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First RE visit--interpretations, please :-)

Had my first RE visit today (CD 26). This was after taking my first round of Clomid 100mg CD3-7 (even though I havent had AF in 6 mnths). I had an internal US and he said that my right ovary looks like it wants to Ovulate and it looked like it was going to do so very soon. Of course,since my CD21 tests came back neg, I stopped BBT (of course!). He said I had 2 follicles, 18 and 20 on the Right (or 24, he's Italian and there was a lot going on); Left side was inactive. He told me to BD asap and to wait 2 weeks to see if i a) get BFP b) get AF or c) nothing at all. There are plans for each scenario. If I get AF, then I go for bloodwork to check for some hormone levels and cancer CD2 (love how they call it CA on the sheet) and a HyCoSy (?); if nothing, then I come back to the office and I'll have to gain some weight. He also said that it looked as though I had some mild Endo.

Thoughts? Interpretations?
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Well, let's see. DC 26 is pretty late for ovulation, but it does sound like you have two mature follicles there, so yes, definitely BD for a few days.

Here's my interpretation of your RE's plan.

1. If in two weeks you're pregnant, GREAT! No need for further tests :-)
2. If you get your period. Time to check your FSH levels on DC2 (usually done CD2-3). This  twill give him and you a better idea of your fertility (number and quality of eggs left in your ovaries). He might also check your estrogen (estradiol) to make sure it's in the normal range. Then create a plan of action, based on the results.
3. If you don't get your period, you probably didn't ovulate, and if so, he will probably give you progesterone to start a new cycle, and then either increase your clomid dose or have you try a different fertility drug. He might also want to do a scan to make sure the follicles didn't turn into cysts. If they did, you might have to take a month off from any meds to wait for them to resolve (which they usually do on their own, and you can probably still TTC on your own that month).

As for your weight, being too underweight or overweight can affect ovulation, so I'm sure that's why he mentioned possibly gaining some weight if you don't get a period.

Best of luck with everything!
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Thanks for your response. I started to feel some cramping last night, so perhaps that is ovulation-related?Yes, the bloodwork scheduled (if I get AF) on CD2-3 is for estrodiol, cancer, FSH levels and some other hormone that starts with an A that he wrote in on the form. He will also do a HyCoSy at that time. He did say that if the Clomid didnt work (no idea why it would take this long) that he has another drug that will def make me O. My BMI is 19, so I know it's on the low side--I have been working on eating more and exercising a bit less in order to gain a few! I guess now I just have to wait and see...nerve-wracking!!
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