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Clomid, Metmorphin, HCG injection

Hello All,
I am new to this website. My endocronlogist put me on Clomid 50mg and Metmorphin 150mg. I had one mature follicle(17mm). But I was not pregnant that month(Sep 2006), then our next cycle she increased the clomid dosage to 100mg. I still had one mature follicle(24.5mm). I had my IUI done in that cycle. First week after the IUI, the progestrone level was 21.5 and my estrogen level was 200. But still no luck.
I am having 30 day cycle now that I started taking Clomid. I use to have irregular periods before that.

I got my last period on Nov 10th, and I started taking Clomid from Day 4. My doctor suggested that when I will start to ovulate, then I shd take my HCG injection. I want to know, what is use of HCG injection? And are there any side effects?
With Clomid, I notice some discomfort in the ovaries and sometimes hotflashes. But nothing drastically painful.
I don';t understand, why despite everything being so timed, monitored through blood work and Ultra sound, nothing worked so far.

Any suggestions? I am feeling very worried and restless.

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The hcg shot is also called a trigger shot, and it's just one more way to ensure that ovualtion takes place. I don't recall any side effects with the hcg injections, but you don't want to test too soon after the shot, because the residual hcg can cause a postitive result. What tests has your RE done so far on you?
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I have take the HCG shot on day 12 then we do IUI on day 13. I have noticed with the shot that I get a really bad headache and get sort of sick to my stomach. Hope things work for you. I have to give myself HCG on Sunday morning (3am), I have never had to give it to myself before and am a little scared. My DH can't stand needles so I am on my own. Good luck to you.
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When I had to give my own injection, I used an ice bag on my upper thigh, and took the shot there. That way, it was nice and numb, and I could sit down and see what I was doing.
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Thanks all for your quick responses. My RE has done all blood tests etc. But as for the cycle, they do my UltraSound(US) and blood work on day 3, day 10. Then depending on my day 10 results they call me either on day 12 or day 13th for blood work and US.
For the past 2 cycles, I noticed that my ovulation is usually on day 15/16. Since for last cycle, I didnt take HCG, they asked me to come on 25th Oct(first day of my cycle was on 10th Oct) for the IUI.

Yea, I am also very scared of needles. I don't think I can inject that shot myself.

Btw, what does DH and bd mean? I have seen this abreviation in many places?

Also, do the chance of getting pregnant increase from cycle to cycle( since one is usually clomid regularly)?
Also, what are the chances of getting pregnant with IUI?

Please let me know. Thanks for all  your wishes. I need them.

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How successful is IUI?
Younger women usually have higher rates of success compared to women over age 35, but the average success rate for IUI ranges from 10-20% in one cycle. With IUI, as with other methods of artificial insemination, the success is dependent on the health of the sperm and the woman's body.

This will be my second sound of IUI. We have to use a donor because my DH's (dear husband)little guys are few and slow.
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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your responses. I had my day 10 test today. Well, the doctor said that in u/s I have few little follicles. None dominant so far. And in the blood work, my estrogen level was little low. She asked me to come back on day 12, i.e Tuesday for u/s and blood work again. I am so confused. Can some one please tell me if the clomid success rates increase with each cycle?

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dh= dear husband (or damn husband... depending on mood :)
bd= baby dance (you know, the one you and dh do to MAKE a baby)
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I'm using OPK's to monitor my LH surge, then I'm supposed to give myself an HCG injection. I'm on Letrozole cd 3- cd7. Anyone else had experience with this they could share. I'm afraid I won't do the injection on the right day... Dr has me doing it myself since we live so far away...

Insight please... I'm on cd 11 tomorrow (9.18.2007)

Thanks everyone

baby dust********

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how big are the needles you have to take the hcg with? what guage size also how many cc is equal to 125 iu.  also my husband is in the navy so the doctors want to know where therre is research that hcg helps fertility please let me know of a reputable website for research thanks
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I am on my third IUI with doing follistim shots to produce follicles and then doing an hcg shot to induce ovulation.  I order both from IVP (a pharmaceutical company) that my fertility dr. hooked me up with.  The hcg shot really is no big deal - it came already pre-filled with the correct dosage and my dr. told me the exact time to inject myself (based upon when the artificial insemination was going to be done the following morning, and again 24 hrs. later).  The shots don't really hurt, besides the "pricking" of the needle.  I have looked up lots of info. on hcg and have many friends who have done IUI and in vitro fertilitization, and all have been successful so far.  I have done lots of research and have an awesome fertility dr.; so if you don't, please feel free to ask me any questions and I can try to help you out!  good luck!
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hi everyone im fairly new to all this as ive only just been diagnosed with pcos.
its thrown me back a bit as both me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby for the last 2 years and had no luck so far
the doctor is going to perscribe me metformin
im trying to do some research on the drug and having difficulty
can anyone give me some advice about metformin and what it does please?
i need all the help i can get
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Hi, my RE just prescribed Metformin for me as well, As far as I understand, Metformin reduced insulin in your body and makes your ovaries produce less Follicles and cysts..I had 30 in each ovary so metformin supposedly suppose to reduce it so ovaries can produce less follicles and less cysts...
after 1 cycle of metformin, you will have blood work done to see if your liver functions properly ( as Metformin can give an implact on your liver), and if it is ok, then for next cycle,  you will be given Clomid with Metformin ( i think), to induce Ovulation...
That's where I stand so far!
Good luck! Feel free to ask any questions!
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