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Fertile But Can't Stay Pregnant!!

I read on another post that if you can't stay pregnant you may need pregesterone, and asprin??? I also have antiphospholipid Syndrome. Is what I have read really something I could try to stay pregnant? I want children very much, so does my husband. Can anyone help me, I'm so depressed reguarding my m/c's. I'm sick of people just saying at least you don't have the pain, at least when your in pain with child labor you have  baby to hold and make it worth the effort.  My husband and I don't have any to hold. Please if anyone has any advice please let me know. Thx
for all you help in advance.

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first of all i'm so very sorry about your losses!   nothing in life can prepare you for how it feels to go through a miscarriage!   and yes i agree with you about the pain thing.. people who have not experienced it have no idea how it feels to go through horrible physical (and emotional) pain of a miscarriage and for nothing, at least the pain with labor is "worth it" and you get a baby to hold...
Yes many people with Antiphospholipid syndrome frequently go on asprin for prevention of mc's.. thare are in a middle of a study that is showing promising results for asprin and helping people get and stay pregnant that dont' have any coagulopathies as well (but apparently the study won't result until 2011 or something)  
   I would go to an RE and have a consult with them... most of them will do an extensive work up if you've had 2 or more miscarriages and then put you on a plan that will hopefully prevent any further losses!    GOOD LUCK! and my prayers go out to you and your family!
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ask your doctor about the prog and baby aspirin,  i had 2 unexplained MC's and even though all my testing was fine, the doctor put me on both of those and i am now 15 weeks along.  so i think it is always worth a try especially since neither of those meds hurt you.
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I have had 4 mc and the doctors just diagnosed me with the same thing.  My doctors are talking about putting me on heparin and a baby asprin.  If you decide to talk with your doctor about this please ask him of the risks to you.  I am unsure if that is what I am going to do, but I figured I would let you know that this may be another option for you. I am so sorry for your losses people dont understand unless they have actually been there.  It is very depressing. Good Luck to you.
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I had 6 m/c with undetermined causes. My Dr. put me on progestrone shots, and suppositories, baby asprin, and folic acid, with many other meds. I think the progestrone is very important. I am currently 10 wks and my OB want me to stay on the progestrone until out of my first trimester.
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I have had 2 fresh IVF cycles and miscarried both. The first pregnancy was never seen on u/s (Biochemical pregnancy) and the 2nd pregnancy I was 8 weeks pregnant and they stopped seen the H/B   It is tthe most devastating thing in life. 1st I was on progesteron suppositories and the 2nd time on shots and still miscarried.
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I have APS and can't even get prego. Had 1 mc 20 years ago, had 2 IVF transfers with great quality embryos and nogo. That was b4 the diagnosis.
I've read up alot on this stuff and its really not good. Simple aspirin is definitely not the answer. Dr. Coulam is a specialist in infertility and has done studies and experiments. I now see a specialist, Dr. Aiken, who is consulting with Coulam. The simplest treatment is heparin as soon as you find you're prego, the most certain treatment is called IVIG for IntraVenous ImmunoGlobulins.
The problemis that your illness creates immunoglobulins that pierce the mitochondrial wall thus destroying the cell. The IVIG binds them to make them innert and also provides healthy IGs.
Don't give up - find a specialist who knows what they're doing and can treat you appropriately. Most women with APS do have healthy pregnancys when treated according to available studies.
All the best,
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My doctors have found out that my thyroid has something to do with my miscarriages.  Have you ever had your thyroid checked?  I guess sometimes your thyroid doesnt produce enough of the correct things for a pregnancy to happen and to maintain.  It doesnt make sense to me since I have 2 children why all the sudden all these weird things are coming up.  I am sorry for what you are going through and have been through.  Keep trying to get answers because it seems to me if we dont try and push people to look into things it doesnt get done.  Fight for what you want girl!!!  
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It's been one year since my hysterectomy. I can no longer have kids w/o the possibility of adoption. I'm a survivor of APS & I'm advancing unfortunately quickly.
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Hi  i just misscarried  today  and I  definatly know how  you feel,  but  reading up on  proestrogen in food wise   eat  wild yams


lots of  foods  in here  to raise your estrogen.  i was  actually  eating alot of wild yams  before my husband returned  home  and  well  we  fell pregnant  but i lost the baby  cause i think i didnt  keep up with the proestrogen level like i should have.

but  my  question for everyone  here  is  why  suppositories?  and why baby asprin what do these  do?  thought id ask before heading back to the docs  again.

thanks  NEVER  feel negative a positive out look also  helps we are 41  and  still trying for the first  this time i know its gonna hang on if i keep this eating ritual up!  

Little2feet waiting to happen soon  from canada

email is  ***@****

be glad to talk

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i'm 41 and just miscarried my 2nd baby today.  Actually, I go for the d&C tomorrow since the bleeding hasn't even started yet and I just want it over.  I was on prog and aspirin and this fetus only lasted two weeks longer than the last one - about 6 weeks b4 dying.  
Crystal, I am so sorry to hear of your news, at least I have my 21 month old to come home and love and kiss and cry in her arms while she gives me kisses.  I wish you all the luck in the world with adoption.

However, it still hurts just as much to lose that little future you will never see or be a part of...  It seems like we all know that.

Thank you all for sharing.  It does help knowing I am not the only one...

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