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February/March IVF-ers

Ok Here I come again, this will be my 4th IVF!!!!! any one tagging along the journey?  Really really need some encouragement.  Hoping in God and knowing he is with me holding my hand thru this and making it happen this time.  Praying for you all as well.  Cant wait to meet you all.
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I probably won't be going until April... but you know I had to say "GOOD LUCK" my friend!!!! : )   This IS going to be your time!!!!!!  I believe that! : )
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Good luck to you.  We had problems with our cycle or I would have been on the transfer March 1.  Now ours is postponed for a while.
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Hi there,

I'm hoping to start medicating again toward the end of Feb early March. Hope to chat with you through the journey.
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mhv - Thanks girl!!!!!! I know you are always there for me when I need you.  Cant wait for your time to come

AnnieBrooke - Thanks and Im sorry you had to postpone your cycle, but hey God knows best and next time will just be the perfect time.

Shazza203 - Definitely we will be chatting and helping eachother thru this difficult but very worth it journey.

About me - I will be starting BCP mid Feb.  We will see how it goes.  Praying this is my turn.

*****************************Baby dusts to all*********************************
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Hi how you been...good that you will start BCP mid FEB...i just started my BCP on 2/2..waiting for the huge box of meds..lol...im having issues with LUPRON they have it back ordered.. and the pharmacist want to get a substitute called FIRMAGON...i've been trying to contact the RE since tuesday but i havent received a call from them yet and i start my sims on 2/9..UGH!!!..im so irrate because im not using ENDOMETRIN and the new RE prescribed it instead of CRINONE GEL...and for my luck they shipped the ENDOMETRIN already and there's no way to stop that mail order...now im stuck with ENDOMETRIN...

sisi this will be our BFP!!!!!

Best of luck!!!!!!!
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WOW Im so happy you started already.  I believe we will be very close together since I will have what they call a Antagonist Protocol and thats shorter.  I didnt understnd where you said Endometrin and Crinone.  What are you gonna use now? And new RE? Who? Did you leave USF IVF?

This is defenitely our BFP......YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got you on my prayers.

By the way, I would like to get to know you, lunch or something, since we live so close to eachother.  Let me know!!!!
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