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Clomid/IUI when I am Ovulating already?

My question is regarding Clomid for fertility. I am 38 and trying for child #1.  I Ovulate regularly, and we have had S/A, HSG and Hormone tests...all OK. We have been unsuccessful for 13 cycles. My OB wants to do Clomid w/ IUI for 3 cycles, without monitoring me via ultrasounds. Q1 Why do I need clomid if I am Ovulating? Q2 Should I take it without the monitoring?  Q3 What are the success rates/benefits  vs. side effects/risks?
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I can answer one of the questions.  I am 39 and have a 5 1/2 year old.  I did not start trying again until last year.  I used the OPK and every month, it showed I was ovulating.  My OB/GYN did blood work and an endometrial biopsy.  I also had the HSG at the hospital.  Everything came back normal.  So, she sent me to a RE.  My RE told me that after the age of 35, a hormone (FSH) gets higher.  When it is a 10 they get a little concerned.  When it gets to a 15 they are even more concerned.  She said that if it is a 20, then there is no chance of pregnancy. Usually before the age of 35 it is 9 or below.  When the FSH level increases, it is harder to develop MATURE follicles.  You can have follicles, which show you are still ovulating, without having them mature enough to drop into the fallopian tube.  So, the clomid helps the follicles grow to larger sizes to be able to be released.  The follicles need to be an 18 or higher according to my RE.
I cannot answer question 2, but my RE is monitoring me by u/s every month.  I cannot answer the success rate for it.  It works for a lot of people and some people it does not.  The side effects I have had from clomid have not been horrible.  I have definitely had hot flashes and mild headaches.  As my dosage increased, I noticed that I am more forgetful and "scatter-brained".  I feel like I have a hard time cognitively processing things.  This 3rd month, I have felt a lot of bloating.  This is my last month and then I guess I am on to injectables.  
Good luck and I hope I have helped.  I do not feel I am very experienced in this, but I know a little.
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I also was taking clomid even though I was ovulating on my own and didn't get any monitoring with u/s either. I highly suggest that you tell them you want to be mointoring. I did all the same tests as you and everything came out normal and after 6 IUI's I still don't have a little bean. Now they decided that I need to have a laparoscopy to check things further.
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I ovulated on my own but my RE put me on Clomid for four cycles to increase my prog. and give me "a better quality egg."  It did not work for me.  I went on to injectables with IUI and the third time worked for me!!!
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Same with me, I ovulate too on my own. I am 26 years old and like you girls all my tests came back normal. Unfort. IUI was NOT successful 2x. Only 1x I tried Clomid.

I have realized that when I took the clomid they did monitor me better. i got a u/s right before the proceedure (IUI) and they really took their time with me in the room.

Without the clomid I got nothing but shoved quickly in, had IUI and sent out

So this summer I am planning for IUI again. I want to see what my body is doing naturally what size follies etc. when I O. So I plan to tell then I took clomid to get better monitoring without actually taking the drug at all. I will let you know how it goes.
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Hi I have been ttc for almost 2 years now I have had the laparoscopy done and my ob found that my ovaries were pushed up and both my right and left Fallopian tubes were scarred closed. My ob was able to bring my ovaries back down and able to open my right tube and wasn't able to reopen my left. Since the surgery 3 months ago I just recently started to take clomid I am in the fertile window right now praying for a miracle right now as I have only one child which in it's self is a blessing some aren't as lucky but would love to have just one more I fear that something happened during my first pregnancy because I had to have an emergency c section because my daughter was stuck in my birthing canal and she wasn't a huge baby or something I just have a small canal I guess from what my doctor said. Another worry is my use of the depo provera shot I was on it for 8 years I have seen mixed feelings about that birth control and infertility. Any form of info would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all you ladies also :)
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