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Evening Primrose Oil

This is my first cycle trying EPO. I am on CD 6 and have been taking it from CD 1.  I am still having uterine cramps and mild spotting (only when I go to the bathroom).  Are these side effects of the EPO?  Thank you so much for any input!! Baby dust to all of you tww'ers
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Can I ask why you are taking the evening primrose oil?
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You can take EPO from CD1-Ovulation to increase the quality and quantity of cervical mucus. You have to stop taking it the day you ovulate though because it can induce miscarriage
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Oh, Thanks :) Have you thought about using pre-seed?
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Yeah I have tried it for two months and still have some. It hasnt worked for me, so I thought this month I would try to mak more of my own. I figure a surplus of my own CM has to be just as good if not better than Preseed, although I do like preseed. Its just with no babies yet, I want to try a new approach this time around. If by O time I dont have enough CM I will try to Preseed again.  ; )
The EPO is supposed to be great stuff though, it encourages natural healing and health, eases PMS symptoms and breast tenderess, and many other benfits...
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Hmmm. I appreciate the info. I may look into it as well. Sometimes the pre-seed is a bit too much. I'm sure it didn't work for me this month (12dpo)
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i took epo for a few months a year ago. it did help with cramps, and i did become pg. my mother took it years ago for hot flashes, and it helped, but lowered her already low blood pressure. as far as spotting and cramps go, i havent heard of it being a side effect. but every body is different.
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I tried it, and I happened to get preggo that month, dont know if it was because of that pre-seed or pineapple juice.  Hehe, I tried everything.  I didnt have any cramping or bleeding though.
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I didn't try the EPO for too long.  I was having too many side-effects and I assumed it was from that.  My skin started looking blotchy right after I started that.  I had a hormonal imbalance but it seemed to be worse when I did the EPO.  But that's just me and who knows what it was from because a hormonal imbalance can cause blotchy skin.
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be careful, some herbs have bad interactions with prescription meds.
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I took EPO for hot flashes.  I've been having spotting and cramps.  I don't know whether it is a side effect of that or Black Cohosh.  Also I've been taking an homeopathic remedy containing bloodroot.
Who knows...
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I have been using EPO for the last couple of months and I have found that it has really helped my cm. I am taking Clomid and I was worried that it would dry it up, so I started taking EPO and using pre-seed. Although I have not gotten my BFP yet, I do find it helpful. I will continue using it until the big day comes. Good luck to you and SSBD!!

Side note: after you "o" you should start taking flaxseed oil until AF or BFP!!
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How much EPO should you take each day?
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I take 3000 mg  a day (3 pills) morning, noon, night - you can buy it at WalMart for pretty cheap.
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