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Can high progesterone affect a pregancy test?

I know I have high progesterone from recent tests and symptoms.  I have a faint BFP today.  Would this progesterone level cause it?  I'm not believing it for one second.  I am a few days late and have had brown spotting and a couple small red spots.  I'm not getting excited about this at all because it has been 2 years without a slight bfp, and wondered if anyone else has ever had this.
Thanks for your responses
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When did the 2nd line show up?  Within the time mentioned in the instructions?  I did get substantial evaporation lines on the cheapie tests, but if that line came right away, then it's the real deal.  Can you post a pic?

I spotted quite a bit at the beginning of this pregnancy, all brown, but I did have a gush of red too.  So, I guess that spotting isnt necessarily a bad sign.

Test again tomorrow, and let me know how it goes.... here's hoping that line is darker!!!!
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It wasn't immediate and I'm pretty sure I walked back in before 10 minutes was up.  

I plan on testing again tomorrow first thing in the morning and I'll post a pic of that if there is any question.  

The spotting is all so minimal.  Once after bd, and other times just with cm, but mostly brown.  Only twice has there been a small streak of red.

I'll definitely keep you posted.  Thanks for writing so soon.  Hope you are feeling well too!
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It sounds like a positive to me!  Sending positive vibes your way for a sticky bean!  

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High progesterone will not give u a bfp.  Sounds like a bfp to me!  Good luck.
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Thanks Ladies!
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I'm late responding, haven't been on here in a few days.  But so HAPPY to see you've got a BFP!  Keep thinking positive my dear!  And definitely high progesterone will not give you a false BFP.  Hugs, love & prayers to you Patty!  XOXOX
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