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Calling All Women of Strength!!!

A Strong Woman VS. A Woman Of Strength

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape…
But a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape.

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything…
But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear.

A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her…
But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future…
A woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them.

A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face…
But a woman of strength wears grace.

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey…
But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.

Author Unknown.
Michelle: (You have our continuing support & prayers!!!) Blood test 5/11!

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Check out his pics!!!

Vortex: 4/20/2009 Had her baby girl Sahana!!! Congrats! :) Posting pics soon!

Joyce: BFP - 35 weeks!!!
Jessie: BFP - 30 weeks!!
ArmyPrincess - 28 weeks
Stacey: BFP!!! 22 weeks!
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 17 weeks (u/s 5/12)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!!-6 weeks! (2nd u/s 5/11!)

Arlotheslug:  Adoption in June!
naf38:  Welcome Home!!!
mrspace:  Kya's a mommy!!!  Check out the pics!
Guesito: FET 5/20!
Keyan:  Last Lupron shot tomorrow!!! lap 6/3
DreamingofaSon:  TR in December
ad_06:  Moving forward ;)

Mommyin10:  CD5 (blood test tomorrow, consult 5/15)
Hannah:  CD12
wishandaprayer:  CD13
Lina:  CD15
rachjas:  C19
Pyar:  CD45

Candie: 4dpo!!
dnikki:  5dpiui! (beta 5/12)
jmh2005:  10dpo
Keyan:  Yay!  Your last Lupron shot is tomorrow!!!  I'm so excited for you & so happy you're yet another step closer, my friend ;)

Vortex:  It's great to hear from you!  Congrats to you & dh!!!  And welcome little Sahana =)  Can't wait to see pictures!!!  Take care, mommy ;)

Michelleinhawaii:  Hey, that's wonderful news!!!  I hope your numbers drop to 0 & you can enjoy your 30th b-day, a relaxing summer & continue moving in a forward direction ;)  Best, best wishes to you!!!

Stacey:  Yes, definitely good preparation! ;)  I can imagine it's pretty exciting that Jake is keeping you on your toes.  He's an active little guy! ;)  I hope you had a nice weekend.  Thanks for the note :)

Candie:  Wow, you're 4dpo!!!  Woo-Hoo!!!  I'm excited to see you on that part of the list ;)  Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you! Thanks for the note ;)  I had a great time, but it was just me, not dh.  So, I missed him & was so happy once the plane landed ;)

Luvkayln:  Thanks for keeping up our thread!!! How are you feeling?  Sounds like you had a busy day!  I go in for my blood test tomorrow morning, hoping to see my numbers have dropped down to 0 on their own...  I guess I could be getting close to O again ;)  Thanks for the note.  I'm glad to be back home.  We live right by a super tiny airport, which is where I flew into & dh greeted me with Carmelo! ;)  What a nice warm welcome home!!!

dnikki:  How are you doing in your tww?   Hey, your beta is just after Mother's Day?!  That's not too far off & what a great treat that would be ;)  Good luck!!!

Arlotheslug:  How was your weekend with your best woman?!  I bet you guys had a great time ;)  I'm sorry about the birth mom.  I hope you're feeling a bit better about it & that she still loves your dh! ;-)  Take care!

Hannah:  How fun that you're redecorating! :)  Sounds great!!!
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I'm so very sorry to hear about Rolly ;(  
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Good morning ladies! :)

Mommyin10- Welcome back! :) I'm glad you had a great time, but I know you were excited to get back home with dh! And how sweet that he met you at the airport with little Carmelo! :) Somebody missed their mommy!!! :) What time will you know your results today? I hope to see that your levels are at 0 too! I'm sure they are b/c they went down so much from your 3rd to your 4th beta. Will you try this month, or just wait until next month on the injections? Will you do iui with it as well? I guess you'll get that all figured out at your consult on Friday, huh? :) I know those injections are gonna work for you! I hope they work the first try! They worked the 2nd try for us, and they say it usually works within 3 tries, so at least you know you'll be pregnant again very SOON! :) I'll be thinking of you today....

Candie- Congrats on being almost half way through your 2ww!! Are you temping this 2ww? I want to stalk your chart! LOL ;)  Good luck sweetie! I hope this cycle does the trick for you! :)

Well, sorry to make this so short, but I have to go to work today, even though it's my day off! :( Just for 4 hours, so that's not too bad. I really need to find someone to help me out at work so I'm not putting in all these hours during my pregnancy! But being the only banquet coordinator there, it's hard... (sigh)... Anyone wanna move here and help me? LOL ;)

398038 tn?1247860603
luvkayln - How are you feeling?  How did Sean's grandma react to your news?  She was probably so excited!  That would be so awesome to get to share that news with everyone.  Hope you had a great weekend.

Stacey - That is so cool that you could see your stomach moving!  What an amazing experience.  I know it's only natural to be nervous at times, but it sounds like you are enjoying every minute too, so that's what's important.  Little Jake is loved so much by so many already.  :)  Well, I had my first blood draw that included progesterone yesterday, so that should show I O'd.  Of course the nurse that is working with me was off on Friday, but another one called me back thankfully.  She's going to have my nurse review my levels so far and give me a call early this week to let me know how it's looking.

Arlotheslug - Ugh, I'm so sorry about the birthmom.  I'm sure you're right, she just has some emotions she has to work through as well.  It WILL be OK!  :)  Oooh, you're making me hungry - salad with french fries!  Yum!  We sure do know how to eat unhealthy around here.  :)  

mommyin10 - Great to have you back!  Thanks for the good wishes.  Hope your bloodwork goes well today and you're on your way to starting fresh and O'ing again soon!  I'm glad to hear you had such a great trip.  It definitely is always good to come home though.  How sweet of DH and Carmello to meet you at the airport.  I'm sure that was the greatest "welcome home" gift.  :)

jmh2005 - Glad to hear you're having a good month and not stressing about TTC!  We all need to follow your lead. :)  Hope DH had a great birthday!

Michelle - We'll be praying your level goes down to where you need it and then you won't have much more chemo to endure.  That would be so nice if you could take some time to enjoy a vacation this summer.  I'm sure that's just what you and DH need.  Oh no, the big 3-0 huh?  :)  My DH just went through that in March.  He was a little freaked out about it, but we've decided 30 is the new 20 and our 30's will be the best years of our life!  Sounds like a great plan, right?  LOL

Keyan - Hope you had a great weekend!  Last shot today, right?  Yay!  
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Michelle: (You have our continuing support & prayers!!!) Blood test 5/11!

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Check out his pics!!!

Vortex: 4/20/2009 Had her baby girl Sahana!!! Congrats! :) Posting pics soon!

Joyce: BFP - 35 weeks!!!
Jessie: BFP - 30 weeks!!
ArmyPrincess - 29 weeks
Stacey: BFP!!! 22 weeks!
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 17 weeks (u/s 5/12)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!!-6 weeks! (2nd u/s 5/11!)

Arlotheslug:  Adoption in June!
naf38:  Welcome Home!!!
mrspace:  Kya's a mommy!!!  Check out the pics!
Guesito: FET 5/20!
Keyan:  LAST LUPRON SHOT TODAY!!! lap 6/3
DreamingofaSon:  TR in December
ad_06:  Moving forward ;)

Mommyin10:  CD6 (blood test today, consult 5/15)
Hannah:  CD13
wishandaprayer:  CD14
Lina:  CD16
rachjas:  CD20
Pyar:  CD46

Candie: 5dpo!!
dnikki:  6dpiui! (beta 5/12)
jmh2005:  11dpo
Good morning!  So, I have my blood test today just to make sure my hcg level is back down to 0 on its own.  I did an opk this morning & it was negative, so I'm hoping that means all's well since my opk turned + when my hcg was still 29.  Anyway, I will update my results later.

Candie:  I can't even express how happy I am that you're being monitored so closely! ;)  I think that's great!  You deserve this attention, my friend & hopefully you will get some answers ;)  The progesterone test will definitely say if you O'd and depending on the number, they can tell how recently you O'd, so good luck!!! =)

luvkayln:  I left you a note, but I'm thinking it's okay to try this cycle, since I haven't been told otherwise.  Who knows if I'll O normally or if everything will be thrown off a bit...  I'll use my opks starting around cd12 and see what happens ;)  Yes, I'm excited about the injections, too!  My consult is coming up quickly, just a week from Friday, so I'll know more then :) I'm not sure if we'll do iui.  I hadn't even thought about it & I'm sure dh would say it's not necessary, but if it works out that I O on the weekend, maybe we'll try it =)   I'm ready to move forward & like you said, be pregnant again ;)  Yes, definitely get yourself some help at work.  You won't be able to do it all after too long ;)

Keyan:  I'm so happy for you that today is your last Lupron shot!  I hope things have calmed down a bit at work & you have a great day!!! =)

dnikki:  Just about halfway there! =)  I hope you're feeling good.

pyar:  When is your appointment with your new doctor?
299260 tn?1304219705
I just saw that it's your wedding anniversary!!!  It's even more reason for you to celebrate ;)  Happy Anniversary to you & your wonderful dh!!! ;)
494640 tn?1262741589
Happy anerversary keyan !!!!!!
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Hi all how are you all doing

Vortex congrats to your baby girl cant wait to see pictures

Mommyin10 how are you going how was your time away, bet you enjoyed it and needed it

Luvkaylin how are you feeling, im so happy for you and Dh :)

Sorry i really havent been posting since ive been back but my sister is here for 2 months from Australia so ive been super busy showing her Chicago.

Im well im CD 32 i think no sign of AF as yet not sure whats happening i usally get it on CD 25, my temps look like there all over the place, what do you guys think?
I also found out my husbands work has changed insurance company which is great and the new company has infertility on there YEAH im so happy. Does anyone know what i have to do now regarding how it all works? Do i have to find a IVF clinic? i had all my tests done in Australia so im not sure what i do here.

Happy Monday
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Good morning everyone!

Too all that have asked, Kya is feeling MUCH better.  My momma came up to visit on Saturday and they helped us put a fence in the yard.  It's just cheap fencing around her little room (so we can open that door and let her out).  It's meant for when the puppies start going out on their own.  But right now it's keeping her happy too.  We also put a chain in the back yard for her to run around like crazy.  She's used to that.  And it's made a huge difference.  She had an accident in the house yesterday but that's because DH forgot to get up and let her out.  We have to set an alarm for around 3am to let her out, and then she seems to be fine.  So hopefully that will keep working.

The puppies are getting SO big!  I posted a few new photos.  Including one of Rolly snuggled up in our blanket (on our bed) the last night we had him.

Oh big news!  We also got a working shower this weekend!  Ha ha.  So that's such a joy.

As for me, I'm doing okay.  Thursday night I started having a little bit of spotting but didn't think much of it. Over the weekend, Af actually showed up though.  It's been weird this time but I guess that's to be expected. So I guess, if you want to count this one, I'm on cd4, I think.   It stopped completely on Saturday, but was back late Saturday night.  But overall I'm doing okay.  DH and I have been talking about TTC again sometime this year.  Kind of the same plan as before.  Just giving it some time and getting healthy first.  But I think we want to go talk to a doctor and decided the best course for me to get healthy and THEN pregnant someday.  We'll see what happens.

mommyin09-That's so cute that dh met you at the airport with Carmelo.  I was thinking last night that it's adorable that you have Carmelo (carmel) and Stacey has Honey.  Ha ha, maybe I should rename Kya to be Vanilla or something lol.  I love it.  

luvkayln- I'm so glad you're doing well!  I can't wait til your u/s.  Sorry you had to go into work today!

hannah- I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well and that you're going to see a specialist.  That sounds like a great plan.  I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

stacey- Wow, 22 weeks.  That's adorable that you could see Jake kicking you.  Although I bet your insides think it's a little less than cute!  I'm glad you are all doing well.

dnikki- I'm excited to hear about your results!  They can't come soon enough for me!!  I hope you, dh, and ds are all doing well!  I miss ya girl!

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Good morning!

So as I post on my mood today is my 7th year wedding anniversary! I am really happy, it has been 7 wonderfull and happy years...It's been a great anniversary weekend...starting off on Friday at a couples church meeting where they had a surprise cake for us, then saturday we spend all day together and yesterday we were at a wedding remembering our own wedding and dancing all night! We are actually going away this next friday for a weekend get away,  our 7th year honeymoon!! , we are staying here in PR, but in a nice natural place type of hotel surrounded by lots of tree and plants.  I am also excited today because is also my LAST lupron shot!! I am sooo happy about it, it means the coutdown to my LAP actually begins..in 4 weeks!! ....I am actually happy to be on some type of count down! ha ha ;o)

Vortex: CONGRATS MOM!!! God bless your little girl!

Michelleinhawaii: that's good news that your #s are going down. Hopefully your 30th b-day will bring you more positive and good news!

Luvkayln: you did a great job on the thread!! thanks for keeping it updated! How was your weekend. I know you were going to tell the good news! How was it? I am sorry you had to work on your off day! Just one more week until your U/S!! YAY!!

Arlotheslug: Oh! I am sorry about birth mom...but you are right, is all part of the grieving process, hopefully nothing will change and in just a few weeks you will have your little one with you and dh! YES my Lap is coming up on June 3....maybe that day you will also be at the hospital, but to meet your little boy!! How exciting!!

Mommyin10: Thanks! unfortunately things at work will continue to be busy until may 29! ..but is ok! I will get to relax after my LAP! .... I think it is good you will try this cycle!... this next cycle can be a little longer, but who knows!, it can work for you and dh and hopefully bring you a stikcy BFP!! ...How was your weekend?

Hannah:  Thanks! You are getting to O, right?! Good luck this cycle!

Candie: Hi! yummy greasy french fries! got to try it with a salad!!..although the point of eating a healhty salad kind of goes away when adding the french fries...LOL... I  will try it..man..I am very hungry now! ...that's good you will get to know some of the results before your next consult! do you have news on your insurance?

Dnikki: I am sorry your bbs are hurting so bad, but in TTC that's really good! I am excited for you!!

jmh2005: Hi! your almost done with your 2ww...will you test soon?! any symptom? baby dust your way!
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Hi!  that's good he's not actually hurting you! well atlest not yet! as he gets bigger I guess you will start to feel a little discomfort...but all is worth it! that's so cool you saw your belly move! I've seen it before, and it looks funny but AMAZING to know that it is a little person making the movement!
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Keyan: Happy Anniversary!!! Have a good time tonight...Are you guys doing anything special?

Luvkayln: I was in Missouri about 3 years ago and hated it lol!!! But if you lived by me, i would help you out lol! How are you doing?

Mrspace: We are all doing well, it was a fun weekend even though dh had drill. The weather was great yesterday and I ended up getting burnt lol - Trav had a blast playing in the new boat my sister and BIL bought!

Mommyin10: I think I will test on Mother's day - it's only 2 days before my beta, so do you think that would be okay?

I'm off work today, which is good - I was gone all weekend so I did NO cleaning lol...but I have to do it all today. I ran to wally world this morning then to the local nursery and bought flowers and such to put in pots to set on our front steps. I spent a little more than I really wanted to but.....it will last all summer lol and it will look pretty  :-) I'm doing good, just getting through my tww. My bbs are still hurting. I didn't sleep in my bra last night, but as soon as I rolled out of bed you better believe that sucker was on lol!!! I'm still sort of bloated too. The pain my RE said I would have isn't that bad (knock on wood). It's nothing worse than the pain I've had in the past from my endo. Sometimes it just kind of takes me by surprise though.
Well I hope everyone is doing well!!! I'm going to finish eating lunch then go out and plant the flowers...

Hugs, Love and SSBD to all :-)

Oh, do you guys think it's okay to push mow my front lawn? It's not that big, and I'm not doing the back 1. because dh didn't do dog doo duty this weekend and 2. it's too big for me to do in the tww....
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Hi everyone!  Happy Monday .  . .

I had an amazing weekend with my best woman - ate far toooo much food and drank too much wine . . my mind relaxed for the weekend - but as soon as she left I got really down.  We have not heard from Birthmom in a little over a week and, well, I just think the worst - I dunno - can't get out of the funk and, if it is the worst - I am not sure I can survive this one . . . I know, I need to calm down, but it seems like it has been such a long road . . .  and I am tired.  Man, I feel pathetic . .. . sorry.

Vortex:  Congratulations!  I can't wait to see the pics.

Kenyan:  Happy Anniversary!  It sounds like you had a great weekend.  Btw - once you have french fries on a salad - it is just dangerous.  

Mommyin10:  I am glad you had a good weekend.

Michelle:  I am glad your # are going down.  

Candie:  I am guessing you can imagine the glorious food we had - it was an awesome eating tour of the 'burgh!  (and good friends).  Now I have my annual and I will get weighed!  Poor planning!  (decided to go back to my obgyn since I have not been their since we started to TTC - too many drs)
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