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One cup of coffe in the mornings shouldnt bother you if your TTC right? I mean women do far more things to there bodies then coffe and get preg,so what am I hurting...please someone help me? LOL I need my coffee in the mornings!!!!
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Depends on who you talked to.  I quit but many ob's say that in moderation coffee is OK.
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I love this question because I am wondering the same thing!!!  I usually have a cup in the mornings too and I am finding it difficult to go without...but I am afraid some research might say that it will hurt my chances of TTC.  :(  I am currently in the TWW and want to do everything "right"...but like Helen said...I have read that coffee in moderation is OK so I hope we get more responses!  I want to know too!
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I know i love my coffee too! and drink it up during AF : )   most studies show anything under 300mg (typically a normal cup of coffee should have arond 100mg, but starbucks usually double that)  of caffine a day is fine and doesn't hurt your chances or raise mc risk.... my RE  says the same thing.  I know a lot of people who went through IVF and continued drinking their cup of coffee.. i typically stop during the tww though, just to be careful!
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Caffeine in moderation is ok. I have 2 healthy children and I allowed my self one or sometimes two soda's each day during PG. If you havn't noticed nothing is "good" for you these days. LOL
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Very true Kiki!  I stopped drinking coffee during my pregnancy with my daughter (which was hard!) but I wonder if the same rules apply to coffee during the TWW?
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Caffeine is not a good thing, but like anything else in moderation is usually ok. However, if you ae drinking coffee in the morning are you drinking any other forms of caffeine during the day. If you have had problems concieving you don't want to chance anything. My RE told me absolutly no caffeine during the TWW or the pregnancy. When I asked my prior to the TWW, she said I need to stop drinking the caffeine early on so when I begin the TWW I am not having withdrawls. After all as you can see by how difficult it is for us to stop drinking caffeine it is an addiction. Not good.
It has been difficult for me. I drink red bull in the morning, and tea through the day. I quit cold turkey. I'm not a big sprite drinker and when we go out to eat no one has anything caffeine fee except water or sprite. I have even started de-caffeinated tea at home. We just have to decide if caffeine is more important than anything sabotaging getting pregnant. Hope this guilt trip helps. LOL!!!
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ascott~ I hear you the other day my DH ordered my drink for me, before I could speak he said she will have a sprite, He just grinned, he is a goober though!
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That is too funny. Sounds like something mine would do.
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