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Early Symptoms??

ok so I know it is probably too early, but I am 5 dpo (IUI with Follistim injections) and I am having weird things happening to my body.
I'm hoping they are very early pregnancy symptoms, but I don't want to get my hopes up either.
I've been really gassy and my boobs are really swollen and sore....they are also full and perky too!! :)  They usually get sore before my period, but my period isn't due for another week and a half..

Any thoughts or experiences with early symptoms??
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mmm sounds promising....
best of luck. xx
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my early symptoms (before missed AF) were mildly sore bbs mostly around the edges, slightly enlarged and perky (as you said), mild heartburn and increased thirst..

best of luck to you!!  This could be it!!
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Gassiness is a symptom of Follistim, and the boob soreness may be as well.  I would caution against putting too much thought into symptoms, especially this early.  But I wish you all the best!
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Also, did you have a trigger shot of hcg before your IUI?  That will definitely give you symptoms, especially sore boobs
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I would agree with the others that you should try really hard to not think about your symptoms. I just finished my first IUI and literally analyzed everything. I was convinced that this time was different and I got my AF this week. Sounds like the forum is due for good news so keep your hopes up and I will do the same for you. Good luck.
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Thanks for the comments.  This was my 3rd IUI with Follistim so maybe third time's a charm!!!  
I'm not one to over analyze every small thing but I also never had any of these symptoms either.  Typically with all of my other cycles (and I had many of them...Clomid several times, then Follistim) I never felt any different from any other regular day.  I have learned to accept whatever happens is God's plan...I can't and don't want to change His plan!  

Best of luck to everyone!
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I love you ladies but yall are being fun haters!!!  Praying hard.. 3rd time IS a charm.. atleast it was for me..  I had enough bfn to know not to count your chickens before they are hatched, but there is nothing wrong with listing to your body and hoping will all hope that this time is different..

I wish you the very best!!  
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I have 4 kids already but every pregnancy is very diffrent. I also have the ESSURE done in in 12/2011. I've had normal periods. Nut this month It's been a week in a half that I have very bad heart burn. Does not matter what I eat. I'm aldo very gassy, craving crazy things, know from what I was told Essure is 99.8 effective. Has anyone gotten pregnant form the Essure?? Please let meknow. My period is due in another week 1/2 but my gut feeling tells me I am.
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