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Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor?

Has anyone had any luck using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor?  I was doing a search online and came across it.  I have VERY irregular periods and my doctor has suggested I may be 'anovulatory'.  I would like to starting testing for ovulation, but I'm afraid I'd go broke buying ovulation kits.  

Any suggestions?  How does the monitor work?  What makes it different than regular OPK's?  The web page said you test every morning and pee on a stick when it tells you to???  I'm so confused!

Please forgive my naiveness/stupidity :)
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hi, i am in my second cycle with mine and i love it! its super easy to use and altho i am in not preggo, it makes it soooo easy.

all u do is turn it on for the first time, then press the M button. the m button remembers this time and allows u to pee 3 hour before it and three hours after it.

so u have a 6 hour time frame to test each day, i suppose this helps it stay consistent? u must turn it on within ur 1st 5 cycle days, day 1 being the first day of full flow.

on day 6, the first month u use it, it show u a little pee stick flashin pic and u POAS and put it in there. it tells u in about 3 minutes if u are low, high, or peak. it has three bars like cellphone lines on it lol.

so it has u pee every day after CD5 until it reads ur surge. it will have a pretty little egg on it when u r ovulating. the good thing about it is, if u dont see the bars raising towards the time u should be ovulating, it means u might not be.

i have been real lucky....both months, it showed me 2 days of high fert and then 2 days of peak..so we bd'd like crazy and it put my mind at ease that i AM ovulating at least.

i have seen some women here that got preg the first month with it. after ur first month, then the next month it asks for fewer test days which saves sticks.........which are $$$$$$$$

so thats nice, it kinda learns ur body. wow.....i have written a book here. so srry!

hope i helped a little.......i have no BFP to show for it yet, but it took a MAJOR load off my mind while TTC because the monitor wont let me miss anything......(i hope)

BABYDUST to you!!!
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I love the Clear Blue Easy Monitor- it is worth the cost- with all of the $$ I spent on OPK's I used it for the  first time in October and got pregnant that month- unfortunately it ended in miscarriage. It is  easy to use- comes with a great instruction booklet and there is a 1-800 help line if you have any questions- the people are great.

I have had many friends get pregnant by using it. I have irregular cycles as well- so this is great. The only thing to be aware of - is that if you take Clomid or other fertility drugs it is not accurate- you can only use OPK's when you are on fertility drugs- FYI... good luck!
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I too am using this monitor and I LOVE it so far. I am only on my second cycle using it, and I was on Clomid 2 months prior. My problem is I keep getting high fertility on days 6 all the way upto ov when I get my egg (on days 14 & 15). Could the clomid still be in my system?

Anyway, I do love this monitor and I hope it helps us concieve. We've been trying for 14 months.
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