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Ectopic pregnancy

Hi guys I’m new here please help me..so I had ectopic pregnancy 2021 and they had to remove my right fallopian tube and 4 weeks ago 2022 I found out was pregnant I went to the doctor he told me it was another ectopic pregnancy again so they gave me methotrexate .. can I still have successful pregnancy after two ectopic pregnancy’s???because I can’t afford IVF.
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Hi there. Sorry to be so late responding. I am SO sorry, so very sorry to hear about this. So you are down to one tube and had a second ectopic pregnancy? That's most unfortunate.  The risk of a second ectopic pregnancy after the first is 10 percent which is not great but a 90 percent chance you won't too. Do you have anything like pelvic inflammatory disease or have they checked the shape of the  fallopian tube? Were you able to retain your left tube? I sure hope so.  Unfortunately, with multiple ectopics, you are more of a complicated patient. I'd seek the help of a fertility specialist for guidance. I don't know if IVF will be required. Hopefully not. You do have a greater risk and also with one tube, it will be harder as well. IVF is often the recommendation for successful pregnancy. :>(  I would start putting some money away for it just in case.
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