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Cramping after taking Clomid and a trigger shot?

September 13 I started 50mg of clomid i finished it then i received my novarel trigger shot. Now I have heache and lots of cramping is this Normal?
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Yes.  Basically hormones can cause lots of things and when we are adding the to our system, it can cause these side effects.  When are you trying?  How long have you been trying to conceive??
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My doc at the clinic said cramping with clomid is normal. I had lots of cramping with clomid especially before ovulation. I don't have a success story of my own but I know so many people that have conceived. I had two cycle buddies both got pregnant first cycle on it. My dh's mom took it with both of her kids. I have a cousin who took it and many women post on here about it working for them. So don't lose hope!
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