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December 2010 IVF-ers

Anyone TTC, having a fresh or frozen embryo transfer in December?  

I'm having a FET on Friday, 12/10. Let me if you're going through the same. I'd like a cycle buddy.
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i'm doing a FET Dec 8th so i'll be right there along with you!
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It looks like i'll be doing a FET approx 12/13 Dec. Looks like we can tag along together!
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Im doing FET on 12/3
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I had my third U/S and labs today and at least eight follicles are ready. Still waiting for official my results. I will most likely go for retrieval tomorrow or Tue, and transfer on Thurs or Fri.

I will keep you posted.

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i also went for u/s today and i have  6 follicles ready got cetrotide injuctions and ivf-m and waiting for another u/s on tuesday dec 7 to see what the dr will says

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I had FET on Friday .. had 2 embies transfered 1 was 12 cells the other was 10 cells.  We thawed 3 and the third one went to blastocyst but they were unable to refreeze it due to the fact that it didn't have some of the indicators they look for but the lab tech said that it was good news for two they put in bc the third was less developed them those .. I have my beta scheduled for 12/16 but I think that I may take a HPT on 12th or 13th.
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Just received a call from the RE. Retrieval day will be Tuesday HOORAY! I will keep everyone posted.

SSBD TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!
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Glad to see so many going through the same process as myself. I started progesterone on yesterday. 1 Cronine 8% in the morning and 1ml PIO injection in the evening. In addtion to Estrace tab 2xdaily. RE is only going to transfer 2 blasts. Please pray my embies make through the thaw on Thursday. Transfer scheduled for Friday.

Kaprovea- Great news on the transfer. 12 and 10 cells. That's wonderful. Keep us posted on your symptoms and when you decide to POAS.

Taglas- Retrieval is Tuesday? that means transfer will be onll Friday, right?

klr, aliaa and kris It's great you all are on board.  We are all in this together.
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let us be close to each other and updates ppl :) we are here for all
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Sorry to sound dumb but what is POAS???

I am feeling a little bit of cramping and am very tired so Im hoping this means that the embies are implanting and growing.  We had one embie left from the transfer that they were going to try and grow to a blast stage.  They called yesterday and told me that it did grow to a blast stage but didn't have some of the characteristics they look for when they refreeze them so they didn't refreeze it which is fine bc we still have 9 more frozen.  But it was only an 8 cell on Friday and the tech from the lab said that was good news for the two that they implanted bc hopefully they are growing inside of me since the 8 cell one was able to grow in the lab .. So I am keeping very positive thoughts.
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I will also be a december IVFer...  I am only at the early stages.. I am expecting AF today and i think she will be on time...  

If that is the case,i will start with stimulation as of day 2, with retrieval around the 15th of December...  Of course, that is assuming that AF does show up today...  At the end, we will follow whatever mother nature decides...  :)

Greetings to all fellow december IVFers..

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Kapovea- POAS means to pee on a stick  for HPT (home pregnancy test)

Diluvica- Welcome and good luck with your upcoming cycle

LA poo- Yes my transfer will be Fri, Same day as yours! :)

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Yeah I plan on POAS on day 9 .. that is what I did last time and it was positive .. It is really really hard to wait this time and not test every day ..  I am getting really impatient.  
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Thank you for your welcome...  

I am starting on lupron today and tomorro we start stimulation...  

I have only done 1 IUI prior to this, so this in a way is all new territory...  

Will continue writing as things progress..

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ER went well, 13 eggs retrieved just in pain and feeling groggy. I will keep you posted.
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we just had 11 eggs retrieved this afternoon. waiting on the call tomorrow afternoon to see just how many of those fertilized. our clinic only does 5 day transfers so hoping to transfer this upcoming sunday. didnt expect this part to be anxiety filled. this is out first IVF attempt after three failed IUIs.

good luck to everyone! lets hope for lots of august/september 2011 babies!!
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my egg retrieval will be on dec 11 and my embryo transfer dec 13 :)
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Thank you for keeping us updated...  

Sending lots of positive vibes so that all of your eggs fertilize properly....

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So I broke down and POAS this afternoon ..I thought that I saw a faint faint second line but not completely sure so I will say IT showed a BFN but I am still hopeful since it is just 6dpt I am going to test again tomorrow morning ..
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its so early to test :) if you want us to share you just take a picture of the stick and we will see if there is another line

best of luck to you
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aliaa- That's awesome news I will continue to pray for you

kaprovea- I agree w/ aliaa it's very early to test. I say try again in a couple of days or so.

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when is your ET?
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Hello All.

Had 3 embryos transferred yesterday. This is my second time. First time was 2 years ago which produced a beautiful DD.

@ Kaprovea - Did you have a 5 day transfer?

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I am actually not sure if it was a 5 day transfer .. I think that it might have been but they didn't tell me when they transferred them ...  they told me they were cavitating marulas but that was it .. I guess I should have asked.

How about yours?  Good luck to you :)
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