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Calling All Women of Strength!!!

A Strong Woman VS. A Woman Of Strength

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape…
But a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape.

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything…
But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear.

A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her…
But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future…
A woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them.

A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face…
But a woman of strength wears grace.

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey…
But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.

Author Unknown.

Michelleinhawaii is CANCER FREE!!!  Congrats & best wishes =)
Arlotheslug:  You & dh have our continuing prayers & support!!!

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Vortex: 4/20/2009 Sahana was born! Congrats :)
Joyce: 5/28/09 Daniel Joseph was born, 8lbs, 8oz and 19 3/4 inches long.
Jessie: 6/11/09 Zachary Kaden arrived at 5:43am.  7 lbs, 12 oz and 20.5 inches long

ArmyPrincess - 34 weeks!
Stacey: BFP!!! 28 weeks!!! (appt 6/23, u/s 6/26)  
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 23 weeks & It's a girl!!! =)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!! 12 weeks!!! (u/s 6/23)
Dnikkki:  BFP!!! (1st u/s 6/24!)

Keyan:  Will ttc again after only 2 more Lupron shots! =)
Guesito:  Planning to have a tubal reversal & looking for a new RE!

Rachjas:  Starting Follistim/Repronex tomorrow! b/w Wed & Thurs, u/s Thurs, ER 6/23!
Mommyin10:  Continuing bcps; u/s & trial transfer tomorrow & starting Lupron tomorrow!

Naf:  Awaiting AF...

Lina:  CD3
mrspace:  CD3 (starting clomid Tues)
Candie:  CD15
jmh2005:  CD15  
ad_06:  CD19
Hannah:  CD24

pyar:  7dpo!
looloo86:  15dpo!  (Welcome!)
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hi everyone.

mommyin10: thanx for adding me to the list :) gud luck for your appt. hope it happens on the first try!

rachjas: thanx for the tip. i guess the tracker's a gud idea :) i'm doing it right now. gud luck on ur appt with the nurse.

Jessie: wow congrats. what a cute story (though probably wasnt much fun for u..but u got ur li'l bundle!). my hi and welcome to little Zachary Kaden! :)

hi luvkayln. you sound really stressed. take it easy hon. and dont worry about the emotions, i'm sure they're not u as much as the hormones. hope evrything comes under control.

keyan: yep u're right abt the tracker. i'll be putting that up. gud luck on ur first day of work tomorrow!

well, 15dpo and temp still maintaining high, cramping badly. cramps feel like when u run really fast during AF. it feels like about the 3rd day of AF, i can really FEEL the achiness of bleeding...i just wish i wud either get preg OR jst get my AF. i hate being stuck in b/w cycles :(
and like i said, my luteal phases are usually just 11-12 days, so i usually get to start early on my next cycle when nuthing happens but this time...

has anyone had sumthing like this for sum reason? i mean, when you KNOW O happened but no AF turns up on time AND u get a BFN. cud sumthing else be wrong?

anyways, i've put up my O tracker. i've only entered the temps this month. if u ladies can take a look at it when you find the time, that wud b great.

i use the Celsius scale coz i like those patterns better. it's clearer.

in a nut shell, LMP was 17May
Ov was 31May (confirmed by follicle study)
first temp rise on 1June (corresponds to O)
second temp rise on 8June (most of my cycles have shown triphasic, so propably means nuthing)
and a third temp rise on 13June (this hasnt happened b4.ths is whn AF usually shows up)
beta HCG at 1.39 on 13June.

i haven't entered temps for 4&5 June coz those r the days i had a fever.

take care!
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LooLoo: Maybe go in for a repeat beta today? Maybe you implanted really late...Good Luck!

Jessie: Congrats!!!! I hope you can post pics soon :-) Hpe you both are doing great!

Luvkayln: Can you go down to part-time? I"m hoping I can find a part-time job...I can't imagine doing a ton of massages in one day while pregnant lol - I would pass out!

Mommyin10: I hope the trial transfer goes well! Good luck :-) Yay for starting Lupron!!!

Candie: Have you O'd yet? Are you taking meds this month?

Mrspace: Good luck with the clomid!!!

Well here's a short recap of yesterday - all was going well, DS and potty training are going good once again. DS went down for nap. Laying out in the sun=good. Falling asleep on stomach=okay. Falling asleep in the sun on my stomach=BAD!!! The backs of my thighs are sooooo burnt! It looks like I have some sort of disease or something lol...
So, I'm cooking dinner on the grill last night - run out of propane...So I took the potatoes and pork chops over to the neighbors to finish it - Thankfully, they're grill was already hot from their dinner. Okay, Crisis resolved.
After dinner, we taked DS and the dogs to a park/lake area so they can swim. We go down to the spillway as always and DS and I are walking and I find the bottom of a broken beer bottle (DS had water shoes on). So of course, I pick it up and try to throw it into a thing of trees and weeds so no one gets hurt by it - Yeah, well it gouged a piece of my finger out...It bled sooo much! Of course, I go into freakout mode thinking that this cut is somehow going to affect my pregnancy lol and told DH I needed to go see if any of the fisherman had a first aid kit - Yeah, none of them did. I ended up pouring bottled water on it and soaking it in wet napkins until we got home lol. It still hurts!

Okay, so maybe that's not a short recap, but maybe I gave you gals a little chuckle :-)
I'll check in later today!!!

Hugs, Love and SSBD to all :-)
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mommyin10- Typed it wrong. Trigger is 6.23 (yep it's our 2 year ann!) and Er is 6.25! But, of course that's if all goes as planned with my E2 levels, number of follies and so on. I will know better at the end of this week! Our goal is to transfer 2, 5 day blasts. RE won't allow more than that for my age most likely. Now, if our quality is low..she may?!? Yep, I am mixing my follistim (175iu) and repronex (75iu) (low dosage--- not sure how I am going to react). That way it's one shot and not two! It all depends on your protocol. Some RE's want you to do one in AM other in PM. Or perhaps the same meds twice a day.

Keyan- Yea, only 2 more Lupron shots to go. Do you have side effects from them? Or, are you just used to them now? I wasn't havin any problems with mine... until that last few days. My last BCPS was Monday. Wednesday.... oh boy... I have had a dull headache since. I am sooo naueous. The only thing I am taking different is this lupron. I wonder if I am feeling this way due to that?!?! And about the incision... yep perfectly normally! Mine is extra icky! I have a vertical incision from surgery when I was 12.. and now I have 4 small incisions from my lap (like a baseball field) along with my appendix scar.... : (

Jessie- Congrats again! He is soo cute!
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Good morning! Thanks ladies for all your support! It means a lot! :) It's just hard when I'm working so much, and so is Sean (b/c he's been doing side jobs at night after working his 10 hour day) and then us both coming straight home and going to bed b/c we're so pooped! I just feel like we haven't spent any time together this past week, and usually when we don't see each other, we argue b/c we're frustrated about that, ya know? Hopefully this week will be better! :)

Mommyin10- Good luck at your appointment today! :) I can't wait to hear how it goes! You should get a more definate idea of when you'll be starting/ending certain meds and then when your ER and transfer are, right? Ooh, I can't wait!!!! :) Thanks for your note yesterday! All I did was lay around the house, and it felt SO good! My body really needed that! You're right, Sean and I will be just fine, it just gets hard sometimes, ya know? Yes, I still am training another girl, but when it comes to weddings, I feel that I need to be there b/c she's just now getting into working the private events. So for now we're working those together, and when I feel like she's "got it" then we'll start alternating weekends so we each have 2 weekends off during the month. :) Thanks for all your support! :)

Dnikki- I really wish I could go down to part-time, but that's just not an option right now. Maybe when I get closer to having the baby. Sean said we could afford for me to not work, but then that'll just mean that he'll be the one working all the time and I'll never see him, so i know I for sure don't want that! Good luck on the job hunting, and congrats on your great numbers! :) Hey, your first u/s is the day after mine! I'm sure you're SO excited!!!! :) Did you add your Pregnancy tracker yet? How far along is it saying you are?

LooLoo- Thank you and Welcome! :) I agree with dnikki that it's either a late implantation or you're just having a "different" cycle. I remember I had a cycle like that, where I knew what day I ovulated b/c I was being monitored, but my period never came and I wasn't pregnant. So I had to take provera to bring on a period. Maybe just wait a couple more days, retest and if it's negative, call your doctor and ask them what's the next step? But since you're cramping maybe AF is on her way? Good luck either way! If no BFP this month, next month is a new chance! :)

Mrspace- Hey, I never got to congratulate you on AF coming! That's awesome she heard my AF cheer for you! lol :) Good luck with the clomid!! I'm excited that you're trying again!!! :)

Oh guess what girls! Last night I found the baby's h/b for the first time on my fetal heart monitor! It was just awesome! :) I have been trying to find it since 9 weeks! lol :) His/Her heartrate was 161!! :)

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Good morning ladies!
Sorry I did not have time to check in over the weekend.  We were quite busy!  Saturday we went and bought our crib and dresser/change table.  Then we spent Sat evening putting it together.  Well, I sat and read the instructions and organized all the nuts, bolts and screws! :)  Anyway, it is put together and starting to look like a baby's room.  After getting the news last week we were both motivated to start getting stuff done.  Plus the fact if I have any more bleeding or complications I could be in the hospital until little Jake is born.  Anyway, I feel good that it is done!  I just need to cozy up the room with some art (already ordered) and an area rug.  Yesterday was my nephews second birthday party.  We got him a battery operated 3 wheeler vehicle.  He loved it so much I don't think I ever saw him smile sooo big!  It was really cute.

Mommyin09 - Good luck today!!!  I am eager to hear how the trial transfer goes and what they say.  So are you still going ahead with ICSI even though your RE is fairly certain why dh's sa results were not so good?

Luvkayln - Sorry about you and dh :(  I know what you mean though.  When dh and I get really busy and don't see each other we almost get out of sync and start to almost get mad at each other for it.  Hopefully you guys can spend some nice quality time toghether this week.  And yippee for finding the heartbeat!!!  Isn't it so wonderful to hear and also being able to listen whenever you want??  I have not had to use mine in a few weeks because Jake has been so active.

Rachjas - Wow...you are moving right along!!!  Your ER and transfer are coming up sooo fast!  How nice that it is all around your anniversary :)

Looloo - Welcome!!  It sounds like you definitely need to either take an hpt or have your beta redone??  Good luck!!!

Dnikki - Sorry about your finger!!!  Ouch.  I'm sure you will be fine and it won't affect your pregnancy ;)  But I know sometimes it feels like the pregnancy is so delicate and paranoia sets in.  Especially after trying for a long time!!  But your beta numbers looked great!!  Can't wait for your u/s!

Jessie - WOW!  Congratulations!!!  Zachary is adorable and a big boy for coming early!!!  Glad you are both doing well and keep the pictures coming.

Leighanne - Thanks!  How long did it take you to be up and about after your c-section?  I'm trying to determine if we are going to need to have someone stay with us for a few days afterwards.  

Mrspace - Yay for af!!  Hopefully you can get back to a somewhat normal schedule!!  The clomid should definitely help you.  What dosage did they give you?  

Candie - Too bad you need to wait for your ultrasounds until next cycle but it was totally worth it for your vacation right!?  

Guesito - Hope you find a new RE very soon!!  The other one and the staff sound like morons.  So frustrating!!!  When do you find out about the tubal reversal?  Wouldn't it be great if that worked and you didn't need to bother with anymore IVF???  

Well...I'm still working from home these days (my work is being soo flexible!!) but I actually have a lot to do today!  It's easy to get distracted with the nice weather and Honey cuddles but I need to really try to focus today! :)

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Hi everyone :)

I'm doing good - gaining weight (apparently just the right amount) and getting bigger.  It's more difficult to get off the couch, but the hubbie helps me :)

We just had our 3 year anniversary and went up to Tahoe to celebrate.  Man, it's hard to go back to work after that!  My next appointment is Wednesday: my 24 weeks (6 MONTHS already!!)

Congrats Dnikki!!!  I hope you all are well.  It looks like you are all up beat and positive this Monday morning :)
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Michelleinhawaii is CANCER FREE!!!  Congrats & best wishes =)
Arlotheslug:  You & dh have our continuing prayers & support!!!

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Vortex: 4/20/2009 Sahana was born! Congrats :)
Joyce: 5/28/09 Daniel Joseph was born, 8lbs, 8oz and 19 3/4 inches long.
Jessie: 6/11/09 Zachary Kaden arrived at 5:43am.  7 lbs, 12 oz and 20.5 inches long

ArmyPrincess - 35 weeks!
Stacey: BFP!!! 28 weeks!!! (appt 6/23, u/s 6/26)  
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 23 weeks & It's a girl!!! =)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!! 12 weeks!!! (u/s 6/23)
Dnikkki:  BFP!!! (1st u/s 6/24!)

Keyan:  Will ttc again after only 2 more Lupron shots! =)
Guesito:  Planning to have a tubal reversal & looking for a new RE!

Rachjas:  Starting Follistim/Repronex today! b/w Wed & Thurs, u/s Thurs, ER 6/25!
Mommyin10:  Continuing bcps; u/s & trial transfer tomorrow & starting Lupron today!

Naf:  Awaiting AF...

Lina:  CD4
mrspace:  CD4 (starting clomid tomorrow)
Candie:  CD16
jmh2005:  CD16  
ad_06:  CD20
Hannah:  CD25

pyar:  8dpo!
looloo86:  16dpo!  (Welcome!)

Good morning, ladies!  Thanks for the well wishes.  Just a quick update before heading off to my appt.  I have to leave almost an hour early, so I'll check in later today :)
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Good morning everyone!

I am cd4 now and doing just fine!  AF was kicking my butt those first 2 days, but now it's down to super light.  I think it'll stop in the next day or two.  The doctor was right!  He said it should only last around 5 days.  So far so good.  We start clomid tomorrow, and I'm nervous.  Super nervous.  He's starting us on 50mg, but we actually have the opportunity to increase it.  My last dr said that if you didn't get pregnant on 50mg of clomid within 2 months, there was no point in trying anymore.  After two months for us, she was ready to schedule my hysterectomy because she said I obviously couldn't get pregnant.  Again..we all know she's not smart.

Well this dr says that if I O past cd16, he's upping my dose.  And he said that if we are having no luck in 6 months, we'll discuss IUI or injectables.  It's nice having a game plan.  It really makes dh and I feel better.  Last time we felt like we had this huge ultimatum.  Get pregnant now, or never.  It was so hectic and stressful.  Now we feel more relaxed.  If it doesn't happen...that's cool.  We'll keep trying.  He said he'd keep me on clomid for years, as long as I'm not overstimulated.  It's great.

The weekend went well.  I had dinner with my amazing family on Saturday.  DH and I had a great time down at my mom's.  We watched Gran Torino.  AMAZING movie.   Yesterday, my in laws were making me mad. I've been having bad headaches for the past week.  Well yesterday DH had a softball game. I don't go to the games because dh likes his "father/son" time with his dad.  His mom goes to the games and annoys them both.  So I don't go. I let him have his time.  Before the game we had to go over for cake and ice cream for my SIL's birthday.  We've done something EVERY NIGHT for the past week for her birthday.  Going to bars, out to dinner, cake and ice cream, going shopping.  The didn't even tell me happy birthday last year.  SIL gets a week of celebration.  Whatever.  Well, we went to that but then I went home.  Apparently my MIL got mad that I didn't go to the game.  She said that she didn't like softball, but she still went to support her husband because that makes her a good wife.  Like, not going makes me a bad wife.  

Oh well.  Sorry, I needed to vent that.   Otherwise I had a GREAT Weekend!!!  I treated dh to a full body massage after dinner last night.  He was so sore from him game.  It was nice to treat him to that.  He deserves it.  He's so amazing!

mommyin10- I hope your appt goes well!!!

luvkayln- Again, thank you for the AF cheer.  I'm doing really well with everything. I'm nervous to start clomid tomorrow, but I'm excited too.  DH and I have high hopes for this time around.  And to be honest, I couldn't do it without all of you.  You all have been such great support.  How are doing?  How's that littel peanut?

stacey- How are you and Jake doing?  That's so great that you got his crib and furniture.  You should take pictures of his room!  I'd love to see it!

dnikki- How are you feeling hun?  I hope you're doing great.  I tried to call you this weekend, but my phone was being weird.  

keyan- I'm counting down the days with you, girl!!!  I am so excited that you'll be able to TTC again after only 2 more shots! I hope the time flies for you!

looloo- Welcome!!  I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!  

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morning all hope everyone is ok

mrspace you sound like you have a really great doc that must be such a relief. How horible your mil sounds how do you react to that sort of attitude it must be hard to bite your toungue.I know my in laws can be difficult and I trully have to let it go over me to keep the peace.

mommyin10 good luck today how interesting a trial I havent come across that before what do they actually do?

looloo Hi and welcome  its nice to have someone on the list with me I agree with everyone perhaps another test is in order.

luvkayln  I understand how you and dh feel we're the same when life gets busy.It must be hard working all the hours you are.Please rest as much as poss when you can.

jessie congrats how do you feel does it feel real yet?

dnikki you havent had much luck have you how are your legs and finger sounds painful

as for me no symptoms but i'm happy either way because if af shows on time then at least my cycle is getting back to normal if its a bfp then i'm more than just happy.

happy monday everyone xx
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Mrspace: Not feeling too bad (read below) except for my legs and finger (read above post lol). How are you doing?

So, I'm eating lunch and then off to the post office to mail out 26 flipping resumes! There would be more, but I ran out of envelopes lol...
I keep forget to share my p/g "symptoms",,, Well, I have bouts of nausea every now and again. Nothing like they were with DS (yet). I started making dinner earlier so we aren't eating at 6-630 at night. We eat now between 515-530 and that has cut down on the nausea and vomiting.Most of all - I am utterly exhausted! I could sleep until 10 a.m then go back down for a nap at 2 then bed at 8 lol :-) The other thing is - When I lay down to read, I always bring my knees up, but it feels like I'm hitting a ball in my abdomen when I do that...It's kind of wierd, but hopefully a good sign :-) Also, when I get hungry, I better eat now lol!
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Hi, ladies! :) My appt went really well. It really was a piece of cake (aside from having to do it with a full bladder!) At least now I know how the transfer will go & it wasn't any different than an iui. Yay :) So, I was wrong. I won't start Lupron til Wednesday & i'll continue my bcp's through Sunday. Then my next appt is 6/27 for another u/s & I will start my stims then :) The one wrinkle is that they mentioned I hadn't done a blood test to see if I have an immunity to chickenpox. So, I did a blood test today & basically if it comes back that I do have that virus, I'll have to postpone my IVF & get an innoculation. They said you can just sign a waiver & still go through with it, but that's risking the health of the baby, so I wouldn't do that. The only reason I'm concerned that I might have the virus is because I had shingles three years ago... Hmmm, there's always something! I'll get those results later today. (fingers X'd!)

Looloo: I agree with the ladies. You should try to get another beta done & then you'll know if you are in fact pregnant & if not, you'll know if you just need to wait it out or take something to bring on AF. I know the "what if's" are the worst! Good luck! :)

Luvkayln: I'm so glad you had time to rest up this weekend & I'm sure detecting the hb was just music to your ears! (or your eyes?!) ;-)

Stacey: How awesome that you got Jake's crib put together (with a little help from dh!) "wink wink" I hope you'll post pics of his room! That's smart to get everything in order. Look at Jessie! She didn't know she'd be bringing Zachary home so soon! :) Yes, we'll still do ICSI. dh's S/A was always ok, but not superb ;) If our 1st IVF & then FET doesn't work, then he'll do another S/A before the next & we'll go from there.

Dnikki: I think you need to take it easy, Girl! :-) When it rains, it pours, huh?! Good fir you sending out do many resumes! Best of luck to you!

Mrspace: I'm excited for you to start your clomid tomorrow!

Oops! Gotta get to work!
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OOPS!  Just realized I posted on the old thread this morning.  Here's my post (Sorry if it's out of date, I'll catch up now on your posts today)...

mommyin10 - Good luck at your appointment today!  Thankfully DH's job won't affect his little guys when it comes time for the real thing.  Sorry, I know, my doctor adventures have been confusing!  I have a new OBGYN now (I sent the rude one packing! LOL) and he is wonderful.  You're right, if I don't get the referral, I can at least try to see the endo specialist at some point.  I'd like to get my bw/us results and see what those show first though.  I'm hoping there will be something small we can do there that may make the difference!  Maybe this cycle you could just keep counting my days (not dpo).  I didn't temp or do OPK's this time.  I may have O'd over the weekend based on my cm and ovualtion pain, but I'm not sure, just trying to take it easy this time.

luvkayln - I'm so sorry you've been so stressed with work and that it has spilled over into you interactions with Sean.  As much as we all know we shouldn't let work, stress, etc. get in the way of our relationships, we all do it sometimes.  Just hang in there and hopefully things will slow down for you soon.  I'm sure once you get the chance to spend some time together, things will be better.

Keyan - Hope you have a good day back at work today and you aren't in too much pain.  Thanks so much for your encouragement.  You're right, it's hard somedays, but we just have to keep remembering that God is at work and won't let us down.  

Jessie - Congratulations!!  I've already commented on your pictures, but little Zachary is adorable!  Glad you are both doing well.  :)

Guesito - Hope you get things worked out and are able to switch doctors.  I went through a lot with my OBGYN and I know how hard it is when you realize you can't trust the person who is supposed to be responsible for your care.  Not a good feeling!  Thankfully you found out now and can find someone better.

Stacey - Hope you got a lot of rest over the weekend and that you and Jake are doing good!  How has Honey been?  I can't wait to see how she reacts to her little brother.  I know they'll be best friends!  :)

rachjas - Wow, you've got quite a full schedule!  Good luck with everything, and I'm sure it will all be worth it very soon!  Is it true that your transfer is on your anniversary?  How cool!

dnikki - Congrats on the beta!  I'm so happy your numbers look so good.  Glad you could find some new clothes.  I'm sure it will be hard to hide your good news, not only because of your belly, but because you're so excited too!  

looloo - Welcome!  I'm so glad you decided to join us - the more the merrier!  :)  This is a great group of women and I know you'll find a lot of support here.  I'm so sorry for your struggles, but it's good to hear that your PCOS is better.  It sounds to me like your BBT could be a sign of something wonderful!  Oh, how I hope so!  :)  Be sure to keep us posted.  Just to introduce myself, my DH and I have been married for 5 years now, been TTC for 3, and we're now seeing a specialist to help figure out what's wrong since all of our tests up until now have been good.  Very frustrating, but hopefully we'll all be blessed very soon.
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luvkayln - Yay, you found the hearbeat!  How exciting that you can now listen to it whenever you want.  

dnikki - Wow, what a day.  I feel your pain on the sunburn.  I got toasted one day on vacation and my hips are still peeling and are so itchy!  I am so fair that even spf 70 didn't work, LOL!  To answer your question, I've been all natural for a while now.  Not sure when I O'd this month, just trying to relax this time.  Good luck with your job search!

Stacey - So exciting that you are getting the nursery all set up.  Any pictures?  I'm sure it's adorable.

Kaylee - I'm so happy that you are doing so well!  Congrats on your anniversary.  I hope you had a great trip.  I was just in the same situation as you last week - so hard to go back to work after vacation!  :(  Good luck at your appt, can't wait to hear how it goes!

mrspace - Good luck with the clomid!  I'm sure it's such a relief to have a plan!

mommyin10 - That's awesome that your appt went so well.  I'm glad to hear it was pretty easy!  I'll be praying that your test results are OK so that your process won't be delayed!  
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jesse... congrats on the baby... big boy for being early...

sorry i have been soooo missing in action... Daniel just does not want to sleep at night and i am really not sure how to cope... with having the other kids (aside from hunter =( who is in NC) home i cant really sleep during the day so that i can be up with him at night... so we are just trying to figure out WHY he isnt wanting to sleep... he will sleep for a few hours IF he is in bed with me so i have had to resort to that.. BUT i do not want that to become a habit... cause i know from experience when co-sleeping.. it gets really hard for them to go into thier own beds... ugh what to do what to do...lol

anyhow hope everything continues to go well for everyone... and for those who things are just not going that great... i am so sorry and hope that things look up for you...

hugs, luv and SSBD
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No we are looking for a good Dr.  We are devating on doing a tubal reversal or jumping back to IVF... I guess if a Dr gives me hope with the tubal and we will decide on that. Its our only issue... Just tubes tied.
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stacey- i had my c-section late tuesday night and they get you up the next day.  so by wed early afternoon i got up and walked around.  that night i had the cathider taken out and went the bathroom on my own.  you dont even feel that thing because they have you on pain meds.  then by thursday AM i was up moving around.  you still feel sore in the belly area but you are able to move.  i would say that by the next week, maybe like 4 days after i got home, i was moving real good.  believe me the loving and motherly feeling that takes over your body helps the pain go away.  i wouldnt think you would need someone staying with you as long as your hubby is willing to help a little extra./  what i do say is let help come over during the day and take naps while someone is there you trust.  napping while you have help is key.  also never turn down someone offering to make you dinner or bring you dinner, its a life saver, other than that you dont eat cause you are so busy.  but truely the pain was not bad and i was up moving around fast.
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hi everyone

i called my doc and she said the same as all of you. to check beta again. and i woke up with bad leg cramps.ugh. it really feels like AF.

luvkayln: hope u're not doing any running-around-type of work. hope u get done with the training soon so the work load reduces.
and abt ur "different" cycle, did u have the same prob with the high BBT? and how long before u had AF visit?
u take care!

stacey: hey u'r "nesting" as they call it. all the best for the big day. fingers crossed that all goes smooth.
you're right i need another test.

mrspace: all the best on clomid im glad you changed ur 1st dr, she sounds scary! the last thing we need while ttc are ultimatums!!
glad u got a gud dr now. sory about ur in laws, hope they're nt stressing u out too much. and thanx for the fingers! :)

pyar: hi, hw r u? hope this cycle's good for you. blowing tons of baby dust ur way!

candie: yeah, im feeling the suport already :) thanx. and yeah, i am going to test again. all the best, hope this is the month for you!

take care, everyone!
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woke up with yet another high BBT and cramps...part of me wished for a lower BBT.

so went in for another beta. awaiting results. after i get them, i'll call my dr. ill post my number up here too...wud luv the feedback :)

all the best, everyone!
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1466. what does that mean? is it possible to jump from 1.39 to 1466 in 2 days? what cud be going on? is sumthing really wrong?
102073 tn?1309552699
Good mornign everyone

Looloo: I don't know what to say.....when do you go back to the doctor? ...maybe the 1.39 was wrong.....Are you sure it was 1.39? or maybe 139? today's number is a great number, but I don't know, usually numbers double every 48 hours, my best advice, consult your doc as soon ASAP, especially since you are having cramps. I hope it is a true and sticky BFP!!! can't wait for you update.

Mommyin10: Can't wait for your test results....MAN there is always something...I am happy it was soooo easy for you!!

Stacey: Please, please share some pics of Jake's room...how exciting!!! you are getting ready!!!

sorry so short, got to get back to work now, I will try to post later on today!!
299260 tn?1304219705
Michelleinhawaii is CANCER FREE!!!  Congrats & best wishes =)
Arlotheslug:  You & dh have our continuing prayers & support!!!

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Vortex: 4/20/2009 Sahana was born! Congrats :)
Joyce: 5/28/09 Daniel Joseph was born, 8lbs, 8oz and 19 3/4 inches long.
Jessie: 6/11/09 Zachary Kaden arrived at 5:43am.  7 lbs, 12 oz and 20.5 inches long

ArmyPrincess - 35 weeks!
Stacey: BFP!!! 28 weeks!!! (appt 6/23, u/s 6/26)  
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 23 weeks & It's a girl!!! =)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!! 12 weeks!!! (u/s 6/23)
Dnikkki:  BFP!!! (1st u/s 6/24!)

Keyan:  Will ttc again after only 2 more Lupron shots! =)
Guesito:  Planning to have a tubal reversal & looking for a new RE!

Rachjas:  Started Follistim/Repronex. b/w Wed & Thurs, u/s Thurs, ER 6/25!
Mommyin10:  Continuing bcps, starting Lupron tomorrow; u/s & stims 6/27!

Naf:  Awaiting AF...

Lina:  CD5
mrspace:  CD5 (starting clomid today!)
Candie:  CD17
jmh2005:  CD17  
ad_06:  CD21
Hannah:  CD26

pyar:  9dpo!
looloo86:  16dpo!  (Welcome!)
Looloo:  Didn't the nurse indicate anything other than what your numbers were?  'Cause that sounds like a BFP to me!  Yes, definitely call your doctor & let us know asap!!!  Fingers X'd =)

Keyan:  Thanks!  I will update asap.  Hopefully the test will be negative so we can move forward ;)  How was your first day back to work?  We started a trial yesterday, so I'll be extra busy this week.  I'll try to check in, though.

pyar:  The trial transfer, as I'm told, is to determine the shape of your cervix & depth of your uterus in order to make the actual transfer less traumatic.  I had to empty my bladder 1 hour prior & then drink 16ounces of water 1/2 hour prior, so it was a good experience to know exactly what I'll be doing when the time comes for the transfer.  It was a pretty easy procedure, but I did get cramps late last night.  How are you feeling?

Mrspace:  Yay!  Today's the day =)  Good luck with the clomid!

Guesito:  Good luck to you!  I hope you find a wonderful doctor =)

Candie:  Sounds good.  I won't switch you to dpo & we'll see what happens! =)  Thanks for the good luck!

Luvkayln:  Enjoy your day off!!! =)

Stacey:  How are you feeling?  Have you received Jake's rug & artwork?
299260 tn?1304219705
How are the stims treating you?
449498 tn?1338775639
LooLoo-Wow!! It definately sounds like a BFP to me too! Congrats!! Really though, call your doctor and get confirmation of pregnancy; I'm with Mommyin10,  I'm suprised they just told you the number and not the number and a big congrats b/c you are pregnant?! Hhmm.... I hope you get some answers soon, and then we can add you to our BFP list! :) Keep us posted!!

Mommyin10- I can't wait for your results today! But I'm sure everything's just fine! Don't you love how they throw these little things in there, that may end up setting you back?! Aarrgh!! Do you know what time you'll get some answers today? Ok, so guess what? My doctor just now called me as I was in the middle of typing this, and she said my labs just came back. She had extra testing done with me b/c of my history with a m/c and a still born :( and she said 1 came back abnormal. She said I don't digest folate as well as normal people, and something else to where my blood may have a higher risk of clotting? I may have missed something b/c she was talking so fast! But anyway, she's having me take an extra folic acid a day along with my prenatal, and she's putting me on baby aspirin too. I thought that was crazy b/c I never had to do any of that with Kayln, and she said those extra tests probably weren't done when I was pregnant with her, and that's why she took precaution b/c I was SO about doing everything we can do for this baby, so I thought that was awesome of her to take those extra steps for me! :) Anyway, back to you! ;) Please keep us posted on your results today so we can really get excited about you moving forward!! :)

Candie- Thank you for the very sweet note! :) Sean and I are doing much better! It's just hard when we don't spend a lot of time together that we almost get aggrivated with each other for it! :( I've put in so many hours these past couple of weeks, with so many weddings, but thankfully we don't have anything more until this weekend, so I can enjoy an 8-4 shift for the next couple of days instead of an 11 hour day! I love that your not tracking your cycle this time!! Watch, this'll be the month! ;)

Mrspace- Good luck with the clomid today! :)

Pyar- Thanks, I'm enjoying a restful day off today! :)

Ok, better run to the store and pick up some baby aspririn and folic acid! Gotta do whatever it takes for my little one! :) Oh, Sean got to hear the baby's h/b for the first time last night! And oh my gosh, the little one was moving around like crazy! I kept having to chase him/her with the doppler! lol And I could tell it was being very active b/c the heartrate was 175! I don't think Kayln's ever got that high, and she was definately a very active baby! :) I've got a very, very active baby on my hands this time! lol ;) I'll check in later!!
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Loo loo - 1466 is definitely a BFP.  Your first reading must have been wrong or something because 1466 is quite high!  Congratulations!  I would call back and clarify your first results and speak to someone who can give you some more info.  Are you going back for another beta in a couple of days?
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