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I am 27 years old and I was operated for Endometriosis 6 years ago. However, just last year, the disease came back again and now, it keeps on worsening every time I have my menstrual cycle. The pain is just so severe that it will only be relieved after a dose of NSAIDs.

My question now is that my OB-GYNE is suggesting that I undergo a GnRH treatment for 3 months since I do not want surgery anymore. However, after my last mentruation, I do am having second thoughts of getting another surgery for removal of my affected ovary. Now, I am not really very certain which course of action to take.

I am really anxious as of this very moment since I have been experiencing this pain in my left pelvic pain ( this is where my endometriosis has been cited during a transvaginal unltrasound) even after my mentruation. Also if the left side is not aching (a stubbing pain), my right pelvic area is the one having this vague pain. I do not have any other synptoms associated with this pain so I really cannot determine what to do with this one.

I would really appreciate if you give time to answer all the querries that I have mentioned. Thank you and More Power.

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Hi Jennifer! I don't have endometriosis, so I can't really give you any personal experiences...but I was wondering, are you trying for another baby? Or are you just concerned about it in general? If you are TTC, I think it would be a good idea to have the tissue removed. I'm assuming you mean removing the tissue and not the ovary, right?
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I do not have endometriosis, but my sister in law does. Are you trying to conceive a child?

She had numerous surgeries before the age of 29 to try to correct her condition and remove cysts. Within a year of each surgery, her painful symptoms were back. She found a specialist that deals with it and contacted him. He is in Oregon and his last name is Redwine. She flew from Miami Florida all the way to Oregon and had the surgery. Prior to the surgery she wasn't very hopeful for having a baby, but 6 months later she was painfree and pregnant. You may want to weigh your options with another surgeon. If not this guy, one locally available to you. Surgery has been very hard on her and I can only imagine the strain it has put on you. Good luck to you.
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hi jhen! I am 28 yrs. old.  TTC...i also have emdometriosis..and mine is really chronic...my endometriom is not only cited on my left ovary but also on my right ovary and even on my intestines and some parts...i had my laparascopy and was operated 6 months ago...and now it came back again and the size is the same size when i was operated. Luckily, its just on my left ovary and not scattered everywhere anymore...For now, my ob-gyne put me on provera...She said that its better if I get pregnant so that the cyst will stop growing...So now i am praying hard to get pregnant. My option is to get operated again but my ob-gyne insisted me to take provera for the meantime... You can have a second opinion from another surgeon or endometrioma specialist...

I am really sorry that you are experiencing this problem. I know how hard it is to have endometriosis...

I'll be praying for both of us!!! :-)
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hello guys,
thank you so much  for all the post outs. Its indeed a great relief on my part to know that I am not alone in this type of misery.

I was able to got a new OB-GYNE, a good one I believed  and she put put in a depo-provera until the time I will be having my surgery. However, she informed me that there are some cases that she was able to handle that after months of provera, some just disappear. Hopefully, this miracle willl aslo happen to me and to everyone who are suffering from this disease.

Oh, by the way, during my ultrasound, the OB-Gyne have found another cyst on my right ovary and also a myoma on my uterus. But with my age, the doctor will just remove the cysts and not my organs. Thank God for that!

Now, i am quite anxious as to how this provera will affect my daily activity since I am just new to this type of treament. But then, still hoping and praying that everything will still be going to be alright after all this treatment.

Before I forgot, yes I am trying to have a baby. I am getting married by March and I am really hopeful that after all my treatment, I can have a baby.
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