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Could this be implantation bleeding?

Hello ladies, I have recently started usig Fertibella in the hopes that I would conceive. I have not had a period since my miscarriage in Janurary so I was a bit concerned if it would work for me or not. Fertibella is not a hormone used to start or regulate your period it is just a natural fertility enhancer using your body's own natural fertility (it is like  boost) :) Well after 5 months without a period I wen't to my Dr to check if I could be pregnant (since I conceived without one in december). It came back negative so my Dr prescribed progesterone to help me get my cycle regular again and maybe be able to conceive a lot quicker and safer. It has been 5 days since I took the first dose and I haven't even finished the prescription. About a day ago I thought I was getting my period because I started cramping excessively and my back hurt! I even had some brownish/bloody discharge. I figured I would get my period that night ........ but NOTHING! Could this cramp and discharge be in fact implantation bleeding? If so how soon can I test at home?
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Sometimes when I take progresterone I will spot before I am finished with the medicine, and then start my cycle. Always good to check with your gyno.

Good Luck!!!
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I believe the said after ovulation you can take a HPT 9-12 days after you ovulate. My doc said that a blood test could test 5-7 days after implanation.
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Hey girls turns out it indeed was implantation bleeding! I took 2 tests mid day yesterday and both came out positive..... I took two morre this morning with the first urine of that day and same thing! I have scheduled an appointment and will let you guys know how far a long I truly am. Thanks for your answers though!!!!
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congrats so the fertibella worked so can you tell me where you purchased it from thanks and again congrats
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