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Chances Low Sperm Count

I am a single male with a severe low sperm count less than 1 million grade A sperm. In the future I would like to find someone and have kids.

I don't believe in IUI/IVF, so what are my chances of naturally getting a female pregnant?

:) Thanks
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Hi there. Well to be quite honest uour chances are pretty slim to none without any help. Sure it only takes 1 but the chances of that 1 happening are pretty slim. You should check up on IVF and other methods that assist. I felt the same way but I now find myself going down the same path due to hubby having a low count. He was at 3 million. He has been taking 1mg of folic acid daily and his count  went up to 6 and was at 13 the last time he checked. Good luck to you and keep your head up xx
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Unfortunately, your chances are very slim.  You might consider talking to a specialist to see what your other options are....

Good luck! :)
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thank you guys :)
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Your chances are low but it's not impossible. My husband has low testosterone and I was able to get pregnant this past may. Unfortunately I miscarried. Talk to your Dr. There are meds you can take that can increase you chances. Good luck!
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You could get her pregnant but that doenst mean you'll get a baby. You should read up more about iui/ivf if you have a low sperm count and remember its not all about you and what you want, you must think of the woman you want to have a family and life with, shes the one who experiences the pregnancy first hand (the ups and the downs). My ex partner had a low sperm count, in 4 years i got pregnant 3 times and had to suffer the excrutiating pain of 3 misscarriages (including operations), he refused to talk about iui/ivf, it ripped us apart,i couldnt handle another natural miscarriage knowing that if we had ivf it would significantly reduce the chances. In the end he left. Its extremly selfish to not educate yourself and think about your partner aswell.
The only thing different to natural conception and ivf is the doctor intervention, they choose the best sperm to use to fertilise the egg in order to increase the chances of success, ivf is not guarenteed to give you a baby but it increases the success rate especialy if you have egg or sperm quality issues. Only you and your partner need to know you had ivf, you dont have to tell the world.
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You can talk to your doc abt Clomid.  Yes men can take Clomid too.
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