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Can blood type effect pregnancy

My boyfriend and I have been TTC going on 4 months. We were talking last night and he said that our blood type could be the problem. I'm O+ and he is B+. Can this be an issue?
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I think you're ok yeah....

If you have b+ blood type then you can receive donor blood from an O+ donor.... but not the other way round... but as were are only talking about fertility then I am sure you are fine as you are both RH positive so the baby will just inherit the more dominant blood type... if you one of you were negative then you might have needed to consult someone, but as youre both posistive Im pretty sure thats ok...

I will ask my sister later and get back to you, she is studying A-lvl biology... she knows allsorts about blood types...
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Thank you MysticalChick! I hope we are ok as you say we are. Please let me know what you sisters says. I would love to know.
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All i know is that Im a- and they say when i do get prego to the the obgyn know, something about bleeding..

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As far as I know there is no reason to believe that  blood type difference is  a cause of infertility.
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Thanks everyone! i hope that is true! Hopefully this will be our month if not i guess we will try next month. I just started to take my temps today so hopefully i will get my ovulation days correct.
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dont forget to take your temps. in the morning before you do anything to get a more accurate reading.... My sister was out tonight so I didnt get a chance to talk to her but I will ask her tomorrow afternoon and post as soon as I do :) xxx
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MysticalChick is right. You are definetly ok, for SURE. It's the Rh +/- that makes the difference. My mom is O- and dad is AB+. ANYONE can take O- blood, but - can't take + blood. This makes O- blood like gold, and O+ is pretty important too. You should dontate blood more often! But even in the situation of one partner with + and the other with -, it won't PREVENT pregnancy, it would only make keeping the pregnancy difficult, if not impossible. My mom had 2 miscarrages before finding out the problem. She sucessfully had 5 children with help once she knew she had - blood. Hope that helps. You can safely cross blood type off your list of fertility problems!
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Thanks again!! This is making me feel MUCH better! I'm happy to hear that our blood type has nothing to do with fertility problems. Today is my 2nd day taking my temps. Hopefully my ONLY problem is finding my fertile days. thanks again everyone for all your help. :o)
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I spoke to my sister... she says you shouldnt have any problems as you are both RH positive.... just that b is dominant o is recessive so your baby will most likely have the b blood type.... :D xxxxx
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Tell your sister Thank you MysticalChick! I appreciate the information.
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