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Clomid and Ovulation Predictors


My doctor put me on medroxyprogesterone to give me my period (I hadn't had one for over a year).  It took a full week after taking the last pill to get it.  I started Clomid on cd 5-9 and started testing using ovulation predictors on cd 10.  I'm now on cd 15 and still no LH surge.  Could I be getting a false negative?  

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We're on the same cycle. I am CD 14 today.  I was told to start ovulation predictor on CD 13- CD 19. I'd keep testing up until CD 19.

With my doctor if I don't ovulate by Cd 16, they have me come in for a blood test to check follicles. I am still going to test for the 7 days, since I bought a kit for 7 days.

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Oh forgot to mention I am also medroxyprogesterone to induce my period. After my last pill I started to spot 3 days later, but not a regular period until 5-6 days later.
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My doctor told me when taking clomid the average woman will ovulate cd16, that seems to be when I do, so keep testing! I am cd16 now and got a positive on my OVK just a bit ago, also don't take the OVK's with first morning urine if you didn't allready know that, I didn't know last month and kept getting false postives till I found out you're not supposed to do it till the evening. weird.
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