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Don't laugh !!!

Being a newbie on this board, is there somewhere that I can go to see what all the abbreviations used on here means.  I guess coz I am at the beginning stages of figuring out what is wrong with me not getting pregnant and all, I am trying to read up about everything on here but because there are so many abbreviation sometimes I cannot make head or tail of what the post is saying ... don't laugh :-)
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twoweekwait.com has a full list of abbreviations too. They can take some getting used to. Welcome!!
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I am sorry I tired to post the list here but it has some code in it that doesn't allow me to do that, so for those that were as lost as I was, go take a look at this site http://twoweekwait.com/ it definitely helps some.

Thanks for all your help y'all.
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I am also trying to figure out what some of these abbreviations are.  What is AF?
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This is what I am thinking makes sense...
DH= husband maybe darling husband 8-)

CD  Cycle Day (number of days into cycle

AF  I think this is the day you start your period

IUI is the insemination procedure

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AF is Aunt Flo (your period) I'm not really sure where you can really learn all the abbrevs. I know getingpregnant.com lists a few. I myself am farely new and have kind of picked them up by keeping reading the posts and the light bulb comes on eventually. But check out gettigpregnant it will give you a few basic ones. But if there is one you are really stuck on feel free to ask....if there is one thing I've learned is that everyone on here is extremely helpful and won't laugh at asking.
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Sorry, I should have told you where to go on gettingpregnant.com. Click on Category #1 and then scroll to internet lingo for TTC (trying to conceive). Hope this helps.
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