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Conceived with Fertility Yoga?stop after iui? Or continue?

Hello ladies,
I remember some of you saying that you conceived right after practising fertility yoga, and my question is do one stop doing fertility yoga after iui or should i continue till a positive result of one cycle,,,
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Sorry I cannot add a response...
What is fertility yoga?  Never heard of it...

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i'm a bit curious about it too. i know there's a place in andover mass.  but i wonder how exepensive, whats the success rate, what type of yoga moves do they focus on...etc.
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I know there is a video called Yoga for Fertility and it is by Brenda Strong.  I also want to know if anyone has used this and what do they think.   My doc said no to accupuncture because we are getting ready for 1st IVF, so I was thinking of doing this..?
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Did your RE say why no to accu.  I have heard positive things about accu.  I am getting ready for my 1st IVF.  My RE was pretty indifferent but he said that accu before and after transfer is recommended.  I have been going for accu the last 1.5 months.  There is a fertility yoga center at Domar Center in waltham Mass.  Never tried it but if it helps, I iwll give it a try
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piggy2-Why did your Dr say not accupuncture?  I have heard that it works well with fertility with or w/o meds...Just curious as I was considering starting accu treatments for 3 months while I try and save for IVF...

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Well ladies,
i referred to some websites and found that are directly linked to endo glands, so it will be really useful. Some kind of poses to stimulate some glands for better function,,,
iam gonna try that,,
i will back with details,,, please update,,,
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Hi Marline

I was told by my accupuncturist that it stimulates bloodflow to the uterus and of course helps in destressing so I have been trying it for 6 weeks now and I start my IVF
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mama1981- fertility yoga is a set of yoga that has its effect on endocrine glands. I was reading the article and finally realised like, wow! it is like using the hormones there in us, just making them to wake up and work girls.See in walking and things the glands are not directly targeted. SO i believe this really helps. Iam going to buy one of the dvd. And build in hope. And there are some more thing that is mudra's that is wonderful.
thetam01-they are available in dvd's, i will send you them,,no i will put them in this thread, so it will help everybody.
piggy2- i think your RE might have thought of no more unnecessary things intruding in her calculation, as they activate the glands- so secretion may sometime increase with that of the injection they give to stimulate the ovaries. Keeping fingers crossed for you,,,
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mamom15/Sri83 - Thank you both for the info.  Yes, please post on the thread so I join the band wagon.

Thank you ladies!
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hello ladies,
and here are some of hte asanas, i found effective,
you just look for the howto's in yogawiz aor in any animated link,,i have not safed them, so i will add them here once i get them,,,
Well the very effective asanas are, pachimotasana and viparitatkarani.
All asanas have to be performef in empty stomach or 4hrs after food!
Repeat them for 10 times and as days go on make it 15...
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Hey guys!!  haven't been around lately, but just popping in to see how you all are doing..

My RE said not to do accu now, yes probably because I have not done it and we are preparing for 1st IVF.  So, he said "don't introduce anything new right now"  and he didn't really seem to have that much faith??  in it.  I don't know.  I was a little disappointed when he said that.  So, I have still taken the holistic approach by doing yoga, listening to meditation tapes for fertility and reading Dr. Domar's body/mind book.  

I tried to get into a Domar body/mind class but there is not one going on right now due to the summer being a vaca time, etc, etc,  

I am not giving up on the possibility to using accu, but I am listening to my RE right now.  My possiblity of being a mom is in his hands, and hey, he's  associated with  Harvard, not me.
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hey piggy, your confidence is rocking girll,,really,,i luv that and i got some too,,,i really pray God from my deep heart,,to give you that long waited BFP!!!!
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hi piggy2,

i have been wondering about you because i thought you were scheduled for your first IVF around the time i will be doing my 2nd Full cycle which is around week july 4th..

I have been doing accupuncture now for the last two months, i started after my period from my last frozen failed transfer...

My accupuncturist who is medical doctor for private hospital chinese medicine department seems to be very credible so far...

pigg2: mama 1981: mamom 15:

If you are going to start on accupuncture you should start at least two to three months prior to give your body and mind time to adjust positively.. i go once a week now and will go twice a week one week before my stimulation, week of stimulation, week of retrieval and transfer and one week after....last time i wanted to start one month before my last ivf and she told me that it would not be beneficial only one month prior and not to do and to wait for when i had at least two -three months before next IVF.

I also started yoga at this same time and eating holistically for fertility.. if you do yoga classes please take the gentle yoga, or hatha beginners, you should not be doing any strenuous poses... more relaxation and restorative poses..i was also told to stay away from HOT YOGA, BIKRHAM, ASTANGA, ADVANCE YOGA CLASSES..

My Yin Yoga teacher told me that Yoga was originally intended only for men so alot of the postures are not good for women trying to concieve that they are very taxing on the body, that even some yoga instructors have lost their periods from practicing yoga.. so please do only gentle yoga practices while doing IVF.

i looked at the website that was listed on www.yogawiz.com

you can most all the exercises, please do modified poses for inverted poses, back bends if you are not flexible and do not strain yourself in the poses work within your limitations, etc.. and also do not do the last pose Uddiyana-Banda- this is a deep contraction of the stomach i read that its best to not do this pose during Lupron phase and stimulation phase because it's effects on abdominal region.

The meditation is excellent - keep with it! I'm doing that as well..

Hopefully we can all keep in touch since we're going to be doing IVF around same time..

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Thans for the advice.  Yes I strated with accupuncture 2 months ago and I started with stimms this week so I ahve increased the number of visits to 2.  Onday of transfer I paln to before and after.  I have been doing yoga for along time but it is not fertility yoga.  My accupuncturist told me not to do any thing which involves abs and no running
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so, what is the conclusion, yes or no to yoga during and after the iui sessions, especially the waiting period. Its my first IUI and i dont know, i am not too hopeful. and i am in great doubt about yoga, my insight and intution tells me that yoga is good for your glands and will support you, but reading these forums many are advicing against yoga. am really confused.
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