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Clomid + IUI and monitoring


As I was reading everyone's Clomid + IUI experiences it seems that everyone got monitored on certain days. I just did Clomid and now I'm waiting for my positive OPK. But I was never told about monitoring follicles, etc. I was just told to OPK and then once positive, schedule for the next day IUI. They didn't say anything about follicle monitoring, abstaining, etc. Is this typical for the first IUI experience? I know they said if I have to do more rounds, then perhaps they would use a trigger but not this time.
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hello!   I'm not sure whats "normal" or typical as far as first IUI experience goes. This will be my first medicated cycle and we are going to do IUI (due to not only my issues but also a poor SA). I am getting my follies checked at day 12, not sure if the only reason is becuase they are doing a trigger inj or not, I've defintely heard of other people doing it without monitoring though, so I'm not of much help in otherwords! But i'm not sure if the trigger is the reason they monitor or not is what i'm trying to say i guess!   I had low progesterone post - O so that might also be a reason they are skipping right to trigger... GOOD LUCK!!! Keep us updated and hopefully someone else can be give you more helpful info than i could!!!
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the standard practice for medicated cycle is: u/s monitor the follicle size and trigger shots when the leading follicle reach 18~19mm. but my NP did something different on me which is OPK and trigger shot regardless the size of the follicle (although she was doing u/s as well) and I found out later from my RE that this is very unusual practice, which might explain why I failed 5 IUI so far. hope this helps. Good luck!
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Every dr. has different protocols.  Your dr. may try 3 cycles this way and then move to u/s monitoring.  Make sure that your dr lets you have a cd21 prog. b/w to ensure you  have ovulated.  Typical protocol is u/s monitoring on cd 10, 12, and so on until your lead follice is 18mm then a trigger and IUI 36 hrs later.  But, many drs. do just as your dr is going until/unless they think it't time to be more aggressive.  
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We have been trying for a year now and the only time I did an actual timed u/s was when I was getting the injection.  This is our second month and I have not received my injection yet because I am only on cd1, but I have already scheduled my u/s, so otherwise I would not think any MD/RE would do an u/s unless they are looking for follicles.  You may want to chekc with your doc.
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I emailed him and he said that for the first IUI + Clomid, he just rather do an unmonitored and just IUI it.

The 2nd one would be monitoring, trigger, and IUI. It seems that he takes a very cautious, let's try it simple first approach. It's fine with me. I just wanted to make sure all was going according to plan since I hardly see him--mostly the nurses.

And my husband got his count back---520 million!! Very strange. But they read it 3 times saying "Yep. It's 520". Maybe 1st time will be a charm. Scary.
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I had unmonitored clomid+IUI cycles.  I just waited for my natural LH surge and then scheduled IUI 24 hours since the LH surge was first detected.  A trigger shot is better since you can time IUI more precisely.  However, you need frequent u/s monitoring if you do the trigger.
Good luck!
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