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Do you think I made it?

Okay so I just looked at my chart and entered todays temps. and it says I'm 3DPO...so I have a question??  DH and I bd on Thurs. , Sun., and Tues. (yesterday) do you think we made it?  I know after you take an OPK you o 24-36 hours but when your chart says you o do you o that day.  If so I would've o'ed on Sunday.  Thanks again for the advice!
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Thanks!  i just emailed my RE.  I'm spotting a lot this morning brown mixed in with EWCM.  I'm 6DPO...well according to ff chart.  I had a little spotting on Mon. and Thurs.  Today it was a lot...not really sure why?  My cycle is usually 38 days???
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I got negatives on the really super early preggo tests (tests down to 10-15miu) on days 7-9dpo but got a positive on 10dpo on both that type and the clearblue digital.  I would think that around day 10 or so might be the earliest, but I did see someone on here get a positive at 8dpo with first response!
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Wow!  Thanks for all the reasponses...you guys are GREAT!!  So my temps have stayed up so I definately think I o'ed.  I was spotting on Mon and Thurs. though.  I'm not sure why though...I'm not a spotter so....????  The spotting was mixed with CM and was brown...hmmmm....I emailed my RE and he said I can come in on Mon. for a sono and progesterone test from those he should be able to tell me if I o'ed or not.  I never got a positive OPK...but it was close to postive Wednesday the 26th but I had no CM at that time so I don't think I o'ed them.  FF is sticking with Sept. 30th as my O date.  

Brown...good luck it sounds like you covered all your bases too!

Baby-Germy- Thanks for the hints I have done most of them every time we've bd!!!

When can I test??  FF said the 19th of Oct.  My af is due the 15th.  When can I start testing?
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A few hints to keep in mind as I know these work -
1. before bding have an empty bladder
2. after bding, raise the abdomen, by placing a pillow under the buttocks
3. stay laying on your side at least for 30 to 45 mins or longer if you can afford the time.
4. bding 48 to 24 hours before +Oing on chart if a sure thing!
Hope these help you ladies as I was asked to do these by my Ob/gyn and I did get preg, following these tips, although I miscarried later!! Good Luck
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I think there is a great chance one of those spermies caught the egg!
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I think you covered all bases.  Good luck!
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I think you got in the running.....me to I'm guessing O is today or maybe tomorrow or even  yesterday either way we BD'd   Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday and then last night....I hope I got in there  I hadn't been OPKing until Tuesday since I thought I'd already O'd but then I got + Tuesday and yesterday about 1:00 and then neg about 6:00...I sure hope I got in there.
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I would say a good chance, if temps were still low in the am when you temped on Sunday, which they would be if ff put that as o date. The Sunday and Thurs bd would be in the zone. The increase in progesterone is from the release of the egg, progesterone causes the temps to rise. The egg can live up to 24 hrs. Most don't make it that long, but they can. Same with sperm. In optimum conditions, they can make it up to 5 days, 3 is more realistic. Good luck!
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I hope I hit it.  We are not bding again until tomorrow.  My RE said to bd every other day so his little men have a chance to build up.
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The chart is just a "round about" answer.  The further I get into my chart it says that I O'd around the 19th.  At first is said on the 19th.  So, you do still have a chance!
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