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Endometrial polyp

Hi, I have found out through ultrasound that I have a 1 cm endometrial polyp. We've been trying to have a baby for a year and a half. I was wondering if endometrial polyp is the reason for not being successful. I'm 33 and all my hormone tests have been normal!!
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I belive they can cause miscarriages.  I had one & had to have removed prior to IVF although they can grow back.  Are you having yours removed? Good Luck to you
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Hi Kricket212, thank you for your reply. I still have to talk to  my doctor on my appointment in a few weeks. I'll definately remove it if this is the cause of my infertility.
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Hi, it depends on other factors.  We've been trying for 4 years. I had a lap 1.5 yrs ago to remove a polyp (they also found very mild endo and my tubes were open) and we still haven't been able to conceive.  My DH's numbers are good and we just found out that our first cycle of IUI with injectibles failed.  We're moving on to IVF because this whole thing is too emotionally draining and super stressful.  IVF has a higher pregnancy rate.  Good luck and lots of baby dust!!
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Thank you for your comment and goodluck to you. Try not to stress out too much. Acupuncture can help you relax and help implantation!
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Hi , I would suggest you get a polypectomy. I was diagnosed w/ a uterine polyp back in May. My doctor suggested I get the polyp removed before starting IVF because it could hender implantation and or growth of a fetus.  Good luck and prayers to you.
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