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Depo Provera (shot)

Hi! I'm new to this so please bare with me!
I had depo provera injections from Apr 06 - Mar 07 (last one).  BF & I have been actively TTC since then - My periods stopped at the 2nd injection and I have not had one since Aug 06.  I have had a blood test in Aug which showed estridol 124pg/ml (in the follicular phase) and some more blood tests this week for prolactin which was normal, FSH - 4, LH - 5, and Estridol 489pg/ml.  But sill no periods.  Doc says I'm too young to have fertility referal yet and just to wait!
My question is if anyone else has experienced this normal estridol, fsh, prolactin, and lh hormones but no periods at all.
I am apparently ovulating but no AF - CONFUSED!!!!
I have been feeling V pre-menstral/early pregnant (slight cramping, breast tenderness, slightly nausous (sick) - took pregnancy test but negative result...  It's possible I'm too early as I dont have any dates to work with...
  I dont know what to think any info is much appriciated oh I'm 29 and all ready have an 8 year old.
Thanks for reading hope it makes a bit of sense
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don't know much about depo. but usually md's suggest actively ttc for 1 year before a fertility work up. i was 24 when i had my first work up done after ttc for 1 1/2 years. my second work up was when i was 28 after ttc for 3 years. keep in mind the average time it takes a healthy couple to concieve is up to 1 year. good luck and God Bless!
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Hi & thanks for taking the time to reply to my post - your info has given me some hope as we've only been ttc for 7 months...  My Dr's were very quick to give me the shots but not to explain the side effects to long/short term fertility issues.  
I think I'll go back and push them for all the true answers - the internet gives contradictory info!
Thanks again and best of luck to you too!
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