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Fertility medications with regular cycles

I really want to try more options before moving onto IUI.  Been trying 3 years, hypothyroid, controlled with medication, hubby has slow swimmers, great count and he has children...my cycles are normal and I do ovulate.  It seems like doctors are hesitant to let me try Clomid due to my normal cycles.  Anyone experience normal cycles and successfully used clomid or other medications and got pregnant?  
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If your cycles are normal and you ovulate then you dont need clomid. Have you tried a sperm friendly lubricant like preseed? Have you had hormone tests to ensure you are definitly ovulating? Your body might be gearing up for ovulation but not actually happening. Why dont you want IUI? It will relieve alot of stress and give you more chance of success.
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I've tried Preseed and had progesterone tests that show I was ovulated but I've read places that my level (5.0) was just at normal or below normal to some docs.  I am up for IUI but I just want to try cheaper options first since IUI will cost me at least $1000.  If it were just the hubby and I, that would be ok but with helping raise stepchildren, I feel bad spending that money when it could go for that they need.
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My RE had said that even though my egg quantity is good, the quality may not be the best (we haven't looked into that further as I've only been seen a couple of times) so the thinking by at least one of my other doctors was that even though I have a regular cycle, the clomid may help make sure I am producing a mature egg.
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Yes i understand $$ is a big factor. Im not sure clomid will ensure a mature egg though, i thought it only assisted in ovulation but your Dr would be the best ones to check that with. If your Dr are worried about quality then im not sure IUI would assist, as they just insert the sperm into the uterus so you dont know if its a good or bad egg, to ensure quality you would need IVf (more $ again). Not that IUI wouldnt work, just doesnt guarentee quality.
Have you tried herbal suppliments, you should be able to get something from the chemist. Have a look at this link regarding egg quality (but check with your Dr before trying any herbal suppliments to make sure they dont interfere with your thyroid meds)

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I've been trying things like maca, royal jelly, etc based on that site.  I am meeting with my dr next week so we will see what he recommends.Thanks for the info!
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