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Fibromyalgia and Infertility

Hi...just wondering if anyone has heard of fibromyalgia or knows anyone with it?  I am wondering if there is any connection between it and infertility...it's hard to find anything definitive on the Internet!

Thanks for your help!
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Hi there!  There is actually a forum on here dedicated specifically to that.  Check it out, it is located right under fertility forum!

Good Luck!
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thanks for the info...I went there and those guys don't seem to post very much!  There isn't anything since the 10th...I know it's only 2 days ago, but I'd be a wreck if my poster friends on this forum didn't reply everyday ;) lol...

Oh, well...I'll keep checking though...

thanks, again!
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Hey!  I have had Fibro for 5 years.  My husband and I are ready to start thinking about having a baby, but there is hardly ANY information about Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy out there.  Studies are showing that it seems that it IS harder for Fibro patients to get pregnant.  However, there are a lot of women with Fibro reporting that they never had that problem.  I found some really great info. on the National Fibromyalgia Association's website:  www.fmaware.org .  If you click on "Topics A-Z" at the top of their page and then find "Pregnancy", they have some really good articles from doctors and women who have been pregnant with Fibro.  That might help a little.  You can also join the organization and begin receiving their Fibro Aware Magazines.  It looks like the latest issue has some information on Pregnancy and Raising a Family.  I'm waiting on mine to come in the mail.  Let me know if you find any other good resources on Fibro and Pregnancy.  I'm still on the lookout myself!  Feel free to email me.  I would love to hear more from you.  I haven't yet found anyone my age going through the same struggles, and I would love to have someone to talk with.
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Just wanted to let you girls know I also have fibro diagnosed 13 years ago.  When I got pg last year (blighted ovum) I had no symptoms of fibro.  Was not tired - had more energy than usual- felt like I was a "normal" human being again.  I pray everyday to get preggo again so I can feel that way once again.  Best of luck to you.
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Thanks for the hope!  I would really like to talk to you more, if you have the time. How's the after-pregnancy?  Are you able to function well and keep up with the baby?  I'm so worried about being able to be a good Mom because I need so much rest and recuperation, but you can't get it when you have a new baby.  What do you think?  Is there hope?  Thank you so much!!!
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Hi Angeline6...I was excited to see your post!  I will definitely go to that website today to see what I can find out...I have the same fears that you do about being a good mom and often wonder if God is just telling me that it's not a good idea for me to have children!  It's hard to know what He wants me to do sometimes!

I, too, got pg last January that ended in blighted ovum and during the 6 weeks, felt more like a human being than ever before.  Unfortunately, my RE doesn't know anything about fibro, so there's not much help there!  Although during my last visit, he thinks that I should be able to get pg in the next few months as there have been NO negative results to any of the tests/procedures that I have had!  I tried to explain to my husband that those answers don't help me much because I remember when I went through the issues before being diagosed with fibro.  Every doctor I went to said that I was perfectly fine and to go rest or go on vacation or see a therapist...then finally, one very open-minded doctor in Arizona told me that he thought that I had fibro and my life changed on the spot.

I feel very much like I am going through that process all over again and am soooo frustrated sometimes, I feel like I can't do it another month!!

As soon as AF comes, which I have no idea, but could be soon, I will start injectables and the RE seems confident that this is the course of treatment that will work for me!  We'll see...
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First of all, I guess I didn't read HOPINGTOBEAMOM's post very well.  My questions to her weren't appropriate to her situation, but it sounds like she is trying to get pregnant too. Wonder if she's found any info. on the relation of infertility and fibro...

Did you get to look at the FMAware Website?  There's one bit of info. that I thought you might want to look more into- It's the Q&A with the doctor.  He sites a study - "Co-Morbid FM accounts for reduced ability to get pregnant", Clinical Journal of Pain, Vol. 16, pgs 29-36, March 2000, New Jersey Medical School.  It might be something to look up.  There's just really no definitive answers for us.  I would really love to be able to be a part of a Fibro & Pregnancy Study to start answering some questions for other women with the same concerns that we have. I received my Fibro Aware Magazine.  It has a couple of articles on pregnancy:  "What to Expect When You're Expecting-With FM", and an article with an interview with A.J. Langer, where she talks a little about her pregnancy and being a new mom. I really appreciate every little bit of info. that I can get.
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BTW, are you talking about Trigger Point Injections (Lidocain)?
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I have only gotten my info from the internet. I do not know if there is anything out there that has to do with infertility and fibro.  We should have just as much chance as the rest... Our problems are not with our reproductive system.  But will continue to research. If I come up with anything I will let you know!:0) In the mean time super sticky baby dust to all of you!!
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here is a site you might be interested in   http://thyroid.about.com/cs/fibromyalgiacfs/a/cfsfibrothyroid.htm
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another site
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Good Morning....my concerns are not necessarily about fibromyalgia preventing my pregnancy, but what will the pregnancy do to my fibro?  For example, I have been sooooo sick for 4 days (am going to POAS tmw a.m., I think) but with every "other pain", I get nervous...I don't know if it's a pain from the fibro, a possible pg (and it may not be good, then) or if there's something else all together!

For me, I think that the damage that fibro does is cause me to doubt the things that I am feeling and to never know what I should take seriously or what I should tolerate!  I hate feeling weak (mentally) and am always concerned that I am frustrating the RE and nurses with my constant questioning...

Angeline6, the injectables are not for my fibro (i have chosen not to use medication to manage it, but nutrition and exercise) but they are to help me with the fertility issue....I think the medication is Follistism or something like that!  I am REALLLLLLLY hoping that I will get a BFP tmw a.m. and not need them!  Woo-hoo that would be wonderful!  I have never been thrilled about the idea of getting the shots everyday!! :)
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HOPINGTOBEAMOM-Thanks for the websites!  I appreciate the info.  I have found a few other sites, too...  mostly with the same info.

I guess I would just like to know more what to expect, and because there's really no studies (other than the one that everyone references about the women in Norway), I feel like I need to talk to some people who are going through, or who have recently gone through, these hardships.  My biggest concerns:  
I'm on a lot of medication right now, which will probably not be condusive to a healthy baby.  Am I going to be able to make it through pregnancy without my meds? Is my pain going to increase?  Decrease?  Am I going to be able to continue to go to work throughout my pregnancy?  Am I going to be able to enjoy my pregnancy & getting ready for the baby, or am I going to be in bed in excruciating pain and suffering through the 9 months?  When I have my baby, am I going to be able to function as a good Mom?  Am I going to be able to keep up with a child with my extreme fatigue?  Will I have any time to be able to get rest?  What will happen when I have a flare up?  Will I be able to be a good Mom with so many limitations?  Should I have children, if I could possibly pass this illness down to them?  
I have so many worries, I guess, and I would like to hear about other people's experiences with these issues.  I'll tell you, though, one thing that was good to hear is that HOPINGTOBEAMOM had lessening symptoms with pregnancy.  That would definitely be something extra to look forward to!  :o)
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Good luck tomorrow!  I'm praying for you!
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I was on different meds and have totally weined myself off of them.  It takes time but you can do it.  I put up with the pain and when it gets really bad I take NUPRIN which can only be bought from CVS stores.  It is ibprofin but it is buffered differently.  I am allergic to many many drugs which goes with having fibro.  
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OMG, I remember being without meds, and I was so sick that I couldn't do anything at all.  I'm afraid to be in that place again, I guess, but it's been 5 years since I was diagnosed.  I've been on many combinations of different things.  I'm now on Cymbalta and Tramadol.  It's gotten me to a bareable place, I guess.  I respect you so much for being able to endure.  I hope that I will be able to get to that point soon.  So, Nuprin...do you have any other suggestions for coping with the pain and fatigue, without meds?  (kind of exercise, routines, foods, etc?)  Nuprin isn't safe during pregnancy, right? (Just wondering) Thanks for your suggestions!
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Hi.  I just found this forum tonight and reading what you guys wrote- felt like you were reading my thoughts.  I have FM - possibly some other rare muscle disease that I have to wait 3 months to get tested for - but anyway, my husband and I are trying to get pregnant.  I am scared.  Scared sh!tless. All those questions you guys wrote about fears - that's totally me.  Everyone around me says "Be positive!  Maybe you'll feel better"  and all I can think is, maybe I'll feel so miserable and be the worst mother ever.  Happy thoughts, I know.  Did you guys get any answers you were looking for?  Because I could use some answers.  The research I've done on FM and pregnancy was really all pretty positive.  Beside possible intensified nausea in the 1st trimester and possible intensified pain in the 3rd trimester when the baby is big enough to push on tenderpoints in the hips.  The research I read also reviewed the various treatments for FM - acupuncture being one that is recommended, although I haven't tried that one yet - fear of needles.  I do get TRP release massages weekly  - they're a bit painful at times, but they help - as long as she doesn't go toooo deep (trial and error).  I see a therapeutic masseuse in a chiropractor's office - not a spa because they seem scared of me since I have FM.  But hot soaks (warm baths) with Epsom salt helps, too.  I have also pulled myself off meds - trying to go without.  I was on Cymbalta -which I stopped.  I'm still on Flexeril, Trazadone and Naproxen - but I try to take minimally and use walks, massage, ice packs, and warm baths to alleviate my pain. It helps me - I hope it helps you guys.  I would love to email more if you'd like.
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