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First time IVF - Pls advise

Hi I'm new to the site and to the whole IVF procedure, guess I'm looking for some reassurance altho this may not be forthcoming.  I'm on day 9 post embryo transfer not feeling anything other than a few sporadic cramps (mainly day 3-5) I have heard that 1st cycle doesn't tend to work can anyone let me know of their 1st experience and outcome.

Thanks so much
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Many women on this site are preg. after their first IVF.  I am having ER tomorrow for my 1st, so I can't tell you from experience.  But I promise you, it has happened.. to women here and others (my next door neighbor is preg. w/twins after 1st IVF).  And also many of them did not have any symptoms.
Good luck!
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Welcome to the site.  Unfortunately I haven't reached that stage in the fertility treatment to help you but I have heard people getting pregnant on a one shot try.  There are alot of women on this site that are going thru IVF treatment like sasparila said I hear about multiple births all the time......Best Wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you for your response, it has given me hope as was feelin a bit deflated.  I have to say these 2 weeks are the longest of my life so far!  Good luck with the ER tomoz I hope it all goes well, I don't remember anything of mine just waking up afterwards so it's not too bad at all.

Fingers crossed all goes well for you.
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Thanks for your response too, as with sasparilla's comment it has made me a bit more upbeat and slightly more hopeful.  I don't know how far along you are in the process but good luck with it all and again fingers crossed for you too and hope all goes well.
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I had never heard first time not as successful
good luck
I am pregnant with twins

but withmy singleton when the nurse called I just knew it would be BFn - I didn;t feel anything! -
Well then whenit was day for my u/s (6w2d)  I again just KNEW it would be bad news - still didn;t feel anything

I never did get sore breasts
but I got a UTI and morning sickness around week nine

she is happy and healthy toddler now
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I am 20 weeks with a singleton from my first IVF.
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I am happy to hear about the success on the frist try.  This is my first try and my retrieval is expected to be on Thursday.
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Hi Jo...welcome....I think we're on the same IVF timing...I had my transfer on Sunday June 8th, you?  My 1st IVF failed in January however we were dealing with less than adequate embryos.  This is #2 IVF for us...and our embryos were beautiful!!  We even had 3 to freeze...transferred 2.  Best advice I can give you...wait for the beta...last time I did pee on a stick and I'm sorry I did...made me crazy.  Progesterone often mimicks early pregnancy symptoms, from all the reading I've done and comments from here(Real life), many with positive tests have no symptoms at all.  I have 2 daughters (natural conception) and my betas wih them were both late, like 9-11 days after my period was due.  Stay strong, stay positive, pick yourself up a copy of "The secret", to read, and keep in touch....great bunch of women in this group that have been through it all...Babydust to you (luck), all the best.
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I had no pregnancy symptoms during my 2ww after embryo transfer.  I actually thought my hcg would be zero since I had no signs but my beta came back positive.  I am 9 weeks today and still have no symptoms.  
I was very fortunate to get a bfp on my first ivf cycle.  I was never able to achieve pregnancy any other way.  
I hope ivf works for you!!!  
Good luck!!!
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Wow helen!  I'm so happy for you and so encouraged by your news and lack of symptoms....anxiously awaiting my Beta on monday.
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Hi ladies!  I just wanted to vent/bond/relate/talk with some folks that are going through the same things i am going through (not too many around me)...
I am 34 with unexplained infertility.  My husband also has low morphology.  
We have had two unsuccessful IUIs and are going through the IVF process now.
I had my retrieval done on Friday, June 6th.  20 eggs retrieved.  9 fertilized.  6 "good" ones.  
I even had more good news... I was able to wait until the blastocysts stage (which i hear is a great thing) and they were able to transfer 2 "grade A" blastocysts this past Wednesday, June 11th.  They even gave me a cute picture!
I am going crazy right now!  My test is scheduled for Friday, the 20th.  Unfortunately for me, I just (about 20 minutes ago) took a home pregnancy (I couldn't wait any longer) test and it came back negative.  I am also experiencing a migraine (usually a sign of my period coming).  
I am so depressed!  Could the test be wrong?  
Congrats on all the success stories out there!  I hope to join you guys soon!
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Since your retrieval was on June 6 you are only 11 dpo which is way too early to test.  My friend tested at 12 dpo and got a negative and she was pregnant with triplets.  I know how incredibly stressful 2ww can be but you have no choice but to wait a few more days.  
Best of luck to you on Friday!!!!
p.s. I also had two failed IUIs and all other treatments failed as well for me.  
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thanks Helen and congratulations to you!  
I am trying to hang in there!  I guess with these "period symptoms" and all, I started thinking negatively.  
My hubby always tells me that i have to THINK POSITIVELY!!!!  
Best wishes on a healthy pregnancy to you.  Are they able to tell whether you are carrying more than one baby yet?  
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We had nothing over 8 or 9, I believe.  Do you guys know?  None of them lasted to blastocysts for freezing but I'm just thinking about the 3 embryos inside me now.  My chances... I had ET on 6/13 and take my beta/pg test on 6/26.  9 more days!  
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Good luck to you on the 26th!  I will keep you (and all) in my prayers!  
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We had no 8 cell embryos on day 3 and none of the leftover embryos survived to the blast stage as well.  We transferred 3 embryos, 2 were 5 cell and one was a 6 cell.  All 3 were fragmented and graded 2-2.5 (with 3 being the lowest grade at our ivf lab).  
I am 9 weeks.  Good luck!!!
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Oh yes, it's definitely a singleton for us.
My dh is just like yours, too optimistic in my view.  I guess men are from Mars...  I just can't help it but to worry all the time.
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Thanks for all your comments it has certainly helped me to be more positive!  

To babynr I had my transfer on Monday 9th June so today is actually day nine, (got days mixed up yesterday).  I am supposed to take my test this Monday so another 5 days to go, the waiting is driving me mad!!
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It is hard I know....stay positive and busy helps, you're young...it'll all work out!  I'll be looking for you on the 23rd...as I have my Beta that day as well and we can celebrate!  hang in there!
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Thanks I have booked the day off work in case of a negative result (don't want to be sobbing into the computer and shorting all the elecs in the building) :) will def post the result Tuesday tho.  Would def be nice to have a shared celebratory post on Tuesday, fingers crossed!
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I am feeling the same way.  I had my transfer on June 12.  They transferred 2 5 day embryos.  One was perfect and the other was almost there.  I have been having some cramping off and on, tired, cranky as anything, and sore bb's.  Who know if it's the progestrone, my brain, or bfp symptoms.   I am going for b/w on June 24.  Hope we all get some great news soon!
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Hi girlies,

Just a quick one - I stupidly took a test today and it was negative.  I'm hoping it's because it's a few days earlier than I was advised to take it?!?!?  Needless to say tho it is now on my mind.  A word of advice for anyone who is as impatient as me, don't do the test early if it comes up negative even tho you know it's prob a bit too early you still end up doing your own head in even more than before.  AAGGGHHHHH!

On a lighter note hope everyone is doing well today and feelin positive vibes! :)
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I've just done my 3rd IVF - unfortunately negative. I am lucky though as my first try worked and I have a gorgeous 3 year old boy.  Trying for a sibling now.  Don't worry about cramps, headaches etc - every time is completely different (well has been for me and all my friends who have done IVF). Some times I get cramps (both when it worked and didn't) and most people test too early....I did heaps of tests too early with my son and was totally depressed and then ended up pregnant.  Anyway, a month off for me and then trying again! By the way - I'm 44 years old.  Did my first IVF at 40 and had my son just before my 41st birthday.
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I hope you get a BFP!!!  This was my first IVF cycle and unfortunately, I got  a BFN.  I will try again in two months after taking a break for a month for my cycle to get back to normal.  Keep the faith!  Sasha~
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