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False positive or checmical pregnancy? (Confused)

Ok so around jan 19, 2015 (mon) I got my period but it was  a really bad one. It was heavy and I had to change my pad every 30 mins I kept passing clots, I had diarrhea and I kept vomiting so I took a pregnancy test in the morning and it said negative took another one a few hours later and there was a faint line. Took a third one a little later and it was negative. Was this a chemical pregnancy or a false positive. Btw the pregnancy test I took was the small cassettes where it comes with a tiny dropper. I believe I had to put 2 droppers of urine. I remember taking a pregnancy test 2 days before my period which was on Saturday and it was negative so why did I get the faint line during my period.

Now recently may 16, 2015 (sat) i took a test because something wasn't right I kept getting lots of symptoms. I was getting on and off tingly pains in my right side every 6 hours, I kept farting lol sorry and I kept feeling hungry a few minutes after eating every time . These symptoms lasted for a week from May 9-17. So may 16 I took a rite aid family planning digital test tomorrow and it said "pregnant"  I was shocked couldn't believe it and thought maybe it could be a false positive 2 days later I take a different one step test and it says negative and another the next morning negative. May 18 I start spotting and my period comes may 21. Which is about right because my last period was apr 21. When I test on May 16 the last time me and my bf had sex was on May 3 which shows I was ovulating on that day. So does that mean I got pregnant a few days after? If both these incidents from jan and may are chemical pregnancies why do I get negatives wouldn't it stay positive for a little while because just 2 days after testing positive I got 2 negatives then my period came on time and I have regular periods. Doesn't chemical pregnancy cause late periods? My period already started can I still go to the doctor to check if I was ever pregnant?
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Sorry to hear about all this, if I was you I would def go to the doc and tell them what has been going on they maybe able to shed some light on the situation... Good luck
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Yes I agree with Tasha...This has happened twice to you and such three four month gap.I thought also when you have a miscarriage you bleed for a few days and then stop.But please see your doctor and keep us updated on resoloution..

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I'll definetly go thanks
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Could've happened more than twice since I never use to check pregnancy tests. I wouldn't know if I was pregnant if I didn't check 5 days before my period, But the bleeding im getting now is my period my cycle is 30 days my last period was April 21. I thought  a chemical pregnancy caused late and a short period. I will make an appointment tomorrow. Thank you ladies!
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Your welcome, let us know what the doc says because that is happening why to much and so soon
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It happened to me this month:( my period came on 20 may, which is mean it's 10 days late
My doctor said that it was a chemical pregnancy, it happens due to a chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus
I took 4 pregnancy tests and they came positive then I took another one but it came negative and the blood test shows a low level of hcg
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