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Embryo Cells Going Backwards?

Hi Everyone!

I am SO confused and am hoping that someone out there can help me out. My husband and I just finished out first IVF with ICSI which was for severe male factor.  At our retrieval we had 7 eggs retrieved, 5 of which were mature and 4 fertilized using ICSI.  When we got our first call on Day 2, they said that we had a 2 cell, 3 cell, 6 cell and 7 cell.  She said that there was more fragmentation than they would like to see so they were going to do a day 3 transfer.  When we went in the next day, the lab hit us with some devastating news.  The doctor said that something "strange" happened in the lab.  The 7 cell was now a 5 cell, the 6 cell was now a 4 cell and the 3 cell was now a 2 cell.  The 2 cell had grown to a 3 cell, but was far behind so wasn't being transferred.  They said that there clearly is an egg quality issue in addition to male factor.  They didn't have an answer as to why the embryos were DECLINING though? Can anyone offer any advice?  I talked with one embryologist on a forum and she said that what most likely happened is that the cell fragmented away, which could make sense as I know they were quite fragmented.  Needless to say, they transferred a 4 cell and 5 cell, Grade 2 and Grade 3 quality. We obviously have little faith and will be booking an appointment with our doctor to discuss what our second round will look like, how we can improve egg quality, how we can change protocol as I was a poor responder.  I am 29 years old, have high FSH (14.3 was highest) but a "Beautiful" AMH.  My husband has a low sperm count, but they say it's a great number for ICSI.  Any suggestions or advice out there?  Thanks in advance :)
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