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Didn't know this was so hard, depressed, need advice.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past few months, and I started my period today... Heartbreaking... I didn't know trying to conceive a baby was as hard as it is. I guess it's just unfair how some women don't even want a baby and on their "one night stands" or not even trying to conceive they get a baby like it's nothing. I've been told to take prenatals before even trying to conceive since it puts the needed vitamins into your body, and to "just have fun with sex", whatever that means. It is fun, but each time we still think of making a baby and then just get teased. Someone also said I am too skinny to get pregnant (105lbs, 5'4") but I'm unsure about how true that is or not... Any other advice I should know about trying to conceive?
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Pray and relax! stress put a toll on our bodies! GOD knows what you desire and HE will meet that desire. GOD blesses us when we atleast expect it at times!
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It gets frustrated when we so desperately waiting for it and it won't happen like it happens for others. Can totally understand, all women in this infertility forum belong to the same category. You are not alone and has got plenty of company to share your feelings. Did you see the doctor so far? Might help to get checked both of you. Pre natals do help, but not 100%, and i dont know how old you are, anyway, good luck.
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I know exactly what you're talking about! I feel the same! I'm sure many women here who struggle with infertility have same thoughts. This world is so unfair! Our neighbors have 5 kids and she's pregnant with another one. It's impossible to call them good parents. Child Protection Services are their frequent guests. Both of them are always drunk. They don't care about their children at all. I don't understand how such people are allowed to rise children. Why the universe gives such couples fertility and ability to have children so easily? My dh and I were TTC for so long. We've gone through lots of treatments, miscarriage and surrogacy before we became parents. We are good people. We don't drink, we have jobs. Our biggest dream was to have a child. Why the universe doesn't let kind people have children easily? It makes me sad.
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Hi, dear! Can't leave your post unanswered.  I've been ttc for 13 months. Then took a long break - changes in personal life. Again being ready for another set of trying - got no result. We had to apply for help at a fertility clinic. The only issue they found was low amh. dh is ok. Currently passing ivf with oe. I'm 40 and, on the contrary, have extra lbs.
They will want you to continue ttc for at least a year so that they could investigate the issues. I'm praying for your time is still ahead, take care. Huge hugs x
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