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Due anytime Summer 2012

Hi ladies.  I know it's kind of early for me, being only 7wks 5days along, to start this, but I wanted to start sharing this journey with others due around the same time as me.

I know many of us (me included) are afraid to put ourselves out there this early, afraid that something might go wrong, but I have known so many of you for you long, that I just couldn't wait any longer to start sharing experiences with you.  I have never been this far along in a pregnancy, and am so sure I am going to have tons of questions.

I am expecting twins, and am still in shock! :)  We have a due date of Aug 9th, but It will probably be more like July 26th, due to it being twins
I feel pretty good most of the time,  but if I don't eat every 2-3 hrs, the babies let me know it!

Just wondering how everyone else is feeling, and wondering if anyone else has questions we can help each other with....

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Okay that's a big relief. You would think having something around their neck would choke them.

Think I'm going to have to invest in one for Preston
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Ok ladies :). Cameron's first tooth started poking through yesterday!!!  No fever, no tears, notta....just a sharp lil ole tooth poking through the gums.  She slept through the night as normal, and has not turned down any bottles.  I really believe in these necklaces!!!  The only thing she did do was chew on things a lot, and tug at her ear....that was it!!

Shannon, I don't know abouT you, but I wear a necklace just about all the time.  I k ow its not the same, but, these are not big and bulky.  If you look at butterflybabiesI pics, you can see the necklace in the boys pics.  I really believe they are pretty safe. I wouldnt recommend them if I didn't.   I never take the twins off.  They wear them 24/7.
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Mhv- Thats great that she has a tooth already and isnt showing any pain from it! I swear my boys have been teething for what seems like forever and still nothing! It does seem that Aleks handles teething better then Maks though.

I plan on getting a necklace for myself to lol..

I think my boys are getting seperation anxiety now. Every time we go someplace and someone is holding them they will turn themselves any which way they can to look for me. and they will stare at me forever. Then they will look and interact with the person holding them but about every few minutes they will search for me again to make sure Im still there.

Aleks also has this thing now for the past 2 wks where he loves to touch faces. He of course isnt gentle when he does it. I have to really watch him now as he touches Maks's face whenever they are together but he is so rough lol..
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Drake  loves touching and holding faces too! Lol...  I have to make sure his nails are kept short...lol...he isn't gentle either.  But it sure is cute :)  he just wants to keep looking at whomevers face he is holding....
Also, I don't think he is anywhere close to teething yet.

They haven't started the looking for me thing yet.  

My friend told me I should get myself a necklace too! Lol...

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And Aleks loves hair to. When I learn over him he likes to let his hands bounce gently thru his hands and he twirls his hands around my hair and he babbles so cutely and he's so gentle. Then all of a sudden he grabs your hair really hard and screams with joy!! It's so funny and I love when he does it even though it hurts lol
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Meant to say he likes to let his hands bounce gently thru my hair not his hands lol
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Jacob has been teething for the last 4 weeks ( at least) and still nothing...
He started refusing bottles and went down to 20 ounces/day. My heart was breaking because he looked hungry but couldn't eat...
About 2 days ago, after trying Baltic amber necklace for a day or two, I suddenly thought about those old colic Hyland's melting tablets and tried them as an act of desperation lol They worked like a charm! Jacob is back to 28-30 ounces/day + a little bit of veggies! I am so relieved :-)
As some of the babies, he loves to look at faces and touch them. I already started setting some boundaries, because he wasn't too gentle, either ;-) Now if he plays rough I grab his hand and say " nie" ( "no" in Polish lol). He seems to understand a lot and already tries to play me lol
My dh says Jacob is mommy's boy - he follows me with his eyes wherever I go and he gets a big smile on his face when I walk in the room.
He loves to be cuddled, caressed and kissed - especially early in the morning and later in the evening; he just want to sit with me and cuddle. We usually play with him when we change his diapers and he laughs out loud :-) - it's the best sound in the world!
I hope that my surgery will go smoothly and I will be ready to take care of my lil prince very, very soon afterwards :-)
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I don't wear necklaces all the time especially at bedtime because I'm afraid I'll break it.

But I've heard lots of people recommending them
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Good luck with your surgery.

Glad you found something to help Jacobs teething.  I bet that makes you feel better! :). And him!

Also, glad to hear he likes his veggies :).
I have the twins on stage 2 food now....I haven't found any food they have snubbed yet :)

Has anyone stated trying sippy cups yet?  I give the twins theirs occasionally, with 75% water and 25% apple juice...they are not close to mastering them yet, but it sure is cute to watch them try :) Cami enjoys the taste it seems too :). When we help her use it...lol...

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Thanks a lot!
Wow, your babies are so far ahead... Jacob is smart but very stubborn when it comes to stuff he doesn't like. He still hates his tummy time - I do it a few times every day and he will use every opportunity to turn on his back... In order to have him stay on the stomach I need to hold him very strong and then he starts screaming, then he arches his back and gets on his knees ( like cats do). How are your twins with tummy time?
About the teething: he's back to fussy and hungry again... I guess that the tablets stopped working. I think I will give the teething necklace another try - I have ordered another one from Amazon; that one will be without rough edges and each bead tied off separately. I hate when he doesn't eat - it's 6 pm and he only had 13 oz so far and didn't want any veggies. I am thinking about going to his pediatrician before my surgery and having him checked... xoxo
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Hi Ladies

Sorry i have been MIA for a while. I have missed alot but am happy to hear everyone is doing well. MVH so happy your little one is teething, and juana - --- i have missed you!! good luck with your surgery, hope all goes well.

As for me and the babies, last week we spent 7 days at the childrens hospital because yazan had appendicitis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked and even the doctors said he is the youngest patient they have heard of to have appendicitis. So he was opperated on on the 23rd of jan and spent 7 days there. After surgery his canula ( IV drip) kept on tissuing and was inaffective and so he needed another one. One doctor after another tried to put in a new one. I think 5 doctors tried and all faied. All this time yazan is screaming inconsolably from the pain and discomfort, untill i asked for a senior doctor or someone who knew what he was doing to come and put one in. in the end a doctor from ICU came and put the IV drip in successfully - thank god. Now my poor baby has bruises all over his hands,, arms and feet from all the tries and misses. :( Im so sad for my boy as this is his third serious hospital visit, he likes to gives us a heart attack each time. After we got home, my little girl yara got sick with an inflammed throat and a stuffy nose and she refused to drink milk for THREE days!!!!!!! i took her to the ED and they said as long as she is taking a bit of water and solids then she should be ok. So thankfully now she is drinking a bit of milk again.
Im so stressed out and under alot of pressure. Im going back to work this monday and feel like a bad mother leaving my babies in day care when they are not 100% and need me the most, i dont know what to do. I hope they are fully recovered by monday and adapt to the day care really well.

other the that yara really likes her solids, her veggies in particular and grapes and nectarines whereas yazan is not into much solids since his surgery :( im working on that.

hope everyone is doing well. xoxo
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wow hayley, you've had a really rough go with the twins. I pray everything gets better for you
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I am so sorry to hear about your little ones... You and they have been through a lot! I hope that finally life will give you a break.. I am sending lots of love and will be praying for you. By the way; you are the best mom ever!
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you are so incredibily sweet,, thank you for your kind words. Yazan now has a cold!!  but anyways, we will get through it like everything else.

how did your surgery go? sorry i havent been in touch, i dont know what surgery you had. hope all is well with you and jacob. sending much love.
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Wow!  You have a lot on your plate!  I hope all calms down soon, and that you can just enjoy your banies, and being a family.  I am sorry to hear that you have to,leave them right now. I can't imagine.  But, you are not a bad mom!!!  You are doing a great job, and your babies know that :).  

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Hope everyone is doing great!  I miss our group.  Itsmhardnto believe a year ago we were sharing our fears and aches and pains, amd growing bellies, and now we are sharing our stories of our babies :)

Cameron now has 2 teeth!  The 2nd one snuck in there without me even knowing!!! She looks so cute when she smiles now :)

Their 6 month appt was really good. Cami weighs 18.8 lbs and Drake weighs 19.1, and Drake is a smidgen longer at 26 3/4 and Cami at 26  1/2.

I am still s u c k i n g with tummy time, and I am afraid it is reflected in their no interest in crawling.  I have got to get better at that and soon!!!
Cami loves for you to hold her under her arms and to jump up and down off your legs until you, and her are outta breath :)
Drake loves for you to kiss his neck while he gives a from the belly laugh :)

They are sooo much work, but soooo much fun too!!
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Hayley- you and your babies been thru alot I hope things calm down now.

Juana- so glad your surgery went well and wishing you a speedy recovery!

Mhv- aww I bet she looks adorable with teeth! It feels like my boys have been teething forever!! Do your babies roll from back to belly? My boys have been for a while now and in the beginning when they'd roll onto their tummys they'd get mad. But now when they roll they reach for toys and push up onto their hands. They actually like it on their tummies more then their back. Maks looks really cute on his tum, he kicks his legs like he's swimming and Aleks looks like he's doing the worm (break dancing move) lol. Tummy time will get better. I never thought they'd ever like it. Just let them cry on their tummies a bit. Jingle toys in front of them.

As for my boys, they love to roll all over the house! They love being on their tummies and reaching for toys. They love their jumperoos the best! It's so funny as Aleks swings himself in it and Maks jumps up and down. They get so excited when the see that I'm putting them in there. They can sit with assistance, Aleks more then Maks. It is alot of work but our days typically look like this:

Am: bottle
Mid morn: fruit then in the jumperoo
Noon: nap
Mid afternoon: tummy time and play with toys, then bottle
Early eve: veggies, then practicing sitting in their chairs and on the floor, nap
Evening: bottle then jumperoo
9p: bottle and bed.

They are on stage 2 foods and now love everything. Love the variety stage 2 has! Trying to figure out where to fit in another meal.
They still wake at night for a bottle, sometime they wake up 2x a night to eat. Now that they play more and need more from me I'm exhausted again lol.  I can't believe they will be 7 months old soon! We are already talking about their bday and I already have their bday outfits picked out. We plan on taking professional pics a few weeks before their bday.
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Sorry I have been MIA lately. The 3 kids under 3 is a LOT of work lol.

Hayley I am so sorry to hear how much of a rocky start you have had. Sick little ones is so stressful. I know how hard it must be but you have such a wonderful outlook on things. It will get better and bumps in the road only make you a stronger person. And you are a wonderful mother. It seems like you are holding it together pretty well.

I am glad to hear everyone's exciting news about their babies. Rolling overs and eating schedules. It is so great that they are all growing so well.

My twins are still not loving the tummy time. I have to play it by ear because they still spit up a lot when they are on their tummys. Big sister loves to help them get from their backs to their bellys though. She doesn't understand they need to do it by themselves. She has also developed a little bit of jealousy. So our last few weeks have been a little challenging. She wants all my attention and I try to include her in things I do with the twins but it is very hard. She likes to be a little too rough with them. However, she does love them.  She loves to make them laugh, she sings to them and plays with them. It will only get better! They love her too but she is rough when playing with them. I have tried the twins on baby food, Ava will eat absolutely anything you stick in her mouth. Kayli still pushes everything out and has started to refuse to drink all of her milk. Our pediatrician said that they need to have 20-24 ounces of formula/breast milk a day. She is on the lower side of that. I think her reflux is coming back. But who knows. At this point I am pretty much letting them do whatever they want. Just keeping an eye on her to make sure she doesn't get too low.

Anyways, glad everyone is doing well. Here is to our little ones future and their accomplishments.

Hugs and love to all!
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Anybody there???
I miss you all!!! We are doing great: I am recovering quite quickly after the hip replacement and Jacob is growing and maturing :-)
He's lots of fun and does something new every day.
Today he finally said: momma instead of baba.
It actually sounded more like blah blah mama ;-)
He's 20 pounds and very tall - 28 1/4 inches.
Still a happy baby and sleeps great, but gets very stubborn and LOUD ;-)

How is everybody doing??? xoxoxo
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Doing great here :). The twins are growing like weeds :). It's fun to see how they change from day to day. They both say mamma and dadada and babababa.  
Drake has a high pitched squell that can pierce your eardrums, lol.

They sleep great, and both have 2 bottom teeth now.  They are really starting to enjoy people food, and are getting good at using their sippy cups :).

They, however, are not crawling yet, which is just fine with me :(.
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Jacob is not crawling, either.
Actually he is still not a big fan of tummy time and I have to force him to do it.
But there is hope: he rolled over from his back to tummy yesterday and smiled with disbelief - I was like: wow! finally! :-)
He is really strong otherwise and his arms and hands are very strong (ouch!), so I think crawling is just a matter of time...
He doesn't say "dada" yet, but he said "tatus" which means dad in Polish ;-)
And after evening feeding 2 days ago I heard: "mama hey" in a very soft voice - my heart melted!

Jacob is very picky when it comes to solids and he likes to be in control so if he doesn't want something he will just keep his mouth closed really tight and he will turn his head.
Little smarty pants ;-)
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Hi Ladies! Its been a long time! Im glad to see some of you checked in. We are doing great here! The boys are keeping me so busy!! I cant believe my boys are already 8 1/2 months old!! WTH!! Time is going way to fast.

Boys are not eating people food. Everytime I try to get them to eat something they gag on it. I really hope they start to eat so they can have some bday cake when they are 1!  Ive tried mashing it, pureeing it and just giving them little chunks but it doesnt matter. They just gag on it. I even gave them mashed potatoes with no seasoning and they gagged. So I guess they are not ready for people food. Although sometimes if I feed them from my plate they will eat a few bites. We already have their bdays planned out.

My dh might be getting laid off we are hoping he doesn't. We want to buy the boys a swing set for their bday but depending on what happens with his job. So Ive been stressing about that lately.

I think Aleks will be crawling soon. He belly crawls right now and sways back and forth when on his belly. He hasnt coordinated that he needs to get on his knees yet. If his upper body is up then his lower half is down and if his lower half is up then he keeps his upper half down. lol... Maks on the other hand I dont think will crawl at all. He has no desire to belly crawl or anything. He would rather stand. When you grab his hands when hes on his back he will pull himself into a standing position. And he gets so excited when standing. He loves it.

Well thats all thats going on right now.
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Hi all,  im checking in as well. We are well and babies are growing and changing each day. Yara belly crawls and says mama baba And dada but yazan hasn't said those words or belly crawls but he bables alot. they both enjoy their food, yazan in particular loves the sweet food and not into savoury. Still no teeth yet!!! I have been checking each morning.  Lol..
I hope everyone else is great. Xo
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Your boys are doing just great! They still have time to start crawling or eating people food.
My Jacob also started "belly crawling" when he tries to get something that he really wants lol
He's still on baby organic jars but doesn't like it too much. And he likes to make a statement pretty often - just turns his head and shut his lil mouth and nothing goes in...
How much milk do your boys drink? Jacob still wants to drink basically every 2.5 hours and he eats only 4-6 ounces at a time ( on average 27-28 ounces per day and I worry that it's too little for his age)

How are you, lil sister?
Yes, this is a wonderful period of time - our babies are changing a lot every day... Sometimes I wish I could slow down the time just a little.
Teething age is based on genetics, so if you or your dh had your first teeth late, your babies will have them probably around that age.
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At my boys 6 month check up the ped said at 6 months they no longer worry about the amount of formula the boys drink as long as in those 1st 6 months of their life they doubled their weight. Then after 6 months they pretty much eat when they are hungry.That at this age they really know how much they need to be satisfied. But if I was worried that as long as they eat 18oz a day is perfectly fine and when the boys hit 7 months they were drinking anywhere from 18-23oz a day. (plus they had baby food so that counts to). There were days I was worried cause I felt they werent eating enough but my doc said that they are at the age where they wont let themselves go hungry. They will definetly let you know when they want to eat. For the past month and a half they eat on demand. We no longer have a feeding schedule. But they are pretty consistent. They usually eat every 4hrs and want 6oz. So they are eating about 24oz a day. I think I read online it should be 24oz in 24hrs. They drink the 24oz in the 12hrs they are awake a day. They have also gone from 2 naps a day to 1 nap a day which I think has helped them to finally sleep 12hrs straight at night. I think your Jacob is eating plenty. Have you tried putting some cereal in his bottle maybe to fill him up more? Only thing I can say is when he wants to eat every 2.5hrs maybe distract him for another 1/2hr or 1hr so that he is more hungry and maybe will eat more ounces and not want a bottle every 2.5hrs..I did that with the boys and it worked. They went from every 3hrs only drinking 4oz to every 4-5hrs drinking 6oz.. There are days that they only drink 4oz every 4hrs.
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Thanks a lot :-) It makes me feel a lot better that he doesn't need to eat as much as some sources say...
About Jacob's frequent feedings: I think I could stretch it a little bit but the thing is he won't take more than 4 or 5 ounces at a time (except morning when he eats 6 ounces) and he gets really fussy when he wants to eat and I won't give it to him. I feel really bad when I see him almost in tears because he's hungry and try to keep him busy with something else. I guess he's just created that way that he needs frequent meals and his stomach doesn't tolerate bigger portions ( he will vomit when he's too full).
From your experience which cereal is the best one? Do you feed cereal to your boys with spoon or bottle? I also don't want Jacob to get too chubby from eating cereal ... he's already on a heavy side lol (even if he doesn't eat too much).
My Jacob also needs frequent naps - he basically goes to bed after each meal ( 1.5 hour after having a bottle he will have about 0.5 hour nap
but in the evening, around 6, he will have his bottle and fall asleep almost right away for about 2.5 hours and then I have to wake him up for his last bottle around 9 pm, he will drink it and sleeps until 7 am).
I just don't want to force something he's not ready for - he gives me lots of signals when he needs to sleep and I honor that :-)
Besides that, he's awesome lil guy, so smart and with a great sense of humor :-) He already knows how to tease me or to manipulate or how to make me laugh!
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My babies both let me know when they are hungry for formula, and I feed them.  I don't think at this age we can "over feed" them, as they stop when they are full.  I don't think you should worry about that,  my babies are quite chunky too, but their babies...shouldn't they be? Lol.

I feed them oatmeal or rice cereal in the a.m. After they 6oz bottles, with fruit in it.  I feed them from a spoon. I then give them lunch of a couple crackers or cookies (baby food). And a stage 3 food jar or a stage 2 container of food, split between the 2 of them.  They then drink about 4 oz of formula.   Dinner is about the same, and then 6 oz before bed.  They don't always finish their bottles, they stop,when they are full.  I think Jacob will too.

They will start losing weight when they become more mobile.  They cannot help when they are hungry.   The twins used to nap about 3 hrs after waking, for 30 min, then a 2 hr nap in the afternoon then another 30 min nap in the evening, but in the past couple weeks those 2 30min naps have disappeared, and they are down to a 2-2 1/2 hr afternoon nap.

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The twins are getting so big, and changing so much :). We have them enrolled in a swim class, they have been in it for 6 wks, and they LOVE it :).  They have 6 wks left.  It is 1 day a week.  They learn to kick, kick, kick, and splash, splash, splash, and chase their rubber duckies through the pool (us holding them of course, lol).  It wears them out!!!!  It is so fun to watch them grow :)

We are taking them on their first real vacation at the end of May.  We are going to go to Gatlinburg with my in laws for 3 days and 4 nights. . We have been starting to carry them in backpacks to get them used being in the, some can hike some.   I have also started taking them for an at least 1 hour walk a day in their stroller, to get them used to that also.

I plan on starting to give them their afternoon naps in their pack and plays so they get used to sleeping in them.  

Does anyone have ANY suggestions to help make our trip the easiest and most enjoyable??  I am sooo open to any suggestions :)
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Wow! Your schedule is just perfect!
I think that either I am not well organized or Jacob really is a rare example of almost 8-month old wanting to drink his milk every 2.5 hours...
He's still not into baby food that much - he usually eats 1/2 of the 2 oz jar twice a day or 1/4 of 4 oz jar but I have to force him to finish his portions.
I was kind of hoping that he will start eating solids pretty well before we go to Poland in May... I already shipped lots of formula over there ( I am staying almost 3 months) but my parents grow fruits and veggies and I thought that Jacob would enjoy that organic and delicious food ( I certainly will :-))
Oh, I tried to feed Jacob rice cereal today but he hated it... I will try to mix it with fruit tomorrow.
Do your lil ones started liking tummy time? My Jacob still doesn't like it - I don't know why, because I try to really entertain him while he's on his belly.
Well, I have no other choice but watch him closely for 5 minutes 3 times a day and force him (he's really strong and stubborn) to turn back to his belly when he tries to roll over.
I start suspecting that he's just a lazy baby lol He likes to lie on his back or side a lot and to be carried around the house. He tries to stand up, though, when supported, so I guess (I know it's probably bad) he will skip the crawling stage.

What a great idea with swimming lessons! My Jacob loves water so he would enjoy it too, I think.
And the vacation - I think you will do great with both of them - they are getting used to it right now, so they should be pretty content and comfy during hiking. Just don't forget sunglasses and hats for your munchkins :-)
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I can tell you my boys were eating 4-5oz every 4-5hrs for what seemed like forever. Then one day they started drinking 6oz every 5-6hrs (weird it's like every oz filled them for an hour) then for the past month they eat 6oz every 4hrs. We feed them single grain oatmeal. It's easier to digest then rice cereal. They get it in every bottle due to the reflux they had. They still have it but not as much. I'm trying to slowly cut down on the cereal in the bottle cause its really thick and they don't know how to drink normal liquid. I give them watered down juice in a sippy cup but have to pace them cause they will choke , they are not used to thin liquid. My big concern is when they go to regular milk it won't be thick they won't know how to drink it. But here is our schedule:

Wake up at 7am, have a 6oz bottle then back to bed till 9am.
9am- get dressed and go in the jumperoos
10am- bowl of oatmeal with fruit in it and sippy cup of juice. Then in the summer infant seats for playtime.
11am- 6oz bottle , then in the walker and walk around the house.
12p- play on the floor or the jumperoo. Then snack of the gerber puffs cereal snacks.
1p or 2p- nap
3p or 4p wake and have 6oz bottle
4-5p- in the walker
6p- stage 2 veggie or meat dinner. (They won't eat stage 3 they don't like the texture and just gag on it)
6p till 8 or 9p- play on the floor, then 6oz bottle then bed.

My boys won't eat table food. I try to give them a taste of whatever we eat and they will take a few bites then after that they will gag with anymore I give them. They are just not ready. I think Jacob will definetly let you know when he's ready for different kinds of food. We don't worry to much about the baby food, there are some days we don't even get to give them a veggie jar food for dinner and that's ok since formula is more important and them eating baby food or table food is practice for when they are done with formula. They do always get oatmeal with fruit in the morning. They actually get excited for it. My boys don't do strictly tummy time. I just let them play. They will roll all over the house. And I think by just letting them be they enjoy being on their tummies and when they get sick of it they roll and play with their feet then they will roll back to tummy and play then on their backs again and it's constant back and forth. Maybe just let him roll around and he will spend time on his tummy. I think at this age if you make him be strictly on his tummy he will fight you. Our babies are smart they purposely drive us crazy lol. I've become really laid back about their developement. Every baby developed at their own pace. Before I worried about so much but then realized after they've reached milestones I was so worried about that I really didn't need to worry. They will figure it out when they are ready. And don't worry about the crawling half of babies skip crawling. My boys don't crawl. They pull themselves around on their tummies and if something is out of reach they have figured out that if they roll around a little they will get closer to the toy lol so no need to actually get up and crawl lol
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Thanks a lot!!! It's a lot of info. I will try oatmeal cereal with fruit because Jacob seems to hate the rice one.
I try to give him variety of baby food - stage one and two, but so far he only likes squash, tolerates apples, prunes, carrots, apricots, bananas and I think he's a little allergic to pears - will have to re-check it.

Yeah, Jacob fights with me really hard when I try to force him to do tummy time. He actually fights me when I try to force him to do anything.

He still doesn't like to be on his tummy. He prefers back and sides, especially left side. He's starting to sit without help more and more and seems to really enjoy it. He also tries to stand next to his toy train, but his legs are still shaky ;-)

I think he may skip crawling. I just remember one nurse's words that babies who don't crawl don't develop special wiring in their brain that helps them later on when they are more advanced. I know that I didn't crawl (my mom told me) and I developed normally, so maybe it's a lot of fuss about nothing...
Sending hugs to you and your boys!!!
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Thats a great routine. My babies don't have a strict routine as such. But I am giving them 2 solid meals a day. Yara goes through phases of not wanting to drink her milk and then now not wanting solids for some reason. Shes very difficult by nature and not as easy going as Yazan. I have to be very careful of how I speak with her and not try to force her to eat or drink because boy or boy does she understand?? shes very cleaver and will always have her way. So the past 2 days shes completely refused eating from a spoon so I have been hand feeding her like a bird LOL. Yazan eats well but has a very sweet tooth, loves fruits and custards more than vegetables. A lot of food goes to waste, If I cook them something or open a bought jar and if they don't like it, that just goes to waste. I try to give it to them the next day, but they will wont eat it. So its their way or the highway. Cheeky monkeys but I love them to bits. :)

Yara at the moment is ALMOST crawling, she shuffles all around the house and belly crawls while yazan rolls and rolls and rolls all around the house. They are too quick for me. Its amazing watching them grow each day.

we are planning on going overseas to Jordan in August and im dreading the flight journey. We will have to fly 11 hours straight to Dubai. I cant bare the thought of yara and yazan screaming for 11 hours. I already feel sorry for the people who will sit next to us. If anyone has any advice about traveling by plane and bottle feeding, that would be great.

Hope everyone is well and all babies are having and thriving :) xoxo
Avatar universal
Oh wao it has been a while since last time I was here with everyone. I am sure everyone had their babies by now... I seen some pics in some profiles and seen many beautiful babies from most of the ladies that were expecting along with me. I hoping everyone is doing fine .. my baby Beni is already 8 months.. hes so big and makes me laugh so much. Hes very spoiled by his daddy and me ofcourse, he hasnt started crawling yet I think he's behind but I will be taking my time this weekend to teach him, Send much love to everyone! and many blessings
961574 tn?1520651703
My kids are pretty much eating everything...lol. They love crackers and all stages of baby food, and slowly introducing our food in as well.  I cannot believe they are 9 1/2 months old already.   I don't give them fried foods, or sweets or meats (except baby food kind).

Now that the weather is getting warm, we go for stroller walks almost evertyday. Sometimes 2 times a day.  

The only strict thing we do everyday, is nap in the afternoon which starts anywhere from 1 to 3pm.  Sometimes we go to the park, so that makes nap time a little later.  Other then that, we may play on the deck, or sit in the front yard in the grass...lol.  They seem to love being outside :).  

I still cannot believe this is my life :-). It is sooo awesome!!!
1656646 tn?1325591002
Hi all how is everyone? Hope everyone is doing well and babies are growing beautifully. My babies and I r well. Yazan and yara are growing and crawling and becoming difficult to keep them in one spot.  They are crawling all over the house which can be very tiring for me sometimes. Chasing after them all day. But never a dull moment. I have uploaded a photo for yara and yazan. I couldn't upload more as my phone was playing up.  Hope to hear from you all soon. Xo
961574 tn?1520651703
Ladies, can you believe our babies have turned or are getting close to turning a year old??  Where in the world has time gone??  So many if us never dreamed we would see little ones crawling through our housing or hear their giggles or feel their hugs....yet, here we are!!!!  Amazing isn't it?!?!

I figured out I am procrasting on making birthday party plans cause I am not ready for the twins to turn 1.  It makes me sad.  I love watching them grow and change, but, I am sad for the baby days.  

Thanks for checking  in  Haley :). This board has been quiet for way too long!!  My twins are crawling everywhere too!!  This is when I am glad we have a small house :).  They grow bigger and stronger everyday!  

334926 tn?1436815123
I know how you feel! I hate that my boys are turning 1...so sad that they wont ever be this small and babyish for much longer! I do love watching them grow and seeing everything they do.

They are both belly crawling through the house. We baby proofed the house the other day. Everyday of their life I have taken pics and videos. I think i pretty much caught every moment of their lives so far. I just looked the other day I have over 8,000 pics of them lol.. anyway its been hard getting on here from my phone. I am always on facebook cause its just so much quicker. If anyone wants to be fb friends and keep in touch there you can find me under Ljiljana lily Dragisic
1654570 tn?1364395883
Hi, girls :-)
I am still in Poland and we come back home on August 9th, just on time to celebrate Jacob's birthday... Yes, I know how it sounds - they grow up to quickly.
My lil one also started crawling about 2 weeks ago ( when already thought that he would skip that phase) and he practices pulling himself up on everything. I love watching how excited he gets when he does something new :-) - he likes to be praised a lot."
He still drinks his formula, eats every stage of baby food and healthy "adult" food, but it seems that he doesn't gain any weight - he's moving a lot and looses all of those calories... I will talk to his doctor when we come back.
He also discovered somehow that his amber necklace is not a part of his body and started pulling it - I don't know if I can risk putting it around Jacob's neck...

Anyway, big hugs to everyone!!!!
1656646 tn?1325591002
Hi everyone!!!  How are you all and your beautiful babies?

Well it was my babies first birthday yesterday july 25 and it was an emotional day. It was a VERY difficult yet a a very rewarding year. We will be having the babies birthday party in a week.

Happy birthday to all our beautiful babies who have turned one!!

Love you all xoxo
1954665 tn?1350583193
Hi ladies!!!

Glad to see that our babies are growing healthy and everybody is doing ok. I've been MIA for too long, and yes, time has flied by. Life is very hectic between work, keeping up with Christian and my new fitness venture and barely have for me. Can't believe that Christian will be one year old in just two weeks.
He has grown so much and is such an active baby, he took his first steps on July 4 and ever since he's been unstoppable, he is now running around the house all the time and me running after him lol!! I'm so afraid of him falling and hitting his head or having accidents.
Avatar universal
hi there my baby is one year now and am happy to announce that am PREGNANT again.

he is an active baby very happy young man. i love him to bits.

i wish you all the best with the little ones and keep checking in.
Avatar universal
hi there could you give me  your feeding shedule as my baby seems to want to eat only 2 meals a day. he is not adding weight at all n this drives me to the wall.
have tried him on multi vitamins nothing works. any advice will appreciate.

1654570 tn?1364395883
Congratulations, girl!!!!
I am so happy for you :-)

About eating schedule: Jacob is the opposite - he eats every 2-3 hours but still drinks lots of formula (at 13.5 months). Not much of a weight gain, either. He's very picky and moody and I am lucky if he eats 2 solid meals a day...
But I love him soooooooooo much!!!
1656646 tn?1325591002
congratulations!! you must be so excited. wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy!!

As for my twins, they still don't eat even solids, it all ends up on the floor. I do try to feed them 3 meals a day, but they still drink a lot of formula also. I have just this week started them on cows milk which they don't seam to mind.

take care xo
1656646 tn?1325591002
they don't eat *enough* solids I meant
Avatar universal
thanks a million for your advice.

my baby stopped taking formular at 3 months and neither does he use cow milk. he simply refuses had to give it all away. i tried different formulars i could pass for a distrubutor of formulas. he simply refuses. no cereals nothing he accepts except for adult food that has been pureed. he takes that for breakfast lunch and dinner. he only takes water as a drink of choice.

he is 12.5 months and weigh 23.14lbs he has been that weight for 4months now and it drives me up the wall to think that he is not adding any weight now.

how are your babies doing are they walking yet. kiss them for me.

i cna only imagine the many sleepless anxious days of TTC. and the many tears we shed. we all ditched the jinxed forum. who would have known we would be blessed with our own babies who we bore. who would have known we would be happy and fullfilled mothers to lovely babies, who would have known we would hold them hug them so tight almost crushing their little delicate bodies kissing their little faces and tickling them so much that laugh so loudly.who would have known our houses will be turned upside down the ever tidy house will have little handprints of pasted food stuff, cushions thrown all over and yet the dis organisation they bring in our lives just bring more happiness, who would have known...........................................
1656646 tn?1325591002
Hi ladies I hope you and ur babies are keeping well. I have a bit of a problem. My babies fight all the time. But in particular yazan pulls yaras hair alllll day long and yara screams like no tomorrow because it does hurt. The word NO has become so funny to him and no matter how much talking I do with him, it makes no difference. I cant leave them alone for a second.  On the other hand yara scraches his face all the time especially when they are in the pram together. Its so hard parenting and disciplining two 14 month ols twins,  in fact I read somewhere that parenting a baby that age is like thr hardest most straneous gym exercise. Looolll. Any advise would be great or if you could share things your little ones are doing would be great. Xoxox
961574 tn?1520651703
My twins are going through kind of the same.  They hate to sit on the same lap, and push each other out of the way.  Drake will pull Cameron's hair although she is one tough cookie and doesnt cry.  I don't know if it's because they never have time alone???  The other one is always there?? It drives me crazy!   When they are pushing each other and I tell them to stop, Drake will lean over and try to give Cameron a kiss....she wants nothing to do with that!!!!  Lol
1656646 tn?1325591002
Merry Christmas everyone.  I wish you all a very happy and safe festive season  with your loved ones. Xoxo
961574 tn?1520651703
Just wondering if anyone still gets notices from this feed anymore?  Boy, it seems like a lifetime ago I started this!  
Would love to hear from anyone, everyone on here!
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