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D&C 7 weeks ago presently 7th day on AF/HcG levels 44

I had D&C July 10th and my OB never followed my HcG levels after.  I'm currently seeing a fertility Doctor and during my first consultation, he did a vaginal ultrasound.  He stated that my uterus didn't look like I was going to ovulate any time soon.  Two days later I got my AF and was sent to get blood drawn on the second day of my AF.   I had 20 tubes of blood drawn for fertility testing :(  He wanted to see me 7 days after my AF to get a sonohistogram.  Before I was getting ready to do my sonoshistogram, he wanted to check my HcG levels.  As I"m changing before the procedure, he knocks on my door and says don't change we have to talk.  So he tells me theres a big possibility I'm pregnant because my urine test is positive.  Next day he calls me and tells me my HcG levels are at 44 and progesterone is at 4.  I'm in shock because I'm still slightly on my AF day 9.  I go back in Tuesday for a second draw of blood to see if my HcG levels doubled.  Has anyone experience this?  Do you think I'm possibly pregnant?
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I don't have any experience with this,  but I'm wishing you the best!  
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Thank you I appreciate your comment!!
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Your welcome.  You'll have to keep posted what happens:)
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Well looking like you r congrats
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Nope but wishing you luck. Sometimes you don't see ur pregnant right away it's not always able to be picked up on so he may not have seen it and I know some people still get their AF and be pregnant
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I got my blood results back today.  My HcG levels dropped from 44 to 8 so we're not sure if I had a miscarriage this past two weeks or my levels never dropped after the D&C.  Bleeding has slowed down dramatically.  Yesterday I was going to get into the shower and a puddle of blood just came out of me.  This has been hell!!  I recommend to always get HcG levels tested after a D&C. It's been two months and I can't wait to come back to normal from everything.  I'm nauseas and had to take off from work because I feel terrible.
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What is AF?
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Menstrual cycle "period"
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