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Egg retrieval yesterday....fertilization report today...nervous!!

I had my egg retrieval yesterday...and I just got my report.  Out of 7 eggs retrieved (9 follicles total), three have fertilized, three are still kinda waiting, and one was disgarded.  I'm hoping the three that haven't done anything, will at least have one of those fertilize.

Now I am waiting until Saturday (cue the sigh) and I am praying they hang on.  The nurse said that my E2 was high...didn't get a number, and they are really concerned with OHSS.  So I am drinking fluids (gatorade and water) hoping I won't hyperstimulate.

I haven't been on Medhelp for awhile.  Some of you may know me, some may not.  You can read my bio to find out more about me, we are basically unexplained infertility.  DH has never had children, I have three from a previous marriage.  We have been trying since July of 2007.  I'm sorry if it upsets anyone that doesn't have any children....I know I am blessed with three and I love them more than anything!  But, in the end, infertility is infertility.  It still hurts.

Anyone have any success stories with just a few fertilized?  I know it only takes one....

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How exciting!!! I didn't know you moved on to IVF! Got my fingers crossed that more will fertilize and that you'll get your long-awaited BFP in a couple of weeks!

By the way, I'm now 36 weeks pregnant from my IVF this Spring!

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That is sooo exciting!  Congratulations to you!!!  I haven't been on in awhile....that's why you didn't know...

Do you think I still have a good chance that the three that have fertilized will be ok?  Do you think the other three still have a chance to develop?
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Baby dust Baby dust Congrates and good luck
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I had my retrieval yesterday also...I had 11 follicles, 7 eggs, 4 fertalized.
I should have transfer sat or sun.  I have no children & am 37..........this will be my very first IVF & am hopeful.  I have a clogged tube.  Fingers & toes crossed.

Good Luck to you!!!!!!!
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Yea for the 4 I think that is awesome! I had the same 4 out of 7. We transfered 3 because the 4th was not good quality. I thought about transfering all 4 but wanted my body to focus on implanting the 3 good ones. One took and she is 16 months.
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That is great!  I'm hoping my three that are sitting there will do something...at least a couple of them!  Or even one!  Just to have extra security!  Now I'm scared the other three that DID fertilize will not turn out until day 5.  So scared!  UGH!
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We just need to relax & be patient....I will have the transfer on saturday. My Dr. just called. :-)
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YAY!  Let me know how it goes.  I'm not suppose to get an update until Saturday...my doctor only does 5 day transfers....but I think I am going to call tomorrow.  I think we should be able to have an update daily.  That is only fair.
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woohoo!  you're back!  You will be in my thoughts - I will keep checking on you!  Let me know how it goes!

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So glad you are back! Missed you! HUGS and good luck!

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I missed you guys too!  How are the both of you?  What is going on?
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I am not all that great :( Finally switched RE's, did 2 rounds of injectibles and added IUI's to the rounds. Second round (oct/nov) got a high E2, lots of eggies, moderate OHSS and a BFP but low numbers, guess it was a chemical. I seem to be able to KINDA get preggo but nothing grows. We will see what the doc says later this month. I am prayng really hard for you!! HUGS!!! Let us know what the doc says!!! SSBD!!

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Glad to hear you may be getting somewhere....my E2 was really high for this IVF.  They thought about cancelling it, but when they only got 7 eggs, they mentioned something along the lines of, "Well, you just might have higher estridiol and it not necessarily a lot of eggs."  Something along those lines.  Basically I think what they are saying is for the number of E2 I'm getting, I should have more eggs.  But, I'm ok with 9 follies and 7 eggs.  I don't understand how some women can have 20-30 and even close to 40 follies.  I am not too intelligent in the stimulating process, but to me, that seems like an awful lot!  So, with my E2 level's, my RE was concerned with OHSS.  I feel SO much better today, but yesterday and even through the night last night was still super uncomfortable.  Right under my rib cage, in my true stomach area, I was bloated and it was hard...ugh, it sucked.  I would say the pain was at about a 7/10.  Not its about a 2.

I forget, have you ever done IVF?  I cannot remember.  I tell you what, I know one thing....you have been on this journey for too long.  It's going to happen for you....and soon....I can feel it.

Good luck and keep me posted.  
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Thanks sweetie :) My OHSS was pretty uncomfortable. I looked 6 months preggo and my abdomen was huge by the end of the day. The morning it wasn't too bad, more bloated than normal but by the end of the day I was HUGE! He put me on bedrest for 3 days and that helped a lot. Good luck and let us know what the doc says.


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I will let you know...

I was really concerned wi.th OHSS yesterday, but I have went from a 6-7 on a 10 scale for pain, to about a 1-2....I feel so much better, but still drinking V8 and Gatorade to help fend it off.  I know the real symptoms come if you get a BFP.  I say, BRING IT ON!
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What does E2 stand for. My drs office never gives me these #'s.
My Transfer is scheduled for 9:15 if my embryos go to blstercyst then we will do on monday...won't know until tomrrow am...I am almost positive it wont change.
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Heather - I'm 12 1/2 weeks!  We FINALLY did it!  It was the ovarian drilling that worked for me.  7 months on clomid, 2 IUI's and 2 IVF's and nothing.  But 2 months after my drilling surgery I ovulated on my own and...presto baby!  Good thing I didn't get the hysterectomy like I was going to!  I have my next ultrasound 12/14 - I'm so nervous, I haven't seen my baby in 3 weeks!  I hope everything is still OK in there.  So far so good though!  Hang in there...I hope this IVF is what you need!
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Hey Kricket-

E2 is estradiol.  That is what they do blood work for....it shows them how your follies are doing somehow....maybe someone else and elaborate, because I am not all that certain about it!  I hope you can get to a 5 day, but if not, 3 day is great...a lot of people get preggers on 3 days.  Mine only does 5 days.  That scares me, but he has great success rates, so I am praying he knows what he is doing....Let me know what happens on your update tomorrow.  I get one also, so I will let you know.  I go at 8:00 on monday morning as of right now.  I pray that stays put.  Let me know!

ALT-  I was wondering about you girl!  I am SOOOOO ecstatic for you I could never show you how much on a forum!  What a blessing, and I have NEVER heard of ovarian drilling.  What the heck is that?  AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!  And you have made it out of the danger zone so you can relax and enjoy!  Please keep me posted and watch for my embie update tomorrow...I'm scared &*#$-less about my fertilization report tomorrow....please God, let it be good.  There are three embies.....keep growing babies!

Please keep me posted!
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I had my transfer today of 2.  Dr said for a day three they were perfect embryos & gave me a picture.  I have a book about IVF & it states the sometimes 3 day is better then letting embroys sit around in a dish.  Although some believe there is more success with 5 days.  Either way I wish you & me lots of luck.
How did yours go today?? Did you get a report
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I did get a report!  I will post a new thread so the others that were also wanting to know can see it....but it was a good report!

Yeah, there is so much controversy with 3 vs 5 day transfers.  I know many people that have had successful pregnancies with both, and I have seen failures in both.  I think it's a very gray area and there really is not wrong/right/better way.  

I hope your feeling good!  Just out of curiosity, did you get a valium or anything to relax you before the transfer?  I don't think I get anything, and I know a lot of people do.....just to relax them.  I wish I could.  It's just kinda nerve wreck.
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