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First IUI - stressed

I'm 42 and just had my 1st IUI this month.  It's 1 week post insemination and I'm a mess.  I had my blood work and my progesterone level is 15.2 so I'm hopeful.  I'm agonizing over the next 7 days until I can take a pregnancy test.  I'm now sick for 3 days with a cold too and completely overwhelmed.  I don't know how to cope and the worst part is all the fear and anxiety.  Help.
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It's really, really tough, I know. We did 6 IUIs last year over 8 months and the 6th one finally worked and we had no complicating factors, it just took a while. I'm not saying that to be discouraging, but rather to help you manage your expectations. During all those waits, I was best off when I distracted myself and kept my mind elsewhere. Sometimes even spending time on forums like these, while good for support, can keep you dwelling on it too much.

Do read up on the realistic odds of each IUI (and natural conception) happening each month, because that will help you remember that you just have to play the odds. I know how painful it is and am sorry you're going through it, but you're being proactive and that's the best thing. Just remember to be kind to yourself and take good care of mind and body. Best to you.
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Hang in there!  Try to remember you have no say in the outcome.  It's out of your hands.  Ii know it so hard to be in the 2ww!
I really hope you get amazing news soon!!  
Sending you a blizzard of super sticky baby dust!!!  
Relax, and just breath.  
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Slow down and take a deep breath. The wait is the worst part. Try to keep busy and do things that will keep your mind elsewhere. I know, easier said than done. Stressing will only make you feel worse. Hang in there and good luck.
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