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Can Chronic Endometritis be affecting implantation?

Hi ladies
So I completed my 3rd IVF last month with again, no success. I'm 29 y/o but obviously age does not matter when it comes to infertility. I asked my doctor if there are any other tests we could do to find out what can be the problem with me so she recommended doing an endometrium biopsy but told me that she highly doubted I had any problems with that. Well guess what? It came back that I have CHRONIC ENDOMETRITIS which is inflammation of the uterus lining and she said that most of the time that won't let the embryo implant!
So now they sent me antibiotics for 10 days and will repeat biopsy next month before trying another FET.
Has anyone gone through this? And did you have any success after clearing out this inflammation?
Thank you ;)
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Hello and hope you are doing well.
In chronic endometritis there may be difficulty in normal implantation of an embryo and its subsequent development. A course of antibiotics is prescribed and follow up endometrial biopsy is performed to ascertain whether complete cure has been achieved or not. Once the infection is cleared up there should not be any problem in implantation. It is best to take the advised treatment. Stop worrying. For more queries do consult your doctor. Keep me posted.
Best wishes and regards!

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