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First IUI, andyone have sucess with frist?

Has anyone had luck with their first IUI?

Tell me you stories!
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I had my first IUI this mnth as well! Still another week to go bfre i can test. Would love to hear some success stories as well!
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I have my first on next week. Let me know what happens.
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I would love to hear some success stories as well.  I am doing my first IUI, hopefully this week.  Today is CD14, u/s showed 3-4 follicles around 14mm.  I go back this Saturday for another u/s.  Here's hoping to positive results for all of us!
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to be honest it didnt work from the first time on my first baby took me 3 times before my operation to check the tube i had a problem with it then the first iui after the operation i got pregnant after 3 years i came back to to the same but they tried 6 cycles and all of them failed and now iam on my first and hope last ivf cycle .

wish you all the luck

send you all baby dust
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Oh...I have a success story!

I have PCOS.  In order to get a monthly cycle, I was put on progesterone.
On days 3-7 of my cycle I was put on letrozole (previously had tried 4 rounds of clomid never to have a maturing egg) and scheduled for a u/s on day 13.  On that day, I had a 17.5mm follicle.  Began OPK testing and 2 days later had a positive.  The following day (day 16 of cycle) I had IUI.  
I took my first HPT (digital) 10 days post IUI and had a BFP!
Took a test everyday there after until till day 14 pIUI (per Md's order of day I should test).  Called MD on the 14th day and pg was confirmed via blood tests.  I am 6 weeks today!

It can happen!!!
Best of luck to all of you....baby dust!!!
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Me me me! So happy got bfp on my first IVF cycle/ treatment. It's still only day 13 now since transfer tested early as was a bit much so I tested day 10 with BFP then again 15 Sep and again BFP so fingers crossed to u missy xxxxx my tip is Manila honey one spoon per day plus ok every morning along with propolis drops in a warm drink 2 to 3 times per day honestly faith moves mountains xxx sending barrel loads of baby dust xxxx good luck x
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Sorry I meant manuka honey v- important during ivf treatment in prep for big day x
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Another success story here... Got pregnant after my first IUI (with OI). I had the IUI done two days in a row, 8/18 and 8/19.... Good luck, lots of sticky baby dust to you!!!!!!!!!
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oh i wish you the best of luck. I had iui done on the 11th so have to wait till the 25th to have a preg test. so lots of luck to you..  and thank you ladies for the success stories keeps the rest of us motivated.
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All the stories are great. It gives me great sense of hope. Congrats to all of the ladies that have had sucess, and baby dust to all those that I hope with have BFP soon.

We've been trying for 2 yrs so far, if would be nice if things could go back to normal, and time with my husband could be spontanious instead of planned.
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I got a bfp with my first iui. We had been ttc for 3 years. After having surgery in november for endemetrious i got pregnant in jan naturally. Mc at 3 months. We tried for several months after that to get pregnant again on our own. due to time crunch of when the endemetrious would be back, in August I listen to my RE and stopped trying on my own. Went on Gonal F shots, ovdril( trigger shot), we did the iui on the 18th of aug. WE bd on the 16th, and 19th as well. I took my Hpt on the 30th and got a BFP. we did bw on the 31st 152, repeated on the second it was 428. i am now 6 wks pregnant and going for the first US monday. It is rare that u have success the first time but it does happen. Just pray and know we r praying for u as well.  
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Deep breath ladies, deep breath!
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mich when will u know
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I will be doing my first iui, probably on the 5th, although the doctor said they'd give me an appointment date after an ultrasound on the 3rd to check if I'm ready for the trigger shot.  I'm really hoping for a first try (work issues), so it really brings my spirits up to see those of you who succeeded the first time
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They Scrapped the IuI as I don't have any mature follicles. My Doctor is going to either up the Colmid, or switch me to something else. So IuI has been postponed.
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Beg for the big guns. They do cost more 1000 at the most for the meds. Gonal f plus trigger(ovidrel). That is what I did my 1st iui and it worked. It is a lot more expensive then clomid but we were having to spend 1500 on us, bw, and iui alone so we figured if we have to do iui twice it covered the cost of just uping the meds. Plus my re suggested the shots. Best of luck next round.

Tkd kitten good luck! Let us know either way. Our turn soon is a grest suppot group when in tww and even inbetween.
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My Dr is upping the meds, they are covered by my extended heath plan, I only end up paying like $14 aprox for 5 x 100mg of clomid.

The cycle is a bust, she wants me to up the med next cycle.

I don't know if I will even get AF is I didn't end up ovulating at all.
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