal with the doppler; the midwife gave us a quick ultrasound. If you read my blog, I talk about it more.

The Baby is doing great! They also drew blood for the next set of genetice testing.

My next appointment is 4.20.11 at 2:00pm for our anatomy scan. At this point we can find out gender if we decided to do so. At 2:15pm the same day we are scheduled four our 20 week check-up. We have decided to take off work that day to celebrate!

guesito - 2 weeks already!!!
982214 tn?1471454781
Time seems to be flyin for everyone!! That's good it means my time is too even if doesn't feel like it!

Rach- so do you think you will find out the sex? I am so not good with surprises somi had to know!! I can't believe you are almost 1/2 way there!

Guesito- she is already 2 weeks...!!!! Crazy!!! How is she doing? How are you doing? Everyone healing ok? How is dealing with a baby again... Just curios as you and I are living parallel lives... Lol!! Both of us have older kids from other relationships, we are the same age and both went through many fertility treatments! Crazy isn't it!!

AFM- 25 weeks this Friday... Still can't believe I have made it this far! I haven't heard back from the doctor about my 2 hour diabetes test and that was 2 weeks ago so I am assuming I am fine. I do have an appointment tomorrow so I will ask. That reminds me I should make a list of questions as I never ask any and then remember on my way home...lol!!
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Hello all,
baby had appmt today she already weighs 6lbs 8 onz =) from5 lbs15 [email protected] birth   2 weeks ago. im very pleased with her weight gain,

Krichar- no sleep for me but not complaining my older kids are so helpful and in love with her so im sure you will have a great help too.
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Guesito- Aww... 2 weeks old! :) She's sounds like she's doing just wonderful!! :)

Krichar- Yay, almost 25 weeks! :) I'm the same way, I have my list already started for my apmt tomorrow! lol!

Rachjas- So glad the baby is doing great, and how awesome you're anatomy scan is almost here! :) I have a feeling it's a girl, don't know why! ;)

AFM: 20 weeks today! :) Little Sean is SO active, I feel him all the time and I just love it! :) We have our anatomy scan tomorrow, which will be about 45 min long so I can't wait to see him! Adalynn is doing great too! She's finally over being sick completely, thankfully it didn't last long. We're moving this weekend and have absolutely nothing packed! Yikes!!! I have to be at work at 2 so I'm going to go do some packing!
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Appointment went great... I wrote a journal about all of it if you all want to read it! I have been upgraded to appointments every 3 weeks instead of every 4!!
982214 tn?1471454781
25 weeks today.. Woo hoo!!
982214 tn?1471454781
it is so quiet on here...How is everyone doing? anything new to report or is it quiet because there is nothing new...lol!!!
465737 tn?1315754922
luvkayln- How did your 20 week appt go?

krichar- 25 weeks! That's great that you have appt closer together!

AFM- My 20 week appt was moved from the 20th to the 19th! Hey, it's one day earlier! I will have my anatomy scan and regular check-up that day. I think that we have decided to find out gender! We are taking that day off of work. We should be hearing our court date any day now for Baby C!
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krichar: BFP!!!! 25wks!!!!  
Luvkayln: BFP!!! 21wks!!! Having a BOY!
mlward3: BFP!!! 16wks!!
rachjas: BFP!!! 18wks!!!
ad_06: BFP!!! 15wks!!?

jmh: Awaiting thyroid results...? Hopefully back in the game soon!!!
Sammy J:
Candie: Great to hear from you!! Needs advice and stories from anyone who's had medicated cycles. Please share :-)

Waiting for an update:  

Taking a Break  
Hi ladies :-) I've been checking in on everyone, just not posting much. I actually have been active in the Endometriois forum b/c of everything I've had to deal with. Just yesterday I actually became the Community Leader there :-)

How is everyone feeling/doing? It seems like everyone's pregnancies are going by so fast!!

Krichar: I'll check out your journal ASAP!!

Things are going pretty good here. I'm still a bit sore from the hyster and all. I got my surgery report back - endo on the diaphragm, some of the ligaments, sigmoid colon. Intestinal adhesions..oy, glad it's over that's for sure! I did go back to work, but easing myself into it since my job is pretty physical. Both kids are doing great although I think they are starting to get cabin fever! One day it's 65 here and the next it's snowing and 35 :/ Hoping the weather breaks soon!!
I hope I have everyone right on here, it's been pretty quiet on this thread lately. Where's everyone at?
478429 tn?1265244387
Krichar: I tried to view the journal but it won't let me, I tried to leave a note and it said you weren't accepting notes at this time, so I sent a friend request. I thought I had frienships on here with everyone on this thread but I guess not!!
982214 tn?1471454781
Sorry... I accepted you!!! Their privacy on here is a little weak, Did you know that if you google your nickname it comes up with all your info you post!!! I shut things down to keep it a little more private!
478429 tn?1265244387
*Gasps* I didn't know that!!! I thought I had my stuff set to private? I'll have to go back through, but yes I just did the google!! Everything came up in the search recommendations!!
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