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Fertibella does it really work and how long after you start

Has anyone ever tried Fertibella and It work? I'm trying to conceive and just ordered some wanna know if it was a wise chose. If it does work how long did it take to work.
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I ordered it 05/08/11 I've read a lot of success stories about women getting pregnant within the first 2 months & I hope the same happens to us!! Good luck :-)
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Good luck to you as well but my cycle is a week and 2 days late so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have a doctors apointment in the morning.
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Hi i just placed my order 2day so hopefully it works for me and every1 that decides 2 try it o n Congrats!!
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Ive been taking Fertibella for about 2wks now, No side effects. I have faith in the lil pill!
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I've been taking it for about 3 weeks now, i have no side effects. But just like you guys I've heard a bunch of happy ending storis within the 2nd month...so fingers crossed and Good Luck To Everyone!!! Will keep you posted on the ending results....
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I just got mine in the mail today and took my first one after lunch. Any of you who have been on it longer have any success stories?
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I am on the 2nd week of month 2... I have not gotten my period yet but my cycles have always been irregular so I'm just hopeing for soon good news soon.  Baby dust to all!!
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im on the second bottle still week one in bottle two i have never had normal periods but i get lots of +ovulation test but still -p.test:( good luck to all keep me posted too plzzzz
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Did u get ur period the first month u took Fertibella?  I only got some spotting the first week of taking them.  And have u gotten ur period now that u started month 2.. I would really appreciate it if u would please keep me posted
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I just started taking my trial of Fertibella and got my period right away too. I emailed customer support to ask about it and this was the email I got back:

Dear Mary,

Thank you for contacting LeRoche Benicoeur Consumer Healthcare. You may begin taking FertiBella anytime in your cycle, and FertiBella is best taken with food. Take one tablet daily with meals. Begin with the blue Month 1 bottle, and once completed, begin taking the pink Month 2 bottle. FertiBella may be taken alongside prenatal supplements while trying to conceive.

If you find out that you are pregnant, then you can discontinue use of FertiBella Advanced Conception and switch to taking prenatal vitamins to give your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs while pregnant.

If I can be of further service, please feel free to contact me. If you have any questions you may also contact customer service at 1-888-363-9222 or log on to www.fertibella.com.

Correspondence Specialist
FertiBella Advanced Conception

I called them as well... and they said Fertibella works on 7 different reasons for infertility, one of them being irregular menstruation... so it could very well be that my cycle was just regulated as a result of taking the fertility aid. You can really start taking at any time during your cycle, though, they said... it's not like birth control where you have a set start date for it to work.

Hope this helps!

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I have been taking Fertibella for about 2weeks and I can say that it has helped me alot ive noticed change n my CM and I also had O'd the first week taking it so even if I dont get my BFP this month im praying l get it next. I am currently 6dpo and ive had a lil spotting but i dont know if its implantation or just AF bouta come even thought shes not due until later next week. Welp I hope it works for everyone that tries it. SSBD  
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Well I am on my last week of month 2 and still no period..not even spotting so I'm kind of clueless.. I'm just waiting on my new shipment so we'll see what happens
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Have you got your period yet? I am into my 2nd bottle and still havent had a period. I have have positive ovulation strips, but no period or BFP! Any idea on why you havent had period?
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I got my period the 1st month of taking it and it was a little heavier than normal but i figure maybe its cleaning it out since i didnt officially have a period in May. Also I am on month 2 and still no side affects YAY!!! well I hope its working because I can notice a difference so here's 2 all of us getting our BFP's this month. SSBD
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Well guys I am on month 3 and still no period.  Don't know whats going on with that.  Hopefully something happens soon.
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Well ladies I just found out that my friend who has just started taking Fertibella this month is pregnant, so I have alot more faith now since someone I know has gotten pregnant from using it. Just wanted to share and let ya'll know not to lose faith it may take some of us a couple cycles but I believe if we keep the faith its going to happen for each and every one of us. SSBD
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Thanks for sharing your inspirational story! We need all the positive energy we can get! I'm on month 2 with Fertibella, but I am feeling good about this.
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I've been takin fertibella for 2weeks now && I normally have irregular periods && now I'm on my period......soo hopefully ill pregnant soon.!
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where do you get fertibella from realllllllyy need help with getting pregnant!
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I'm on week one of bottle two..i haven't had a period or anything... I'm hoping for a great outcome but its so stressful.. Good luck everyone!!
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What is this stuff? Is it like fertile aid that you can buy on
Thanks for the help ladies!!  good luck!
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never mind I googled it & it s the same stuff..I think..lol Loads of baby dust to all!!
I got my hubby the one for men & the sperm boost..he has a low count so I hope it works, I ordered it a few days a go so I can't wait to get it!!
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Did it work for u? Anyone?
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