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Hi I'm ttc using clomid for my 3rd pregnancy. 1st pregnancy I conceived 2nd round of 50mg, 2nd pregnancy on 1st round of clomid. I'm 4 days past my last pill of 50mg and I forgot how crap the pills make u feel. Hopefully I'll be successful again on this round. Anyone else using clomid and want to share experiences
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I'm waiting to take the clomid pills im waiting on my period but I have irregular cycles.. I'm on day 52 now, I can feel my period is coming so hopefully soon!! Fingers crossed.. Good luck xx
Good luck to you too, have u taken it before. I'm just on the dreaded2 week wait now to find out if Iv been successful
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I'm trying to get pregnant and has been taking clomid pills as recommended by my gyneacologist for the past four months but still not pregnant. Please should I continue taking it?
What dose are u on. Maybe u need it increasing. Do u get side effects from them. I'm finished the pills and have to go for my blood test on Friday then take a test the following week.  
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I was on Clomid for 3 monlth  an it didn't make me pregnant an I was on the highest dose I guess i should try it again but good luck
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This is my first cycle on clomid, am on CD 23, 5dpo so I have about 10 days to find out how it works .prayers please.
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I would defo try again. It does take a few cycles for it to work for some woman. I know what u mean though, it's disappointing when nothing happens. Did u talk to your doctor about trying something else
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Good luck to you. Iv got to wait till Friday to take a test. I really hope it's successful but I'm not getting my hopes up.
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Hello Ladies, I'm on first cycle of Clomid (50mg) but doctor gave me instructions to not ttc until 2nd cycle. Right now cycle day 21 and taking progesterone until menstruation. No side effects with Clomid but I think the progesterone is making me unusually fatigued.
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Good luck to you. I'm waiting to take pregnancy test on Friday. I'm not getting my hopes up. Iv got a terrible headache which I usually get a week before my period so I'm guessing that's what's coming. Next time I'm going to track my cycle and hopefully that will give me more of a chance.  Is this your first time on clomid
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