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Depo Provera and Pregnancy Possibilty

I am 18 years old and I have recieved one Depo shot which was in may of 07  towards the the middle so the shot was up in aug of 07. I experienced a lot of the listed side effects like spotting which happened for about a month after i got the shot, no period the whole three months and non still, mood swings for about two weeks when i first got the shot. I had unprotected sex the whole time, before and during and only a few times after it was up. Pulled out every time but once in the middle of july. I got a blood pregnancy test before i recieved the shot. Since the shot ended, i blead like i had my period but it only lasted like twelve hours and then i began to spot but a dark brown, not exactly blood. almost like thin filmy stuff. I get pains every once in a while throughout the day off and on like i experienced when i used to have my period regularly before i got the shot. This has been happening for about two of three weeks now. Is this just my body trying to get ride of the shot or could i possibly be pregnant?
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I am so sorry that you took this shot. My last shot was July 2006. My AF returned to normal about 3-4 months ago, I still don't think I am ovulating though. And well no ovulation...no baby. I am hopeful this month will be different though. My bb's are always tender before my AF comes, but this time I have nausea and some mood swings. Maybe I will finally be able to concieve. The negative is that it doesn't matter how many shots you had just one can leave you infertile for up to two years and I have heard that some women less then 1% are not able to concieve ever again. I was told any blood is to be counted as a period after coming off the depo. Sometimes I would spot so light that all I needed was to wipe during bathroom break and it never got on my panty liner, but then they started getting heavier and then went to about normal. In other words this is all normal, but it may take a LONG time for you body to get back to "normal".
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