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Day 9 of stims...one follicle.

I am 36 and going through another cycle.  Previously, I took gonal f and for two different cycles I had 3 follicles.  I was switched to menopur (doc thought I would respond better given FSH and LH) but...only one follicle measuring 12.6 mm on day nine (with one under 10, not even counting/measured).  I am beginning to lose hope in this journey.  Are there any stories of encouragement out there at this stage in the game with low such a low response and/or have you magically had growth of another follicle or a BFP result?  
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I'm so sorry to hear about your low response. Is this an IVF or IUI cycle? Either way, I hope the one under 10 will catch up and you'll have at least two follicles maturing!
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It's an IUI cycle. I hoped to have at least two as well, but I'm not sure the smaller one will catch up as I think it may be out of the race.  My day 11 u/s (today) showed growth in the dominant follicle coming in at 14.6, but the smaller was still under 10:(  I go back Thursday for a final follicle check before trigger shot.  Who knows...miracles do happen, right?
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are they upping the dose on your meds? i dont know about menopour, i took follistim (this is my second cycle on it). they increased my dose this time (even tho i responded great to it last month) i was afraid they would get too big too fast, but no, instead it just made more follies grow in total! GL
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They upped the dose during the cycle, but to no avail.  I actually went in today for follicle monitoring to see if I was ready for the HCG trigger and I found out my estradiol dropped, unfortunately, when it should still be rising.  It wasn't even in the range for a mature follicle even though the the follicle measured 16.8 today.   They gave us the option of cancelling or proceeding - knowing that it did not look good...Thanks for the good luck wishes.  I am glad to hear that you had more grow in total.  How much was your dose?
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