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Can a home pregnancy test be wrong in IVF

I did a home pregnancy test today after 14days after embryo transfer, was so sure I was pregnant, I am waiting for my blood results this afternoon and hoping for the best.  Has anybody been through the same scenario and has the blood test been postive?
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hello there, havnt quite been through the same(I had a positive test but miscarried) after 14 day ivf tranfer, but know some women produce the hormone hcg at a great less rate than others therefore not showing up till after the 14 day period. I hope you get better nws with the blood result as they are more conclusive than a hpt. best wishes, we start another ivf cycle in a weeks time hopefully if my lining is thin enough, it will be our last as so, so expensive. keep me updated with your progress lots love melissax
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I've read about several women on here who had negative hpts but positive betas. Sometimes there's just not enough hcg in urine to show up on an hpt, whereas hcg is much more concentrated in blood and can therefore be detected in blood earlier.
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This happened to me on friday.  I got all Neg HPT but was told I was pregnant.  I couldn't believe it.  I have had 4 beta's already & the last one didnt double.  I go again tomorrow (friday) to see where we are at.  .

Keep the faith....ya just never know.  I am still praying that My #'s go up.
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I have been crying all morning and I found your post. I am hoping and praying that my negative HPT is wrong.  I am day 9 from 3day transfer.  I am getting my blood work on Thursday.  I have not spotted or anything and I just knew I was pregnant, but I felt so defeated after the test this morning.  Crushed but I have to hold onto hope.  This is our fifth attempt, my sweet husband said we could try one more time if I could handle it emotionally.  The cost and stress is almost too much.  The thought of holding that miracle is what keeps me going, but I pray I get peace and a HUGE miracle this Thursday.I  wish you the very best.  Thanks for posting this two years ago today, God knew I needed some cheering up today.
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