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I cannot get onto our buddy post-it crashes my browser! Must be the new updates thet are doing. I just wanted to say I am thinking of you all, and have been trying to check our post and send a post off and on all day, but the site has either been unavailable or I cannot open our particular "topic".  I will keep trying and will post on there when I am able to read ya'll's updates and post a reply!

--SSBD to all

Heather Jo
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So glad to hear from you!  How are you feeling?  I hope your migranes are behind you.  Are you in tww?
Stay in touch!
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Helen: Yes, I am in the 2ww, but after the migraines, the metformin I just started taking kicked in and I have been curled up in a ball of extreme nausea for a few days. Thus, me and dh only BD'd 1 time on Sunday. So, I am not too hopeful that I will get a BFP this month. My follie was 14mm last Thursday, so I figured if I had to BD and feel ill, Sunday was my best bet. Did you get home in time for your IUI?

all: LJ is having the same problem I am with our old post. Maybe it is too large!!! Or, it could straighten itself out within a few days. Either way, maybe we could use this as an alternative?
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Yeah, I think our old post has gotten too large. I was able to get into in but it does take long to load. Posted earlier over there asking where you are :-)

Is this your first time taking Metformin? I took it during my first cycle. And yes, it's side effect is nausea BUT that will eventually go away but it does take a bit of time. The secret is really eating less carbs and taking it WITH food or immediately AFTER your meal.  If you take it before your meal or with an empty stomach, you will be nauseous. Oh..another side effect: diarrhea. Again, cut the carbs. I had too for the first 2-3 weeks. Then I re-introduced good carbs back into my diet.

Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you on this 2WW! :-)

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Thanks for the info! I actually have avoided carbs, and am taking it with a small protein-packed meal, like an egg, protein shake, whole grain bread w/almond butter.. .I have one more level up to titrite to for a total of  3 500mg pills a day (1500 mg total). I started taking just 500mg, then 1000mg three days later. I may wait until after the weekend to go up to 1500mg. I may post separately about this, as I am curious to see if others have still had these issues while doing the above.

BTW--how are you?????
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You probably missed my post. I got a BFN on my beta b/w yesterday. I have been so depressed but it made it easier to deal with because of this support group we have. I actually had 2 bouts of crying: last night and this morning. I do have a followup with RE tomorrow. Am hoping he will have answers as to what happened. DH said we can try for a second cycle but will prob have to skip wait another month to save up $$$.

There is a post about Metformin. I can't remember who started it but it's fairly recent. Yeah, my dosage was also increasing. My RE had to take it down a notch at one point because I was really nauseous. But I went as high as 4 pills/day (2 in the am and 2 in the pm).

Don't worry, it'll get better, I promise! :-)

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OMG, my heart dropped when I read that about your BFN :-( You've been on my mind, and I was wondering what was going on. I am so utterly sorry. I hoep you ask your RE a lot of probing questions tomorrow to see what happenned. PLEASE let me know how it goes.

I will search the forum for Metformin posts and see what I can learn. I am sure my body just needs time to adjust. I'm taking the extended-release form, so the level is supposed to stay pretty uniform throughout the day. I'll live.

Take care sweetie, and I'll be eagerly awaiting your post about the appt.
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heathjo hi....i am glad you started this new post cos LJ has been having issues and i think with this new system the old post takes way too long to load up.

I have been thinking of you and hoping your migraine eased up. Oh i do hope that the one time was enough...all it takes is one sperm so i have all my fingers crossed for you.

I am not sure where annabrita is?

I had  my appt yesterday with a gynae/obstetrician and they have ordered a battery of tests.  So now i have to wait for the evil witch and then i get the HSG test done and a Xray on the 24th Jan. My period is now 6 days late and bloodwork confirmed a BFN.

GLad youre back!
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So, I decided I'll do acupuncture for this second cycle plus yoga..anything that will help! Plus I also gave dh a list of websites which talks about on what he can do to improve sperm quality :-)

Trying to cover all bases...really hope the second cycle works. We might not have money for baby by the time IVF works!

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empty--I have to get an HSG around the same time you do, after AF. I am at 2dpo now. I wonder why AF is late? Will the b/w reveal anything?

vingulf: acupuncture and yoga will be awesome for you! I have done both for chronic pain, and it really helped me and relaxed me. Tell us when we can begin the chant again (BFP, BFP, BFP)
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yup i was thinking we probably will be doing HSG at the same time. They did a HCG on my bloods yesterday so i am not preggers - i dont feel preggers either. The only thing is last month i was a week late and tomorrow i will be a week late again. It makes it hard to know when to BD. I have always been regular 30dayer so this is a bit if a concern for me.
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Good morning ladies,

I can't believe the difficulty we've had with our old thread.  I love it when changes arre made to improve things --  what a waste of time.  They should have left it the way it was.  

I feel completely out of sync because I am on hold this month.  I need to start priming meds 10 days after my LH surge, so we can't even try to BD this month.  It is weird, but I am having a hard time planning my month.  I usually look at the calendar and plan all activities around my cycle.  I forget what it is like not to live around my cycle.

So, I am going to see an acupuncturist on Friday morning to help prepare my body for IVF.  She was recommended by a friend, and her rate is a little high, so I am hoping it really helps.

I am also scheduled to start a gentle yoga class. Although I haven't shared my fertility journey with any of my friends, I did tell them all about the yoga.  People all over NY are laughing hysterically at the thought of me stretching.  Despite the fact that I am very athletic, I am absolutely the most inflexible person in the world.  Stretching is like a a form of torture to me, so it should be interesting.

I sure hope we see some BFPs this month.  Good luck everyone
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Meant to tell you that I love your wedding picture.  I would put mine up, but that would reveal some really bad late 80's hair. Yikes
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